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A Fleshpound

"The Fleshpound. Shooting him with small weapons just makes him mad. Think big, powerful weapons for this one!"

The Fleshpound, the most powerful non-boss specimen in the game, makes its first appearance in the last waves of the game. It has spiked gauntlets that can spin and shred anything in its path, and is also equipped with an adrenal pump in its chest; if a player deals too much damage to him too quickly, the Fleshpound will rage and let out a loud roar, and its pump will redden and activate. While it is enraged, it will run much faster and dole out a massive amount of damage, usually killing or leaving the squad members in need of medical treatment.



The Fleshpound appears as a tall muscular humanoid with a number of metal attachments. There is a large light on its lower torso and several small lights on its back which change colour dependent on its mood; either amber or red. There are metal plates covering its eyes, groin, spine, feet, and part of its chest. On both arms there are large spiked tubular metal attachments.

For the Twisted Christmas update, it was reskinned as a nutcracker.


While most other specimens will pick and change targets based on proximity, the Fleshpound fixates and will pursue one specific player until it loses line of sight or either one of them is dead. However, since the Christmas Update, the Fleshpound's behavior has changed in that it will automatically target players that are dealing damage to it if the current target is running away or isn't firing on it.

Fleshpounds also have a tendency to rage, signified by their distinctive imposing roar and the red colourisation of their torso light. A raging Fleshpound runs towards its target at great speed and causes massive damage. There are two triggers for this rage, the first and foremost of which is based on damage over time; if a Fleshpound receives more than approximately 320 damage within a 3 to 5 second period it will rage. The second trigger is based on time; if a Fleshpound hasn't made it into attacking range for a variable length of time it will become frustrated and rage anyway. A Fleshpound's rage can subside after it has struck a player providing the conditions for its occurrence are no longer being met, or after a long period of time without coming into contact with a player. There is also no cool down period for their rage, so a Fleshpound can rage again immediately after calming down. Besides that, they like to run in circles to make a Crossbow wielder misfire when he approaches at them, or diagonally strafe a lot, like Gorefasts.

An interesting point regarding Fleshpound behaviour is their lack of regard for other specimens. A raging Fleshpound will mow through weak specimens to get to its target. If an obstructing specimen is strong enough to survive, like a Bloat or Scrake, they will sometimes retaliate against the Fleshpound, who will in turn engage them in combat instead of the players. Unless disturbed, specimens engaged in fights with each other will ignore players until the fight is over, with the victor usually being the Fleshpound.


The story behind the Fleshpound is that they were developed by Horzine, to make super-soldiers. Fleshpounds were routinely injected with muscle growth stimulants and adrenaline cocktails to help build a titanic body, however it had the side effect of making them incredibly violent and quick to anger. After a few accidents, each Fleshpound was harnessed with a device to monitor their adrenaline levels, as well as to inject them with depressants and other chemicals in order to keep them calm. However, the device also served as a life preserver, as it would flood the Fleshpound's system with adrenaline and stimulants whenever it was in pain.

They were considered a failure, and the entire population of them was consigned to the lowest levels of Horzine's laboratory. When it came time to destroy them, the drugs used instead triggered their devices into action, allowing them to break free from their bonds and kill the laboratory's staff. However, they were never able to free themselves from the 'mace' restraints used to hold their giant fists at bay, which ironically makes them even better at pounding flesh. Their name stems from the few words that they knew.


The safest way to exterminate the Fleshpound is to do it fast, before it has a chance to rage of its own accord and before it can cause damage to players. When fired by a level 5 or 6 Sharpshooter, the compound crossbow can take down a Fleshpound in one clean headshot on easier difficulties. At higher difficulties, focused fire from any of the higher-powered weapons and/or pipe bombs are usually required to make short work of a Fleshpound, depending on the difficulty and the number of players. If the player's current weapon is weak, then the safest way is to kill him is to do so slowly, to prevent him from raging: one-two shots in the head(depending on the weapon), with 2-3 second pauses is the safest way, making sure to get out of his line of sight between volleys.

Demolitions in particular are quite useful, as their grenades, pipe bombs and M32 can deal an extreme amount of damage in a short time frame.

On higher difficulties, a good Medic or Berserker is nearly essential, as is Combat Armour. Without body armour, anything short of a level 5 Berserker will be instantly killed in one swing by an enraged Fleshpound on Suicidal or above. On Hard a player with armor can still take three or four hits in succession, yet on Suicidal a single hit on an armored player will usually result in the armor being destroyed, and a second hit will cause instant death. Taking them out quickly is an absolute must if one wishes to survive.

The Fleshpound has resistance to some attacks, but is also weaker against others. Like the Scrake, it has resistance to crossbow headshots, particularly on Suicidal and Hell on Earth. It only takes 75% damage from lever-action and M14 EBR headshots, and no damage at all from accidental Bloat attacks. All other non-explosive weapons deal half their normal damage. On the other hand, it incurs double the damage from hand grenades, pipe bombs and L.A.W rockets; and 25% more damage from M32 and M79 grenades.

Class Specific Tactics

Field Medic

The Field Medic lacks any weapon perks that would give it an edge in a straight-up fight with a Fleshpound, however their incredibly effective body armor gives them a durability that becomes increasingly useful as one reaches harder difficulties. On Suicidal, a Field Medic with intact body armor can safely shield the rest of the team from a Fleshpound as long as they continue to fire on the specimen, allowing them to be taken down with relatively little harm. However, the Medic should always keep tabs on his armor level - once the vest is gone, one swing from the Fleshpound will gib the Medic like any other class. In solo play, a Medic can kite calmed FPs and use the Lever-Action or M14 to safely chip away at their health with headshots, so long as the Medic has ways of breaking line of sight with the target. They can also assist in keeping those engaged with the Fleshpound alive; since it can do so much damage in one blow, a competent Medic can save a player from being instantly killed by a follow-up swing or any specimens supporting the Fleshpound.

Support Specialist

The massive reservoir of grenades available to the Support class is perhaps the class's best weapon against the Fleshpound due to it's weakness to explosives. Unfortunately, it's incredibly dangerous for the Support class, especially if the Fleshpound is close, and extremely expensive. Much like Scrakes, if a Support has to take down an FP it will take a great deal of ammunition, more than a single drum from the AA-12 depending on the difficulty and perk level; so carrying the hunting shotgun for even more firepower is encouraged - a few secondary fire shots can severely weaken the FP. The Support class can also kite a FP in solo mode using the AA-12's weaker single shots as opposed to the regular pump action, but with the perk's limited run speed, you will have to rely on obstacles and welded doors to keep them from raging regardless.


The Sharpshooter is one of the more ideal classes for handling the Fleshpound on nearly all difficulties. On some lower difficulties a Sharpshooter can kill a Fleshpound with one headshot from the Crossbow (even with it's resistance to that specific weapon), and both the Lever-Action and M14 deal an impressive amount of damage with repeated headshots. While the 9mm and Handcannon are not encouraged, if the Sharpshooter suddenly finds himself face to face with one, the high rate of fire of dual handcannons or 9mm's can possibly save the Sharpshooter's life. While on Suicidal, the pistols are nearly essential for Fleshpound removal, but the massive bonus the Fleshpound receives against them on Hell on Earth makes them nearly useless, and makes soloing Sharpshooter far riskier. When using Crossbow it is recommended to keep your distance, especially on Hell on Earth difficulty; there should be at least 25 meters between you and the Fleshpound before you aim for headshot. In solo play it is still possible to simply kite them along until you have sufficient range to fire the 1-2 crossbow bolts required, and at higher levels can safely do the same using the Rifle or M14. Keep in mind that once hit by a Crossbow bolt - if the Fleshpound isn't killed outright - it will instantly rage and target you. Lining up another headshot is difficult (but not impossible) while in this state, but it's recommended that you switch to your pistols before it closes the distance.


Commandos are at a distinct disadvantage against Fleshpounds, as their weapons have plenty of weak ammunition, which is made even weaker by the Fleshpound's damage resistance. In short they're only truly good for raging the Fleshpound, and should only chip in with the SCAR when the team opts to focus fire on one - otherwise the Commando should save his low damage weaponry to mop up the horde behind the Fleshpound so that they can't swarm the rest of the team. In solo play, tackling Fleshpounds is a long and arduous kiting process, which requires cover in order to break line of sight. In wide open areas, a solo Commando will likely have a great deal of difficulty with one Fleshpound, and should expect to be hit at least once if they don't see the specimen in time to unload multiple SCAR or AK mags into them. On higher difficulties it may simply be nearly impossible to win in a solo engagement due to the Fleshpound's inherent resistance. The Commando can compensate for this by taking the M32 as an off-perk weapon for Fleshpound removal, but it can only go so far.


While their damage reduction bonus isn't as great as the Medic's with armour, Berserkers can pitch in with heavier melee weapons in a team setting. The chainsaw in particular deals an astounding amount of damage, and coupled with a Sharpshooter's crossbow can decapitate a Fleshpound in a very quick timeframe. The katana and fire axe can also pitch in to an extent, but in the long run the Chainsaw in a team game will help cut down the Fleshpound with minimal loss of life, though on higher difficulties the Berserker will most likely need healing during and after the fight. Solo Berserkers take a bit more nuance. Using a back-up weapon to thin out the crowd around the Fleshpound, and using a fire axe's alternate fire, a nimble Berserker can jump in and out of the specimen's range, whacking it in the head over and over. This takes a great deal of practice, but is effective at every difficulty, and can even be used to take pressure off your squad in a team game - but becomes exponentially more difficult if two Fleshpounds appear in tandem.


Much like the Commando, the Firebug simply doesn't deal enough damage against Fleshpounds, making it a very risky affair. In a solo effort, with enough cover it simply becomes a kiting game of lighting the Fleshpound on fire and running out of sight, and repeating until the specimen keels over. In the open, you're usually better off to open fire with the Mac-10 and then switch to the Flamethrower to deal a grievous amount of damage in medium range before the Fleshpound can connect, but this places a massive strain on one's ammunition stores. Concisely throwing a single Incendiary Grenade will break their rage and crisp them up when they're focus fired and enraging. In a team game, Firebugs should treat Fleshpounds as collateral much like the Scrake, but must take care not to focus fire on it unless the remainder of the team does - the flamethrower doesn't do enough damage on its own to take down the specimen without it hurting someone else. Crisping the Fleshpound is essential in Hell on Earth, especially when team having troubles with the other mob and can only get rid of Fleshpound by focus firing on him. When he's crisped, a decapitated Fleshpound will mostly fall on his knees and won't continue his mad rage in a headless state.


Unlike the Scrake, the Demolitions class excels in Fleshpound removal - if the player in question isn't already working crowd control with his grenades. Much like the Scrake, an FP lured onto a pipebomb is momentarily vulnerable to a barrage, either from the rest of the team or from the Demolitions' M32. Unless on a low difficulty, or with a very long range, the M79 should not be used, as it reloads too slowly to effectively put down the specimen without risking harm - taking anywhere from 3 to 6 grenades in succession after a pipebomb detonation on higher difficulties. The LAW is an incredibly risky weapon to use for Fleshpound removal, but if one has enough range and the time to put a pipebomb down in the Fleshpound's path, a well-placed headshot from a LAW will kill or severely maim the Fleshpound depending on the perk's level and the difficulty being played.

Health charts

Total health

The base hit points of the Fleshpound is 1500; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 375 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 750 1500 2025 2325 2625
2 938 1875 2531 2906 3281
3 1125 2250 3038 3488 3938
4 1313 2625 3544 4069 4594
5 1500 3000 4050 4650 5250
6 1688 3375 4556 5231 5906

Head health

The base hit points of the Fleshpound's head is 700; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 175 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 350 700 945 1085 1225
2 438 875 1181 1356 1531
3 525 1050 1418 1628 1838
4 613 1225 1654 1899 2144
5 700 1400 1890 2170 2450
6 788 1575 2126 2441 2756


Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
£400 £200 £170 £130

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