Mosin Nagant

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Mosin Nagant
Trader MosinNagant.png

The Mosin Nagant is a scrapped weapon from the game.


This weapon first appeared during the Twisted Christmas 2011 update. The weapon was not present in Killing Floor's data (as in, nothing for this weapon was being used). The only files for this weapon that appeared in the update was its Animation and sound file.

During a patch update for the Xmas event, these files were removed from the game.

Sometime before the Summer Sideshow 2012 event, more files for this (and other) weapons appeared. The only files that appeared was in the texture file KillingFloorHUD, where Trader and inventory HUD icons were added. The animation and sounds files were not brought back. Out of the 3 weapons that have been scrapped then re-added, only the Mosin Nagant has not made a appearance in the game. The other 2 weapons were the Medic Grenade and the Dragon's Breath Shotgun which was remade as the Dragon's Breath Trenchgun which both were added to the Hillbilly Horror Event (2012).

Its currently unknown as to why this weapon was removed or planned, but it could have been a promotional weapon with Red Orchestra 2 much like how we now have Rising Storm Tommy Gun and Dwarfs!? Axe


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