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Trader Chainsaw.png
Pricing: £2750 (£2062)
Weight: 8 blocks
Related achievements
Bitter Irony.jpg Bitter Irony

A gas powered industrial strength chainsaw. This tool may rely on a steady supply of gasoline, but it can cut through a variety of surfaces with ease. —Trader description 

The Chainsaw is a powerful motorized melee weapon for Berserkers. It has two firing modes usable with the primary and secondary fire buttons. Primary has a high rate of attack but low damage, secondary is the opposite; a powerful swing of the chainsaw which can stun specimens and does large amounts of damage while still possessing a relatively high rate of attack. It is the only melee weapon to not give a speed boost and by default is never found in random weapon spawns.


The Berserker perk gets bonuses and discounts for the chainsaw.

Level Discount Price Sale value Hit damage Fire mode DPS
Primary Alternate Primary Alternate
Base £2750 £2062 19 270 190 337
0 10% £2475 £1855 20 297 209 371
1 20% £2200 £1649 22 324 239 425
2 30% £1925 £1442 26 378 292 519
3 40% £1650 £1236 30 432 334 594
4 50% £1375 £1030 34 486 393 698
5 60% £1100 £824 38 540 456 810
6 70% £825 £617 38 540 475 843


The base cost of the chainsaw is £2750, which can be reduced to £825 with the berserker perk. As with all melee weapons there are no maintenance costs for this weapon. It also doesn't require fueling up to function as the trader description made out.


As with all Berserker equipment, it is ill advised to encounter Fleshpounds or the Patriarch with it on higher difficulties. Sirens, and to a lesser extent Husks and Bloats, can also be a problem due to their ranged attacks; ambush tactics and hit and run maneuvers can be useful against them. Scrakes and all smaller zeds suffer a stun effect from the chainsaw's alternate fire backstab damage bonus, making them easier to kill and will likely also earn you the Bitter Irony achievement. Due to their size and speed, Crawlers are likely to cause a berserker grief, holding primary fire and aiming at the angle they jump is one solution, another option is to simply swap to a gun and deal with them before they get in range.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Powerful;
  • Quickly decapitates lesser specimens;
  • Primary fire provides a constant attack stream;
  • Alt-fire provides a single powerful hit.


  • Heaviest melee weapon available;
  • Limited range;
  • Alt-fire is quite slow;
  • Chainsaw does not provide the speed boosts that other melee weapons provide.
  • Noise from the chainsaw (even when idling) can conceal the sound of approaching specimens.
  • Despite continuous damage being delivered in primary fire, on higher difficulties even on-perk, the damage is not sufficient enough to prevent player from taking the brunt from hoards of zeds.


  • According to unused messages in the game's files (, it seems the chainsaw was originally intended to rely on a finite, refillable gasoline supply.

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