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Trader Scar.png
Pricing: £2500 (£1875)
Weight: 5 blocks
Related achievements
20px Scar'd

The SCARMK17 (Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle, Mark 17) is the tier three weapon designed for the Commando class. The SCARMK17 20-round assault rifle with an optional fully automatic setting. It appears in game with modular attachments of a red dot sight and a vertical front handle, with only the former having an effect on gameplay. The SCAR'd achievement is earned upon killing one thousand specimens with the weapon.

Compared to the Bullpup and the AK-47, aside from the weight and cost difference, is that it's more accurate, has a higher damage per shot and rate of fire, but also a higher recoil and has a smaller magazine.


  • Rate of fire:
    • The semi-automatic function is advised to conserve ammo and maintain accuracy.
    • The automatic-fire function is very useful for taking down tougher enemies such as Husks, Scrakes and Fleshpounds.
  • Try to use your red dot sight as much as possible to maximise hit efficiency, so you can save on purchasing ammo.
  • Though headshots are always advised with all weapons, the SCAR's red dot sight makes it incredibly easy to headshot specimens who might be approaching you, even from a distance.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Has an un-intrusive red dot sight.
  • Accurate.
  • High damage per second.
  • Has an optional rate of fire toggle.


  • Expensive.
  • Compared to the bullpup and AK-47:
    • Expensive ammunition.
    • Low magazine size.


Weapon cost

The Commando perk gets a discount on the SCARMK17 from the Trader. Template:WeaponCost

Ammo cost