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The .44 Magnum is a secondary weapon that can generally be described as being like a cheaper, weaker Handcannon with a higher rate of fire, a lower clip size and a slower reload speed. It deals almost as much damage as the handcannon, and like the handcannon, it can penetrate through a specimen and damage the specimen behind it, but unlike the handcannon, it can't hurt a third specimen with one shot. Holding only six rounds and being slow to reload, it deals more damage per clip compared to the 9mm tactical pistol, although it can deal this damage far more quickly. 128 rounds can be held in reserve, and although it may be slower to deal damage than the handcannon, it deals a comparable total damage to the Handcannon if the entire magazine is used. .44 magnums are able to be dual-wielded to double the capacity per reload, but the ability to use irons sights is lost, and the ammo reserve is not increased. Perhaps the most important advantage of the .44 magnum is its ability to deal a much higher single-cip DPS than the handcannon, due to its higher rate of fire. As soon as reloads are factored in, it loses out to the handcannon, but if players can guarantee time to reload, the magnum is a faster damage dealer.

Unlike the handcannon and 9mm pistol, the .44 Magnum is never found as a random spawn on official maps.

Single Magnum

.44 Magnum
Trader Revolver.png
Pricing: £450 (£337)
Weight: 4 blocks
Ammo: 6 Hud Ammo Clip.png 21 (128)
Ammo cost: £13 – £277

A single .44 Magnum.

Dual Magnums

Dual .44 Magnums
Trader DualRevolver.png
Pricing: £900 (£675)
Weight: 4 blocks
Ammo: 12 Hud Ammo Clip.png 10 (128)
Ammo cost: £24 – £256

Dual .44 Magnums.


The Sharpshooter perk gets bonuses and discounts for the .44 Magnum.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Head damage Single reload time (s) Dual reload time (s)
Base 0% £450 £337 115 2.53 4.47
0 10% £405 £303 127 2.53 4.47
1 20% £360 £269 138 2.27 4.02
2 30% £315 £235 159 2.02 3.57
3 40% £270 £202 180 1.77 3.13
4 50% £225 £168 210 1.52 2.68
5 60% £180 £134 259 1.26 2.23
6 70% £135 £100 277 1.01 1.79

Price and ammunition

The base cost for a .44 Magnum is £450 each, placing it between the Bullpup and Handcannon in terms of price. Sharpshooters receive discounts to this price of £45 per level in the perk down to a current minimum of £135 each. The ammunition costs £2 per shot and can be stocked up to 128 bullets; costing £256 total. Players do not receive any bonuses to ammo cost, or ammo pool size, regardless of perk or the number of Magnums equipped. Due to the fact that the total ammo reserve isn't divisible by the capacity of the gun players will be left with either 2 or 8 bullets for the final load if players only reload while empty.


The .44 Magnum has a higher rate of fire than the handcannon, although it deals slightly less damage per shot, have less ammo capacity, and takes longer to reload. Shares the same headshot multiplier of 1.1x with the handcannon.


  • Single handed Magnum can be used as a nice off-perk side arm, since it has plenty of ammo and a very swift fire rate.
  • When dual wielded it has even faster fire rate, but also has one of the longest reload times in the game. It is not advised to have them dual wielded as an off-perk weapon, since a quick depletion of the shot chambers at a wrong time may put bearer in an unrecoverable situation.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • High single-clip DPS
  • High reserve ammunition
  • Fast rate of fire
  • Lower recoil than the handcannon
  • Can penetrate multiple targets


  • Slow reload, especially dual wielded
  • Low magazine capacity
  • Same weight as handcannon, but lacks the firepower and penetration of the handcannon


  • A single .44 Magnum is currently listed as weighing 2 weight blocks in the trader, but cannot be purchased unless 4 are available and, in reality, takes up 4 blocks regardless. This makes it almost a complete downgrade to the handcannon, as it was intended to weigh only 2 blocks and therefore be able to fit with more off-perk combinations than the handcannon.
  • When dual .44 Magnums are selected, the speedloader used to reload the .44 Magnum appears and rapidly disappears near the middle of both the .44 Magnums.


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