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Claymore Sword
Trader Claymore.png
Pricing: £3000 (£2250)
Weight: 6 blocks
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Highlander.jpg Highlander

Berserkers can go all Scottish, with a massive two-handed Claymore. Perfect for the holiday season... —Steam store description 

The claymore is a two-handed Scottish[1] sword for the berserker perk. It is the third top-tier berserker weapon available, and the most expensive with a price of £3000, which is £1000 more than the katana and chainsaw. Somewhat like the fire axe, the claymore is a swung melee weapon that is slow and powerful, with an even slower and more powerful alt-fire. It also has a long reach, making it more suitable for killing crawlers than other melee weapons.


The Berserker perk gets bonuses and a discounts for the claymore. It has a x1.1 headshot multiplier.

Level Discount Price Sale value Hit damage Fire mode DPS
Primary Alternate Primary Alternate
Base £3000 £2250 210 320 200 256
0 10% £2700 £2024 231 352 220 281
1 20% £2400 £1799 252 384 252 322
2 30% £2100 £1574 294 448 308 394
3 40% £1800 £1349 336 512 352 450
4 50% £1500 £1124 378 576 414 529
5 60% £1200 £899 420 640 480 614
6 70% £900 £674 420 640 500 640


The base cost of the claymore is £3000, which can be reduced to £900 (a reduction of £2100) with use of the berserker perk, at intervals of £300 per level. As with all melee weapons, there are no maintenance costs for it.

Usage and damage

The claymore is similar to the Fire axe, it has a slower attack compared to the Katana but does more damage. The claymore seems to have been implemented as a better alternative to the axe since it acts similarly, but swings faster and does more damage than the Fire axe, but has a lower headshot multiplier of 1.1x. Also like the Fire axe it is capable of stunning Scrakes when using the alt fire on the head. The range on the Claymore also allow players to strike a Crawler before they may even hit the Berserker, though this will require some practice. The massive damage that can be dealt by the Claymore make it ideal for the level requirement for Berserkers, and can shorten an otherwise very long grind with big zeds presence.

Its damage improvement over Fire axe, don't give a noticeable edge when kiting Fleshpound but swing speed surely helps abusing the hit'n'runs on a Fleshpound whilst getting rid of trash around. Compared to the Fire axe; it takes 9 alter-fire headshots for Fire axe to finish Fleshpound, while for Claymore it takes 8.7. In short, Claymore can decapitate a Fleshpound with a primary swing after 8 alter-fire headchops.

Overall, it corrects some issues a Berserker may have, such as range or a weapon that deals massive amounts of damage for the trade-off of the speed and ease of dealing with lower, trash mobs such as Clots or Gorefasts like the Katana. The Claymore in the hands of a good Berserker can easily form a frontline (switching between the Katana and Claymore as necessary) that may need very little to some form of support at times. The Claymore is not an effective weapon on Zed-Time chains, though it may be accomplished for one or two kills if timed correctly. If the secondary fire swing is used followed by a primary fire swing, the the claymore actually swings fast enough for 1 time extension, or and easy follow-through.

The claymore is very effective for fighting the Patriarch, due to its increased range and damage. With a small amount of practice it is possible to strike the Patriarch and avoid its retaliation. Since the Patriarch attacks fast enough that a Berserker is only able to do one melee strike at a time, it is much more efficient to use the Claymore, with its high damage.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • One of the most powerful melee weapons available
  • Reliably decapitates most Specimens;
  • Capable of stunning Scrakes on a headshot or Husks in one hit;
  • Alt-fire swing deals extremely high damage;
  • Capable of killing multiple weak specimens in one swing.
  • Has a slightly longer melee reach than the Scythe


  • Slightly heavier than the Katana or Fire axe;
  • Slow attack rate, especially when using alt-fire at lower levels;
  • One of the most expensive melee weapons available;
  • Weaker, slower primary fire compared to the Scythe.


The claymore was added to the game in the version 1030 patch update; the second Twisted Christmas update. In the version 1031 patch, on 15 December 2011, the weight bug with the claymore, which caused it to functionally weigh 3 blocks instead of its listed 6, was fixed.


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