Husk fireball launcher

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Husk Fireball Launcher
Trader Huskgun.png
Pricing: £4000 (£3000)
Weight: 8 blocks
Ammo: Hud Flame.png 150
Ammo cost: £50 – 300

The Husk fireball launcher is a high tier flame based cannon weapon for the Firebug perk that mirrors the Husks' cannon. It can be charged to varying degrees for more power shots and fuel consuming shots, or treated as a semi-automatic weapon and be rapid fired. Uniquely, it is the only weapon in the game that features a chargeable attack and to have a single ammo pool, negating the requirement to ever reload the weapon.


The firebug perk gives discounts and bonuses to the Husk fireball launcher.

Level  Discount Price Sale value
Base 0% £4000 £3000
0 10% £3600 £2699
1 20% £3200 £2399
2 30% £2800 £2099
3 40% £2400 £1799
4 50% £2000 £1499
5 60% £1600 £1199
6 70% £1200 £899

Price and ammunition

The base price of the Husk fireball launcher is £4000, one of the highest costed weapons in the game. This price is decreased for firebugs at intervals of £400 per level, down to a current minimum of £1200.


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The weapon is of original design outside of the Killing Floor universe, being based off the Husks' weapon.

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