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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 5 locations
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Escaping from the slaughter at the London under ground, DJ Scully informed his new friends of the annual abandoned asylum party he was billed to perform at. The fact that so many unsuspecting people could fall victim to the specimen threat was enough to convince the team to move in on the location and search for survivors. —Map description 

Bedlam is an abandoned asylum that once played host to the 'Disco Death March', but is now an empty hulk. The map overview displays that DJ Scully from the Outbreak character pack performed here; however, the attendance was butchered due to various specimens that now reside within. Scully's decision to join the squad, as based on his biography, may have been a reference to this.

Map layout[edit]

Bedlam is one of the most confusing official maps, so unless you know your way around, it can easily lead you to becoming separated and/or lost. The narrow corridors and overall darkness make it easy for specimens to trap you. However, a skilled player can learn safe routes through the maze and locations good for bottlenecking specimens.

Trader locations[edit]

There are five trader locations in Bedlam that are spread out far. Since Bedlam is dark and confusing it is easy to get lost and cut off from the rest of your squad

  • The first is in the basement of the asylum. It is accessed from the room the room that is to the right of the spawn or from the courtyard.
  • The next trader is behind the large two floor purple room. It can only be accessed from the courtyard
  • The third is right next to the courtyard; on the ground floor beyond the hallway with the jack-o-lanterns. It can also be accessed from the grey hallways in the center of the asylum.
  • On the second floor, in the hallways that are dark and red lit. It is accessed from either the second floor of the courtyard or the large stairwell next to the grey areas of the asylum.
  • Behind the green pool. It is accessed from either the pool area or through the blue area that has a semi-open roof.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • The least safe areas are the pool, outside in the courtyard with the tree, and the multi-story room with light-blue walls.
  • Just to the left of the spawn point is an L-shaped corridor. When holding out at the corner, sharpshooters can cover a long corridor in one direction. In the other direction, a shorter corridor leads back to the spawn room, and is ideal for support specialists, firebugs and demos. A medic in the corner can easily heal players in both directions and offer extra firepower when needed.
  • The walkways that form a square 'gallery' overlooking a garden with a single tree are a good place to defend, if your teammates have enough discipline to finish their business at the trader and get back into position before the wave begins. A firebug can start the weaker specimens burning with a single shot from a Mac-10 as they cross the garden below. One door can be welded, leaving only two entrances to guard, and it remains possible to retreat into a corner if necessary.
  • Any of the rectangular staircases offer a choke point that is suitable for support specialists. At the top of each staircase is at least one weldable door. In the darker staircases, the shotgun's flashlight helps eliminate visibility problems. One of the staircases is close to the spawn point, another is connected to the courtyard balcony, and the last is left of the trader closest to the tree (when facing the trader from outside).


  • Demos may be at a disadvantage on their own, as the poor lighting only makes smoke even more of an impediment, and the tight spaces make it harder to avoid self-inflicted damage.
  • Increasing the gamma setting can improve visibility in the darker areas. Having a support specialist or a sharpshooter using the starting pistol can also provide light for themselves or their teammates.
  • One tactic is to have your squad on the balcony between a weldable door and the staircase leading up from the outside courtyard. Glassless windows along the wall give vision on two spawn points and the broken balustrade gives you an opportunity to fire on specimens in the courtyard. The narrow passage between the wall and the climbing staircase from the courtyard is a perfect spot for a beserker to hold the line, supported by a medic. The balcony is long enough to allow sharpshooters a decent time to line up headshots, and support specialists and/or commandos can hold the line at the top of the rectangular corner staircase, behind a weldable door.

Bugs and Exploits[edit]

  • Sometimes specimens may get stuck in one of the small room spawns located around the courtyard. Players are forced to use grenades or grenade launcher to kill the specimens and proceed to next round. Often Fleshpounds are the most prone to this bug, due to their size.


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