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"Patch me up for God's sake!"

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Icon of the Demolition.

The Demolitions expert, colloquially known as the Demo, is the team's heavy supporting class, specialising in explosives. He can inflict extremely high amounts of damage upon crowds and large specimens at long range, but is less effective against specimens in close proximity and the cost of explosives is relatively steep.

For all explosives, the Demo inflicts up to 60% more damage, receives discounts of up to 74%, and has damage resistance of up to 55% – which also affects the Patriarch's rocket. He can carry a larger number of grenades, and also Pipe bombs, which function as powerful proximity mines.

The Demo's main weapons of choice are the M79 and M32 grenade launchers, and the L.A.W rocket launcher. The large explosive radius and strength of explosives allows the Demo to set up high-damage traps, and bombard large areas to efficiently eliminate large groups of specimens. The explosion of grenades and rockets instantly set off any grenades within their explosive radius, allowing the Demo to stack grenades in one place and quickly explode them before the target specimen can move out of the way. This technique has proven to be effective against large groups, the Fleshpound, and even the Patriarch.

The grenade launchers and L.A.W have a safety mechanism that will prevent the explosive from detonating too close to the player. Even so, the explosive radius of these explosives is very large, and can result in a large amount of self-damage, especially for the grenades launchers. This makes Stalkers and fast specimens very problematic if they are not dealt with quickly, and pipe bombs are extremely dangerous if the player is caught in the blast. The Demo should therefore stay at the rear of their squad, providing supporting fire to take out groups of weak specimens and stack as many explosives as they can to nuke stronger specimens like Fleshpounds. Care should be taken when firing explosive projectiles near team-mates, as a player who intercepts the projectile may cause the Demo to blow himself up. The Demo should also bear in mind that every explosion creates a large dust cloud, which heavily obscures the vision. Having a Commando take the lead during an explosive attack helps prevent specimens from sneaking through the smoke, especially against the Patriarch.

Both the M32 MGL and M79 are relatively lightweight, and both can be carried simultaneously. Alternatively, taking a secondary weapon like an assault rifle or Lever-action rifle allows the Demo to more effectively eliminate close-range threats while saving his explosives for bigger threats at long range. When carrying the L.A.W, the Demo only has enough room for either Pipe Bombs or a Machete. In these situations, bunching up enemies behind welded doors or narrow corridors is generally where explosives serve their best roles. In emergencies, the Demo can aim at the ceiling or upper sections of walls so that nearby specimens are harmed without the Demo incurring too much damage.

The Fleshpound is a priority for the Demo because of its weakness to explosives; it incurs four times more damage from explosives than from other types of weapons. Luring it into a pipe bomb before it rages, or an accurate barrage from the M32 are viable means for delivering an extreme amount of damage to it. In spite of the grenade launchers' damage potential, they are not advised against the Scrake because of its endurance and the limited grenade capacity. The L.A.W can be used to stun the Scrake, but cheaper alternatives, such as the Sharpshooter's Lever-action rifle or Compound Crossbow headshots and a fire ax's alternate fire mode from a Berserker's hand, are recommended. Alas the Siren's scream neutralizes explosives in its radius, such as pipe bombs, hand grenades, and sometimes mid-air projectiles. The Husk's fireball can detonate projectiles in mid-air and cause severe self-damage to the Demolition Expert, and any player or specimen who is unfortunate enough to be close.

One of the major drawbacks of the Demo is the cost of explosives. Even on high levels with large discounts, it can still take quite a few rounds to save up enough money to buy his weapons and ammunition, regardless of his preferred load out. As long as he has a good supporting team, and spends his money and explosives carefully during the early rounds, the Demo should be able to adequately sustain himself.

Helping the Demolitions Expert

If the demo is using a L.A.W. or M32, he will appreciate any help you can give in eliminating the small specimens that try to crowd in on him. Crawlers that can be wiped out easily with a Bullpup or Handcannon become a major nuisance to anybody burdened with the powerful L.A.W., since he can only use his knife or pistol against them. Teaming up with a Support Specialist or Commando to kill any weaker or close specimens would be beneficial to any demo.

Much of the demo’s ammunition is expensive, so keep him well supplied with cash if you can spare it. On Beginner, leaving ammo boxes for the demo is also a kindly thing to do as each one can increase his supply of pipe bombs. In the run-up to the finale, try to kill off groups of smaller zeds before they can set off any pipe bombs the demo has placed: they will serve better against the Patriarch or larger specimens.


  • Stacking a few grenades before volleying with the M32 on big targets deals far more damage than simply spamming the M32. Stacking grenades also gives the player the opportunity for your teammates to aim and deal more damage, or clean up the smaller specimens before the smoke screen hinders their vision.
  • Carrying a sidearm like the Bullpup, AK47, Shotgun or Lever-Action can cover the Demo's vulnerability at close range. If you plan to rely on all explosive based gear (such as the M32 paired with M79, or a single LAW), be sure that stick close to your team.
  • When holed up, stay in the middle or back of the team. Aid them with M32 or LAW blasts to wipe out several targets and severely damage bigger ones. Don't waste your explosive ammunition on single weak targets, like the Clot, Crawler or Stalker. Also, keep in mind that it's far more expensive for you to blow up a Bloat than another perk, like the Sharpshooter.

Perk ladder

Rank Explosive Damage Points Required Explosives Grenade Capacity ↑ Pipe Bomb Capacity ↑ Explosives Discount ↑ Pipe Bomb Discount ↑ Spawn With
Damage ↑ Resistance ↑
5% 25% 10% 50%
25,000 10% 30% 20% 3 20% 54%
★★ 100,000 20% 35% 40% 4 30% 58%
★★★ 500,000 30% 40% 60% 5 40% 62%
★★★★ 1,500,000 40% 45% 80% 6 50% 66%
★★★★★ 3,500,000 50% 50% 100% 7 60% 70% 2 pipe bombs
5,500,000 60% 55% 120% 8 70% 74% M79
† Denotes an item also available to all additional levels of the perk.
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