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** Less powerful scope.
** Less powerful scope.
** Lower rate of fire.
** Lower rate of fire.
** Slower reload.
** Faster reload.
==Bugs and exploits==
==Bugs and exploits==

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Pricing: £2500 (£1875)
Weight: 5 blocks
Ammo: 20 Hud Ammo Clip.png 14 (300)
Ammo cost: £15 – £225
Related achievements
SCAR'd.jpg SCAR'd

An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full auto with great power and accuracy. —Trader description 

The SCARMK17 (Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle, Mark 17) is the tier three weapon for the Commando class. It has much higher firepower, slightly higher rate of fire, and lower magazine capacity in comparison to its predecessors (the Bullpup and the AK47). It appears in game with modular attachments of a red dot sight (making targeting tougher targets like Sirens and Husks a lot easier) and a vertical front handle. The SCAR'd achievement is earned upon killing one thousand specimens with the weapon.

It has a higher damage per shot and rate of fire than the Bullpup and the AK-47, but it also has higher recoil, cost, and a smaller magazine.


  • Select fire:
    • The semi-automatic function is advised to conserve ammo and maintain accuracy, useful over long distances and against weaker specimens.
    • The automatic-fire function is very useful for taking down tougher enemies such as Husks, Scrakes and Fleshpounds.
  • Try to use your red dot sight as much as possible to maximize hit efficiency, so you can save on purchasing ammo. One thing to keep in mind is the time it takes for the red dot to settle compared to the Bullpup. In close quarters, due to its power and cost it may be preferential to switch to your other assault rifle or to simply let loose without using the sight.
  • Though headshots are always advised with all weapons, the SCAR's red dot sight makes it incredibly easy to headshot specimens who might be approaching you, even from a distance.
  • On lower difficulties and higher levels, it is possible to take down a Scrake by lowering it to approximately 60% health, reloading, and then firing rapidly into its head. This is effective at any difficulty in solo mode, but will rapidly become ineffective with higher number of players, even on normal difficulty, since Scrakes gain large amounts of health for every extra player on a team.
  • Another tactic against Scrakes is to empty an AK47 magazine (in semi auto), then switch to the SCAR and empty that at the scrake as he charges you, thus avoiding any reload delay. However, afterwards, you will need to reload both rifles, leaving you vulnerable.
  • The high base damage of the SCAR, combined with its low weight essentially makes it an upgrade on the Mac-10. In particular, the Sharpshooter can use it alongside a Crossbow, where its large ammo reserves and high damage give them a significantly better sidearm for crowd control compared to the Handcannon. With other classes, mileage may vary due to its relatively high recoil and lack of useful buffs.
  • Its low weight also enables berserkers to carry the stronger claymore instead of the axe alongside the katana.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Has an un-intrusive red dot sight.
  • Accurate.
  • Select-fire.
  • Lighter than all other assault rifles.
  • Compared to the Bullpup, M4, and AK-47:
    • Higher damage per shot.
    • Higher damage per second.
  • Compared to the FNFAL ACOG:
    • Cheaper.
    • Faster reload.


  • Expensive.
  • Compared to the Bullpup and M4:
    • Expensive ammunition.
    • Low magazine size.
  • Compared to the AK-47:
    • Same recoil, 500/250, the highest among Commando weapons.
    • Same ammo reserve.
  • Compared to the FNFAL ACOG:
    • Less powerful scope.
    • Lower rate of fire.
    • Faster reload.


The Commando perk gets a discount on the SCARMK17 from the Trader.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine size
Base 0% £2500 £1875 65 20
0 10% £2250 £1687 68 20
1 20% £2000 £1499 71 22
2 30% £1750 £1312 78 24
3 40% £1500 £1124 84 25
4 50% £1250 £937 91 25
5 60% £1000 £749 97 25
6 70% £750 £562 97 25


The in-game model is based on the 3rd Generation FN SCAR-H STD (7.62×51mm NATO) (notice the length/shape of barrel and muzzle) with reflex red dot sight and foregrip mounted on rails.

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