M32 grenade launcher

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The M32 is the big brother of the M79, they are both equal in power but the M32 has the upper advantage of being about to shoot 6 rounds in the time the M79 is able to shoot 2.


  • It's best to save this one for when the big guys start comming out.
  • If an enemy is too close shoot the ground/wall behind him. This will let you avoid most of the damage

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Does not need to hit the target to detonate; this allows you to shoot at the actual centre of a group.
  • Deals out huge damage.
  • 6 Shells fully loaded.
  • Rapid fire


  • Needs to be shot from a safe distance.
  • Can be shot at point blank (does not detonate) but will only deal out enough damage to kill a clot or crawler.
  • Explosions create smoke clouds.
  • Slow reload speed when compared to the M79.

Bugs and Exploits


Weapon cost


Ammo cost