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The inventory system in Killing Floor is controlled by two factors, weight; measured in blocks, and currency; measured in pounds (£).

All players start the game with a welder, medical syringe, knife, 9mm tactical pistol, 3 grenades, and fifteen weight slots; one of which is permanently taken up by these items. The remaining fourteen slots are then free to house the players choice of weapons. Every additional item the player picks up or purchases will occupy a set amount of slots, players can redeem these slots by selling or dropping said weapons. Players cannot exceed their carrying capacity and a players speed is determined in part by their number of occupied slots so players must choose between whether more guns is more important than maneuverability and which individual guns to use.

Currency is obtainable from killing specimens, borrowing off team-mates, healing team mates or from the wave survival cash bonus. The price of weapons can fluctuate heavily based on your currently selected perk and your level in that perk. For example; each of the three £2500 weapons cost only £749 while playing as a level 6 of the respective perk. Sell values of weapons also scale with the purchase values, the most common sell price is 75% of the purchase price, taking into consideration perk discounts and original ownerships.

Inventory sections[edit]

There are six sections of the inventory; the passive section and the visible sections, in order these are:

  1. Melee weapons
  2. Secondary weapons
  3. Primary weapons
  4. Special weapons
  5. Tools

Items in each section can be quickly cycled through with their respective key, the passive section is occupied by grenades and armour which are used along side the other items.

Equipment table[edit]

Values listed are the unmodified base values.
Trader Icon(s) Weapon Weight Cost Section Perk Spawn
Trader Knife.png Knife 0 £50 Melee Berserker Default
Trader Machete.png Machete 1 £500 Melee Berserker Pickup, Level 5 Berserker
Trader Axe.png Fire axe 5 £1000 Melee Berserker Pickup, Level 6 Berserker
Trader Chainsaw.png

Trader Gold Chainsaw.png

Chainsaw 8 £2750 Special Berserker Nil
Trader Katana.png

Trader Gold Katana.png

Katana 3 £2000 Melee Berserker Pickup - Icebreaker Only
Trader Claymore.png Claymore 6 £3000 Melee Berserker Nil
Trader Scythe.png Scythe 6 £2500 Melee Berserker Nil
Trader Dwarven Battle Axe.png Dwarfs!? axe 6 £3000 Melee Berserker Nil
Trader BuzzSaw bow.png Buzzsaw bow 7 £4000 Melee Berserker Nil
Trader Grenade.png Grenade 1 £40 Passive Commando Default for Berserker, Commando,

Demolition, Sharpshooter, & Support only

Trader Bullpup.png Bullpup 6 £400 Primary Commando Pickup, Level 5 Commando
Trader AK 47.png

Trader Gold AK47.png Trader Neon AK47.png

AK-47 6 £1000 Primary Commando Level 6 Commando
Trader M4.png

Trader M4Camo.png

M4 6 £1000 Primary Commando Nil
Trader FNFAL.png FNFAL ACOG 6 £2750 Special Commando Nil
Trader Scar.png

Trader Neon SCAR.png

SCARMK17 5 £2500 Special Commando Nil
Trader MKB42.png MKb42 6 £1100 Primary Commando Nil
Trader Thompson.png Tommy Gun 5 £900 Primary Commando Nil
Trader Thompson Drum.png Rising Storm Tommy Gun 5 £975 Primary Commando Nil
Trader DrTsLDS.png Dr. T's Lead Delivery System 5 £950 Primary Commando Nil
Trader M4 203.png M4 203 6 £3500 Special Demolition Nil
Trader Pipe Bomb.png Pipe bomb 1 £1500 Special Demolition Level 5+ Demolition
Trader M79.png

Trader Gold M79.png

M79 Grenade launcher 4 £1250 Primary Demolition Level 6 Demolition
Trader Orca.png Orca Bomb Propeller 4 £1250 Primary Demolition Nil
Trader M32.png

Trader M32Camo.png

M32 Grenade launcher 7 £2500 Special Demolition Nil
Trader SealSqueal.png Seal Squeal Harpoon Bomber 6 £2000 Special Demolition Nil
Trader SeekerSix.png Seeker Six Rocket Launcher 7 £2250 Special Demolition Nil
Trader Law.png L.A.W 13 £3000 Special Demolition Nil
Trader Grenade.png Incendiary Grenade 10 £750 Passive Firebug Level 3+ Firebug
Trader Flame Thrower.png

Trader Gold Flamethrower.png

Flamethrower 10 £750 Primary Firebug Level 5+ (Firebug Only)
Trader Huskgun.png Husk Fireball launcher 8 £4000 Special Firebug Nil
Trader Mac 10.png MAC-10 4 £500 Primary Firebug Nil
Trader TrenchGun.png Trenchgun 8 £1250 Special Firebug Nil
Trader FlareGun.png Flare Revolver 2 £500 Secondary Firebug Nil
Trader DualFlareGun.png Dual Flare Revolvers 4 £1000 Secondary Firebug Nil
Medical syringe.png Medical syringe 0 £0 Tools Field Medic Default
Trader MedicGrenade.png Medic Grenade 1 £40 Passive Field Medic Level 0+ (Medic Only)
Trader Vest.png Combat armour 0 £300 Passive Field Medic Pickup, Level 6 Berserker,
Level 6 Firebug, Level 5+ Field Medic
Trader MP7m.png MP7M Medic gun 3 £3000 Primary Field Medic Nil
Trader Mp5Medic.png

Trader MP5Camo.png

MP5M Medic gun 3 £5000 Primary Field Medic Nil
Trader M7A3.png M7A3 Medic gun 6 £7500 Special Field Medic Nil
Trader KRISS.png

Trader Neon Kriss.png

Schneidzekk medic gun 3 £10000 Primary Field Medic Nil
Trader BlowerThrower.png Blower Thrower 6 £1000 Primary Field Medic Nil
Trader 9mm.png 9mm tactical pistol 1 £0 Secondary Sharpshooter Default, Pickup
Trader Dual 9mm.png Dual 9mms 4 £150 Secondary Sharpshooter Pickup
Trader Handcannon.png

Trader Gold Deagle.png

Handcannon 2 £500 Secondary Sharpshooter Pickup
Trader Dual Handcannons.png

Trader Gold Dual Deagle.png

Dual Handcannons 4 £1000 Secondary Sharpshooter Pickup
Trader MK23.png MK23 2 £500 Secondary Sharpshooter Nil
Trader Dual MK23.png Dual MK23 4 £1000 Secondary Sharpshooter Nil
Trader Revolver.png .44 Magnum 2 £450 Secondary Sharpshooter Nil
Trader DualRevolver.png Dual .44 Magnums 4 £900 Secondary Sharpshooter Nil
Trader Winchester.png Lever-action rifle 6 £200 Primary Sharpshooter Pickup, Level 5 Sharpshooter
Dirty Trader Single Piston Long Musket.png Single Piston Long Musket 6 £1500 Primary Sharpshooter Nil
Trader Crossbow.png Compound crossbow 9 £800 Special Sharpshooter Level 6 Sharpshooter
Trader M14.png M14 EBR 8 £2500 Special Sharpshooter Nil
Trader M99.png M99 AMR 13 £3500 Special Sharpshooter Nil
Trader Huntingrifle.png Hunting Rifle 7 £650 Special Sharpshooter Nil
Welder.png Welder 0 £0 Tools Support Specialist Default
Trader Combat Shotgun.png

Trader CombatShotgunCamo.png

Shotgun 8 £500 Primary Support Specialist Pickup, Level 5 Support Specialist
Trader Beneli.png

Trader Gold Benelli.png

Combat Shotgun 8 £2500 Primary Support Specialist Nil
Trader KSG.png

Trader Neon KSG.png

HSG-1 shotgun 6 £1250 Primary Support Specialist Nil
Trader Hunting Shotgun.png Hunting Shotgun 10 £750 Special Support Specialist Level 6 Support Specialist
Trader Vlad9000.png Vlad the Impaler 8 £1500 Special Support Specialist Nil
Trader multichamber.png Multi-Chambered Zed Thrower 10 £2000 Special Support Specialist Nil
Trader AA12.png

Trader Gold AA12.png

AA12 10 £4000 Special Support Specialist Nil
Trader Moss12.png Moss12 5 £600 Primary Support Specialist Default (With Mutator enabled)
Trader ZEDGun.png Z.E.D. Gun 8 £2000 Special Perk Neutral Nil
Trader ZEDV2.png Z.E.D. Gun v2 6 £750 Primary Perk Neutral Nil
UI Potato.png Potato N/A £70000 N/A Perk Neutral Nil

Melee weapons[edit]

The melee weapons section consists entirely of the berserker's line of equipment. With the exception of the chainsaw, they allow their wielders to run faster and can be cycled through with the 1 key by default. They each have two modes for use, controlled by the primary fire and secondary fire buttons. The primary fire function, compared to the secondary fire, executes a faster, less powerful attack. The secondary fire, due to its higher damage value, is more capable of stunning specimens.

Secondary weapons[edit]

There are five firearms that fit into the secondary weapon slot, the 9mm tactical pistol, the .44 Magnum, the MK23 and the Handcannon and the Flare revolver. All of them are classified as sharpshooter weapons with the exception of the Flare Revolver which is a Firebug weapon, but are often used by others as a sidearm. There is a unique ability extended only to these four secondary weapons, which is that of dual wielding; the ability to carry and use two of any at the same time for doubled rate of fire. There are however various downsides to dual wielding; it doubles reload times, renders the iron sights useless making long range fire difficult, and doesn't increase the maximum ammo carried. It also takes up an additional 4 weight blocks with the 9mm's (because the standard 9mm pistol weighs nothing due to it being undroppable) and an extra 2 with the .44 Magnums, MK23, Handcannon, and Flare Revolver effectively meaning that two 9mm's, two .44 magnums, two MK23s, two handcannons and two Flare Revolvers weigh the same amount. Note that Flare Revolvers are a DLC item.


Weapon cycling in Killing Floor places priority on certain weapons ahead of others as long as any 2 weapons appear in the same weapon slot. Switching to a specific weapon immediately can be extremely beneficial at times rather than having to cycle through weapons to get at the one you really want or need for a situation. For example: a Sharpshooter may use a .44 Magnum to pick off lesser ZEDs, but may want to dual wield Mk23s for clearing a larger crowd of ZEDs; switching from a weapon like the Crossbow to dual wielding Mk23s would be delayed by the .44 Magnum having higher priority than the Mk23s so the Sharpshooter may be at greater risk of taking damage while trying to swap as opposed to using dual Handcannons which, having higher priority than the .44 Magnum, would come up first. Below is a table of all wield-able-equipment sorted by their standard weapon slots.

Priority table[edit]

Order was determined by trial and error comparisons of all weapons. Official weapon variants, unlockables, and DLC are included, reskins such as the neon weapons or the golden weapons are not included. Does not take into account any mods, add-ons, or scripting changes made to Killing Floor by users.
Priority Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5
1 Scythe* Dual Handcannons Combat Shotgun M32 Grenade Launcher Medical-Syringe
2 Claymore Sword Dual .44 Magnums The Orca Bomb Propeller* Zed Eradication Device Welder
3 Katana Dual Flare Revolvers* M79 Grenade Launcher AA12 Shotgun
4 Dwarfs!? Axe* Flare Revolver* Single Piston Longmusket* M99 AMR
5 Axe .44 Magnum Vlad the Impaler* L.A.W.
6 Machete Handcannon FlameThrower M4 203
7 Knife Dual Mk23s Dragon's Breath Trenchgun SeekerSix Rocket Launcher*
8 Dual 9mm Tactical Pistols Shotgun FNFAL ACOG
9 Mk23 Zed Eradication Device II* Husk Fireball Launcher*
10 9mm Tactical Pistol HSG-1 Shotgun Buzzsaw Bow*
11 MAC-10 SCARMK17
12 M4 SealSqueal Harpoon Bomber*
13 Rising Storm Tommy Gun††* Multichamber ZED Thrower*
14 Dr. T's Lead Delivery System* M14EBR
15 Schneidzekk Medic Gun Hunting Shotgun
16 Tommy Gun* Chainsaw
17 MKb42 Compound Crossbow
18 Blower Thrower Bile Launcher* M7A3 Medic Gun
19 AK47 Pipe Bomb
20 MP7M Medic Gun
21 Lever Action Rifle
22 MP5M Medic Gun
23 Bullpup

Weapons with an asterisk are unlocked through the Community Weapons Packs 1, 2, and 3, extra game purchases of Rising Storm and Dwarfs!?, or getting an achievement in Dwarfs!? Free to Play.

L.A.W. vs M99 AMR can't be determined due to the combined carry weight of the 2 weapons surpassing the maximum of 24 thus they are listed with presumed priority but are for all purposes equal.

†† Rising Storm Tommy Gun priority could not be completely determined by this table's author and thus only exists in this table to show it's observed known priority above Dr. T's Lead Delivery System; all other weapons listed above it are assumed to have higher priority than it, but this has not been confirmed.

Removed Weapons[edit]

For a full list of scrapped weapons, [Click here]

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