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I think it would be better if we could make our own descriptions of each Specimen, the ones from Wikipedia is a simple summary of each Specimen and I think a specific wiki of a game (like ours) should have nearly every detail of each article we write about IMO. --Takua

Clot Grab

"When a player is grabbed by a Clot, the player cannot move, but there are two ways to escape: killing the Clot, and repeatedly jumping away. The latter is not advised when there are other specimens nearby and is very difficult on the Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulty levels, where the player must harm the Clot immediately before they can jump away."

erm.. shouldn't it be three ways to escape instead?

  1. Killing
  2. Jumping away (disabled on sui+ diff)
  3. Flinching the clot to make him release his hold

-Porkchops 13:59, 14 July 2012 (UTC)


The summer sideshow clot looks really like Schlitzie: Maybe it should be mentioned. I noticed this when I was rendering the new images, because I was in search for some sideshow freaks in the last weeks for a community project.


I added 2 trivia notes for those who wanted it.