Lever-action rifle

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Lever-action rifle
Trader Winchester.png
Pricing: £200 (£150)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 10 Hud Single Bullet.png 70 (80)
Ammo cost: £10 – £80

The Lever-action rifle (Winchester Model 94), is the cheapest primary weapon around. It's a popular choice amongSharpshooters due to its relatively decent rate of fire, decent damage, and its price. It has good iron-sights and no scope effect, which makes some players prefer this weapon to the Crossbow for medium to close range. Its low cost of £200 makes this weapon purchasable with the player's starting money, leaving them with an extra £50 to buy ammunition or other preferred items (If played on normal or hard). Although it does not give the damage or the penetration that the Crossbow offers, the Lever-action rifle has twice the ammunition, a faster firing rate, and reloads faster than the Crossbow. However, the Lever-Action Rifle is less effective versus stronger foes, such as the Fleshpound, the Scrake, and Patriarch than the Crossbow. Despite being worse against the heavy hitters, it will kill any other specimen with ease including Sirens (with a few hits) and Bloats. In addition, the Sharpshooter perk adds to the fire-power it lacks and can turn this somewhat mediocre weapon into an effective sniper rifle.

The Lever-action rifle, like all primary weapons, may be found lying on the ground, randomly spawned by the game.


  • Hit-and-run tactics work well with the Lever-action rifle even at close range.
  • Use while the player is the last-man-standing. Picking off specimens slowly one by one while they chase you is one of the slowest but best and most successful ways to finish off a wave. If the squad member runs out of ammo, the best way is to run around the map while searching for ammo, then start killing again.
  • You can interrupt reloading by shooting or going into iron sights, allowing you to pick off a troublesome specimen without having to wait for the entire reload animation.
  • Compared to the M14, the Lever-action rifle has much lower ammo reserves and rate of fire, but is more powerful. Use the rifle's large headshot bonus to stun or weaken larger enemies in order to conserve ammo for other weapons.
  • On Hell on Earth, against Scrakes & Fleshpounds, the Lever-action has a higher headshot multiplier and DPS than the crossbow. If your team is having difficulty with the larger specimens, the Lever's ability to stun the former and increased firing speed can deal an astounding amount of damage. However, it is still ineffective against the Patriarch, as he moves extremely quickly and cannot be stunned by the rounds.

Advantages & disadvantages


  • Very cost-effective.
  • Excellent iron-sights.
  • Good ammo reserves.
  • 200% headshot damage, in comparison to the 110% of most weapons.
  • Headshots stun Scrakes while using the Sharpshooter perk.
  • Firing speed benefits from Sharpshooter's reload perk.
  • A good choice for fending off small specimens.


  • Lacks firepower if the Sharpshooter perk is not chosen.
  • Ineffective against the big targets as an off perk weapon.
  • Will enrage the Fleshpound in a single headshot with Sharpshooter perk.
  • Full reload is slow when the magazine is empty.
  • 'Zed-Time' sometimes lasts less than the cooldown between shots.
  • Lacks powered zoom (i.e. the Crossbow's sights)


Level Head damage
Base 300
0 330
1 360
2 414
3 468
4 546
5 675
6 720

On a shot-for-shot basis, the Lever-Action is actually substantially more powerful then the M14EBR, only limited by its low capacity and lengthy reload time. Sufficiently levelled, a single headshot from the Lever-Action can deal almost 700 damage with a headshot, enough to outright kill any specimens aside from the Scrake or Fleshpound. In the former case, a skilled Sharpshooter can simply chainstun them to death in 3 to 5 rounds depending on difficulty, but doing the same to a Fleshpound is substantially more difficult.

The Lever-action rifle costs the same amount no matter what perk is used. The sharpshooter spawns with it at level 5.

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