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The logo of Killing Floor.

Killing Floor, in its original incarnation which saw initial release in 2005, was a full modification for the video game Unreal Tournament 2004. The majority of gameplay elements, specimens and weapons remained the same between the mod and the retail version of Killing Floor. The graphics however, received a major overhaul. The mod was highly developed, it pass from v1 to v2.52. It is rumored that a v3 will developed, expected to feature new enemies, a new boss(gamers from themiasma clan, call it the matriarch), and many new weapons. Version 3 of the mod is expected to change the gameplay.


See also: Killing Floor

Killing Floor's Gameplay is designed around Cooperative play, it puts people against a city infested with large numbers of specimens, primarily based in the United Kingdom, with weapons ranging from pistols to explosives. Players must arrange their group to most effectively counter the waves of enemies, including adopting specific strategies such as barricading themselves in, or finding high ground.

The objective is to survive as long as possible against continual waves of enemies. The number of enemies in a given wave is a calculation of how many players are active. The number of enemies that they must defeat before the round ends is displayed on the head-up display. Upon defeating the required number of foes, the wave will end, and shortly thereafter the next will begin, bringing more difficult foes. There is five difficulties, skill being the normal one, easy and normal are way easier, professional and suicidal are way harder.

In order to fight off these increasingly challenging enemies, players must acquire money by killing specimens. The amount of money gained per kill depends on the difficulty of the specimen. Money acquired by players can then be spent at the Trader, who wasn't the same character found in the retail version, in the down time before each wave, including the first.


There are sixteen different pieces of equipment in Killing Floor including body armour, two tools, three melee weapons, and ten weapons. Most of the guns require manual reloading, even after emptying the magazine, with the exception of single shot weapons, and the majority of them lacked the iron sights feature. For weapons that had to be reloaded bullet at a time, like the Shotgun and Winchester, the reload button needed to be held down. The prices of equipment, while for the most part being lower than on the retail version, changed based on the difficulty setting, instead of the bounty from specimens changing. These weapons, equipment, and the changes between their retail equivalents are as follows:

Melee weapons

The most basic weapon, no upgrades or anything. It is very weak, but faster than the axe or pipe. Very useful for beating clots and stalkers, but moreso for clots.
Broken Pipe
a basic weapon you can buy. The cheapest and lowest, one of the most useless weapon, good only for weak thing like stalkers and clots and knife do it for you. this weight two blocks
Name the fire axe in the retails, the axe is the strongest melee weapon, but it cost 200$, it can be used to defeat bloats, clots, crawlers, stalkers and gorefasts with ease, though with bloat, you got to be careful, and with crawler, you got to be very good, as these thing are strong and very fast. Siren, Scrake and Fleshpound are not worried by any weapons. If ever you pick it up, the ame will tell you, you picked a fire axe. It weight 4 blocks
A weapon featured in the first version of the mod, but now, it was forgotten, but it can still be found on user made map, it is considered as a free-type weapon, for now, it is found on few map, but any mapper can use it on any map, it is still in the mod, but not used.

Power weapons

Weighed 5 blocks, and cannot be dual-welded, you can actually hold 8 ammo per round and hold up to 88 ammo, with this gun, the weakest of the power weapon, but the most durable of them, it also have the advantage to never rage the Fleshpound, but it is had to aim with.
weight 8 blocks. Stronger power weapon, but it lack few thing compared to retails, in the mod, it is not much used, because of its poor power, poor use and poor durability, it can only hold 6 round of 8 ammo, which is 48 ammo, it only have use in the first three waves, after, it became weak. it also require manual reload, which mean you got to keep pressing the reload button while it reload its ammo, one by one,
Hunting shotgun
Double barrel shotgun, it has great power, weight 10 blocks. this is one of the best weapon in the entire game, with all the particles, it can be even stronger then the rockets launcher and does even more damage to the patriach, you can use it to go from wave 6, to wave 7 and it can kill with ease everything, except, siren, which are harder du to their scream or Fleshpound who will survive two or three shots from it. The hunting shotgun hold 60 ammo, but you can only shot 30 times, which is more then enough, due to its strengh, you can often kill three or four zombies at once. As a final bonus, you do not need to reload an hunting shotgun, it always reload itself, reload is part of its shooting animation.
Weighed 15 blocks,the weightest weapon, without the support perk, this will be the only weapon you will allowed to weild, it is a very strong one, will kill anything with ease, except the fleshpound, which requirt two rockets or the combinaison of one rocket and one hit from the hunting shotgun, the latter being the most used. It cannot kill the scrake, as scrake in the mod are very resistant to explosive like rockets. NOrmally, you can only have 12 rockets with you, but support can have up to 24 rockets.

Speed weapons

9mm tactical pistol
The only weapon with dual-wield and light functions. Duel pistol are not much strong and weight 3 blocks, you actually start with this weapon, you can hold 15 magazine full of ammo for these, depending on how much guns you hold, you will hold 15 ammo per magazine for up to 330 ammo in total with you, these gun are in fact, not much usefull and netheir strong.
This is a good weapon, for the first waves, you can use the alt-fire to have better aim with it, but it darkned the screen, still very good. Despite being as weak as the pistol or nearly, it fire fast and can be used as a great weapon for commando, in fact, their only good weapon, except hunting shotgun, the weilder hold 40 ammo per magazine and can hold up to 9 extra magazine, making the total ammo usable at once for this gun, 400, this gun is actually not the most durable, because it fire so fast. this weapon actually only weight 6 blocks, making it very good.
The flamethrower wis largely considered a hazard on the mod, there is nothing to prevent to harm yourself, but no worry, this baby can't harm the other players, unless, friendly fire is at on. Fire does continue damage on the zombies, while firing it at zombie also does damage, only a little fire can ignit lot of ennemies, it is perfect to do damage to zombies mods or groupe of zombie or to kill weaker ennemies, stalkers and crawlers, but not very usefull in the mod. It is rumored firebug will come as a perk for v3. hoverer this weapon weight 10 blocks, but its ammo are cheap.

Range weapons

This is a great weapon. which is name lever-action rifle in the retail version of killing floor, in the mod, it is very good, there is no need to level up the sharpshooter with this, not exceptionnaly strong with most perk, in the hand of a sharpshooter, this weapon will slaughter clots, stalkers and crawler in one shot, no matter twhere you hit them, gorefast, siren, bloats can kill with two shots, ot an head shot, while the scrake will succomb to a single headshot, else, scrake will resist to many shot. this weapon has no easy way to kill fleshpound, as it only weight 6 blocks and you can have up to 10 ammo in each magazine in it, plus 7 or 9 magazine with you, this weapon will let you fire 80 or 100 shots, it also require manual reload, which mean you got to keep pressing the reload button while it reload its ammo, one by one, it is considered, with the huntng shotgun, as the best weapon, any perk can hold both of these weapons.
The second range weapon and an hazard weapon, it is not a bad one, but it is only good for one thing, headshot, which mean killing siren and scrake, which the wini can do easily. The crossbow is know as the poor weapon, it got many disavantage on the winchester, it can only half its ammo, which 40 or 50 for sharpshooter, it's ammo travel slower and oes less damage then the winchester, it weight more, 10 blocks, cost more and each arrow must be bought individually and cost more then a pack of 10 winchester ammo. It also have a few advantage over the wini, first this weapon always start with 40 arrows, while the winchester start only with 30, it has the best aim of the entire, making headshot at lot easier and if ever you miss completly your shot and hit a floor or low wall, the arrow will be stuck and you'll be able to take it again and fire it again, your team who weight crossbow can also take them, but it remain much less used then the winchester. Sharpshooter can still use it to kill everything in one shoot, except fleshpounds. Finally, you do not need to reload this gun, it always reload, reload with crossbow is part of shooting

Other equipment

Combat armour
A protection vest, grants shield points, instead of health points, but siren scream bipasse it
Frag Grenade
grenade are good little thing you can pitch on zeds, you always start out with three, but they are not strong, and siren scream can make them explose on you, so be carefull with siren, your team mate will also be hurt by such an explosion.
welder and medical syringe
Welder and Syringe are tools use to unlock or to look doors and the syringe is used for healing, the syringe is always more effective on a teamate then you, it can be used on two mate, while it is used only once on you, before it recovers


Perks of the mod version of Killing Floor differs as players can unlock from feats they perform, like scoring 40 headshots, etc. You can only change perks once per wave, you can change perk up to 9 time per match. These perk do not level. Tehri descriptions is also not exact. They are as follow:

  • Medic: The medic perk can be unlocked by healing teammates for 1500 damage in a match. It grants:
    • +100% Recharge rate with med-syringe.
    • +50% Potency of medical injections.
    • +5% Faster movement speed.
    • -50% Damage from bloats' bile.

With those bonus, medic are great healer and support of their team,they do not have any weapon, but good medic will use the winchester and shoot crawlers, since crawler are very weak, and shooting them always help your team, winchester is a very powerfull weapon, anyother good weapon for medic is the hunting shotgun medic are not much used, any sharpshooter can do their job, not as fast, but still correctly

  • Support: The support perk can be unlocked by welding 2000 door hitpoints and killing 40 specimen with a Power weapon in a match. It grants:
    • +10 Max carry weight. (it say +25, but it allow you to weild hunting shotgun and law at the same time.
    • +25% Faster welding/unwelding with the welder tool.
    • Double frag grenade capacity.
    • +100% ammo capacity with LAW, it actually say +25% to all power weapon, but it sdo not give any xetra ammo to shotguns, hunting shotgun or handcannon

Support are the strongest perk in the game and the most used, after wave 7, still needing a few medic or sharpshooter, they can weild LAW and hunting shotgun, their 100% ammo bonus to law, make them very good to fight off fleshpound, they are the best class to weaken them or to kill fleshpound alone, best way is to fire one rocket directly on the fleshpound, switch to the hunting shotgun and finishing the raged zombie. they suffer from slow speed, which is their only flaw.

  • Sharpshooter: The sharpshooter perk can be unlocked by scoring 40 head shots in a single match. It grants:
    • +25% Increased damage with the Winchester and the Crossbow.
    • +50% Greater head shot damage with all weapons.
    • -75% Recoil and spread with the Winchester and the Crossbow.
    • +25% max ammo capacity with Winchester and Crossbow, it does not say it, but it give you more ammo with those gun.

Sharpshooter are the most used perks, they can be used from wave 1 tom wave 9, their winchester is very strong, crossbow allow them to get easier head shot, and they can used hunting shotgun which an increased efficacity, due their headshot bonus, they are the best class, hoverer, a support special is needed to weaken fleshpound with rocket, else it become very hard and very annoying to fight off fleshpounds, combinaisons of sharpshooter and fleshpound are used all the way in the game, in the first wave, it is not rare that everyone choose to be sharpshooter. With this perk, you can kill stalker and crawler from hit with etheir range weapons, clots also die from one hit with the winchester. Two shots from the winchester will take care of siren, bloats and gorefasts, with an headshot from crossbow, winchester or hunting shotgun, the sharpshooter will kill all the specimen, except the fleshpound, which are their only flaw.

  • Commando: The commando perk can be unlocked by killing 30 stalkers and dealing 10,000 damage with the Bullpup. It grants:
    • +25% Damage with the Bullpup weapon.
    • -20% Recoil and spread with the Bullpup weapon.
    • +10% Faster reloading with all weapons.
    • Enemy health conditions appear on the HUD.
    • Automatically reveal Stalkers in an AoE.

The commando is actually of very little use in the game, he can kill bloats, siren, gorefast, crawler, clots and stalker, but he is best used to kill weak ennemies, which is nearly nothing, it is never used agaisn't fleshpound or scrake, and commando have tought time with groupd of zombies, tought they can kill mod of clots, stalker and crawler with ease. Crawlers and stalkers Beind super-weak

  • Berserker: The Berserker perk can be unlocked by dealing 10,000 damage with melee weapons. It grants:
    • +25% damage with all melee weapons.
    • +10% refire speed with all melee weapons.
    • +15% movement speed adjustment when using a melee weapon.
    • +15% Damage resistance to all sorts of damage.

The berserker is not a very good class, it can only be used on stalker, clots and gorefast, a good player can use on crawler and bloat too, but it is not recommanded, the crawler attack rapidly and hit hard, while the bloats will explode on you. Due to the siren glitch, it is not recommended to kill her, unless you want to lose much health, since she will crie, even if you kill her. it has teh advantage of being resistant and to save ammo, it is more usefull the commando in a way. berserker are better use in the first two or three waves.

  • Firebug: Firebug is the new perk, coming in v3. What do we know, is that it will use flamethrower and molotov cooktails

Specimens or Zombies

Like in retail, there is specimen or most commonly called zombies or zeds as ennemies, this sections will treat of all the ennemies that exist in the mod, actually, five unused zombies exist in the mod. The wave you will encounter those zombie are the apparance by default, this apparance actually be modified with the wave editor. Note, the following section only talk about the zombie, depending on they appear in the mod, 2.52, for info on their retail counter, consult article in this wiki, While reading this section, consider the difficulty is skilled, normal and easy difficulty does not need a guide, professional and sucidal zombie will all be tougher and harder to kill. So the ennemies are the follow:

Clots are weak ennemies you will encounter in all wave, from the wave 1 to the last waves, clots can be killed in multiple way, from knife and axe to big laws, they will walk toward and trie to grab you then bite you, these are not strong, but being grabbed prevent you from fleeing, actaully, this is a very low treath.
Stalker are a nuissance, they will appearfirst at wave 2, many times, 6 stalkers, but after, few will appear, they are even weaker then the clots, but they attack faster can combo their attack, they will attack two time in a row, hoverer, the damage is still very low. When facing many stalker on round 2, only take out your axe if you have a lot of space and is very good, elsewhere, run or trie the hunting shotgun. Stalker are actually one of the lowest, beside the clots, it is to wonder, which is the weakest zombie.
A crawling, walking on its four members, look like four feets, but no worry, they got arms. they appear at wave 3 and every wave behond, they are the weakest ennemies and dies very easily, but they make for their low hp with their violent attack. when a scrath from them is not very big, they often jump toward you and does 4 scrath at the same time, if they miss you, they will repeatly jump to get you, it can very hard to melee them, if you are a sharpshooter or a medic, consider using a winchester to kill those beast, saving a lot of trouble for your teammate. They are very dangerous, so consider them as the highest treath when you see them, depending on close they are from your friend, until wave 7
These ennemies are actually a stroger ennemie, just a little more strong then the clot. They make their first apparance at wave 3, along with crawlers, they can killed by two winchester hit, two or three axe chop or shot from nearly any weapon, when near you, they will start to sprint then slice you, gorefast are not particulary much of a treath, but four or five of them are dangerous.
A big green zombie that advance toward the players and spew bill, it appear on wave 1, 5, 6, 8 and 9, they can hit player with their machette if those come too near the bloat and will always explose spewing bloats near them. They were supposed to be a medium treath, but due to a glitch, their bill do not do any damage when they spew it on you, if you kill them, bill send from the explosion will damage you, maybe because the bloats are dead, bloats are not considered any treath, only to new players or stupid one, the glitch is used instead to unlock money door and important one. It also used to collect, one player remain there and give time to the others to collect weapon, in v3, it is except to become a treath.
The siren is a female zombie, who appear at wave 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9. they are as tought as gorefast or a little tougher, they are also the only ennemie, except the patriach to possesse a ranged attack, which is her only attack. when fighting her, do not used Law or grenade carelessly, her scream can explode them on you, give youself space and be sure to fire them she cries, she is a big treath to any player, doing big damage, if you are near her, chance are you will not survive. to dispatch her, the best weapon are the bullup and particulary the winchester, sharpshooters can kill her in two hits. Their is a glitch with the siren, you should never kill her at close range, if you do, find cover soon, the siren can still launch a cries even tought you killed her, it is not expected to be fix anytimes soon, when playing the mod, be warned of this glitch, it is believe her attack have some empty frames, and that even if yu killed, you did not stop her attack. best way to kill her are crossbow and winchester.
The scrake is a big zombie, weidling a chain instead of his left arm, he is the very tought zombie that appear at wave 5 and every wave after that, it have no special ability, his attack does quite a bit of damage, but it is very slow. While it does have much health, it can be killed in one shot, with the hunting shotgun, sharpshooter can kill them in one hit, with an headshot from etheir crossbow or winchester. While fighting them do not use LAW, it takes up to five rocket to kill one scrake. Because of their slow speed, they are not as dangerous as a siren or a fleshpound.
just like in retail, fleshpound are the most dangerous zombie, those appear from wave 7 to wave 9, during wave 8 and wave 9, they can appear in group of three. They can rage and start running toward on their own freewill or whe you hit them with a strong weapon, and they have much hp, they cannot be stunned. They are actually a very dangerous target because of their health and their power. The easiest ways to kill them is by launching a rocket directly on them, then etheir a second one, or using the hunting shotgun or shooting their thead with the winchester. they walk fast enough for a big tank. Good thing to know, if ever they receive damage from rockets, they will rage, no matter the ammout of damage, the handcannon will never rage them. when they rage, they will lock on a player and run toward that player, no matter where he is, and he can be the last one in the line, if any other specimen are near it when it rage, it will hurt them and may kill them.
The patriarch is the mod boss, nicknamed Patty, it always appear on the end of wave 9, as last ennemies, it has two type melee attack, which kill un protected player in one hit, those with vest, dies in two hit, exceptionnaly three, the other can throw a player into the air, to his doom, it can also run faster then anything in the game, while it run, he cloak himself to hide from the player view,he also have the ability to use a gathling gun and rocket launcher as ranged attack, while it is enough, he can use three syringe to heal himself completly, he is tought to kill, good strategy, many player and good weapon like LAW, hunting shotgun and winchester are used on him, Bullup, crossbow and flamethrower are also correct choice, grenades are very bad choice with him, as they do very little damage, they best weapon on him is the hunting shotgun.

With the ability to use deadly melee attacks, rockets and a gathling gun as ranged, to run cloacked and to heal himself three times, he his the toughest ennemies in the game. Not to mention, his health increase according to the number of player, not by much, but it does increase.

Beating the patriarch is possible. saying he run faster then anyone is not so true, one player, with low weight weapon like winchester and full hp, can run fast enough to flee him , when he weld the knife. berserker can run faster, I believe the him. Beating himm is then possible by using the winchester, while being a berserker, for the speed gain.

Fleshpound Chaingunner
A flesh pound with a chaingun as an arm, it does not appear in the mod, but is expected to appear in v3
Nothing is known on these ennemies, netheir their rôle, they did not make it to 2.52, but they can be found in the database, while choosing with actor you will place, they are expected on v3
Nothing is known on these ennemies, netheir their rôle, they did not make it to 2.52, but they can be found in the database, while choosing with actor you will place, they are expected on v3

Nothing is known on these ennemies, netheir their rôle, they did not make it to 2.52, but they can be found in the database, while choosing with actor you will place, they are expected on v3

it does not appear in the game, is not used, maybe it is not differant from the normal one

Major changes

  • The Patriarch was only added in the retail version.
  • There were no Chainsaws until after version 2.
  • Perks have different bonuses and requirements.
  • Perks have no levels.
  • The Trader was found at only one place in the map.
  • The scoreboard followed money held, not kills.
  • Art style is slightly different. The retail version has a more realistic-look.
  • The Handcannon does not support dual-wielding in the mod version.
  • The Firebug perk was not added in the mod.
  • The Handcannon was a weapon for the support perk. (The Handcannon is for Sharpshooters in the retail version.)
  • There was no combat armour.

Minor changes

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