Broken Pipe

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Broken Pipe
Trader Machete.png
Pricing: £100 (£75)
Weight: 3 blocks

This bit of broken pipe looks like it was pried from a gas-line. —Trader description 

The Broken Pipe is a removed weapon from the game.

(Note that the Broken Pipe does not actually have a Trader icon and the Machete icon is used as a place holder for this page.)

In KFMod[edit]

The Broken Pipe originally appeared during KFMod v1.0 as a Steel Baseball Bat. After version 2.0, the Steel Bat was scrapped in favor of a Broken Pipe which had a few differences. The Pipe sadly suffered as a in-between weapon in the Mod, which the other 2 weapons were the Knife and the Fire Axe (And the secret weapon, the Chainsaw). Since it was in between, it whould be better to either stick with the knife or just get the Axe. The Pipe was also a random spawn weapon. For more information on the Broken Pipe during the Mod can be found Here.

In Killing Floor[edit]

Unlike the rest of the weapons ported over from KFMod that were not brought back, The Broken pipe is the only weapon that had the most work put in it. Its the only weapon to have its own animation files inside the main weapons animation file, but, it still uses all its references from the Mod. The only thing it does not use is a 3rd person attachment model does not read its texture. The Broken Pipe lacks a secondary fire attack. When TWI updated melee weapon's coding during the Hillbilly Horror update, this weapon was also updated and is still fully functional.

The Pipe does not have any icons except for a unselected machete icon on the inventory HUD. If the Pipe is selected, the machete icon will disappear. During development for Killing Floor the Broken Pipe was dropped in favor for the Machete. The weapon may be placed onto maps, summoned out via console or use on a trader mutator with this code


Even if the weapon is not offically used in the game, the weapon is whitelisted like all the other offical KF weapons.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Stronger than the Knife.
  • Cheapest melee weapon.


  • Lacks a secondary fire.
  • Takes up 2 more spaces then the Machete.
  • Weaker then the Axe.
  • Can not be obtain without some editing or modifing.
  • No bonuses for Berserker perk.


  • If you have extra space, sell this weapon for ammo money.


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