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Base statistics:
Bounty: £10
Health: 70
Damage: 6
Movement speeds:
Walking: 140
Swimming: 130
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The Crawler. Interesting attempt to merge human and arachnid genes. Sort-of worked, too - these little nasties have a habit of appearing in all sorts of strange places! —Loading screen tip 

The Crawler is a weak specimen that often becomes annoying. It makes its first appearance in the second wave of the game, spawning in unusual places, and is generally faster than the player. The Crawler usually finishes off those who are lacking in health due to their speed and agility, as severely wounded players are more likely to panic and run. Crawlers usually come in groups of two to four, which can make them even more dangerous.


The two-headed girl skin used for the summer sideshow event


The Crawler appears as a black-colored creature with white dots. It seems to have tarantula-like fur growing in patches all over its body. It has eight shiny black eyes, no nose, and a vertical mouth with numerous rows of razor-sharp teeth, flanked by a spider's palpus. The human part of it is still plainly visible: human-like arms with long-clawed hands on the end, and muscular legs used for jumping from surface-to-surface.


During the Twisted Christmas update, the Crawler was re-skinned as a mutated reindeer. For the Summer Sideshow event the Crawler was re-skinned as the girl with two heads. This skin depicts a young female conjoined twin, with four arms, two heads and four legs, with the twins being conjoined at the back. The creature wears a pink dress and each head has a pink flower in its hair.

The Halloween Sideshow event featured the Crawler in a skin based on its skin from summer event, but with one of the conjoined twins dressed as a devil, the other as an angel. For the Hillbilly Horror event the crawler was re-skinned as Uncle Pervis, who appears to be lacking a nose, lips, his left eye, and most of his bottom half (see picture below).


Whenever the Crawler gets close enough to its target, it pounces towards the target, inflicting minor damage if it lands on its victim. The Crawler will then attack the target by biting continuously at close range until either the Crawler or the victim is killed. Sometimes, a player is not aware that Crawlers are attacking them due to their dark skin, small size and the fact that the motion blur that occurs upon sustaining damage also makes it harder to see them. Some classes do not experience the motion blur when attacked by it, as level 4 Medic' armor or higher will fully absorb all minor damage caused by them. This may also be true for the class Berserker as well. Even though the Crawler has low health and is one of the weakest specimens, it has speed and agility to compensate for those downsides. The Crawler is extremely dangerous to low-health players, as they can pounce and damage you even as you are running away. To avoid being pounced or attacked, a player should be cautious and listen to their hissing and gurgling noises. A large flock of crawlers can be troublesome to deal with, especially when they're coupled with medium or large targets. Players can hear them saying "I hate you" with a gurgling voice when they're giving their last breath, preferably under hardskin boots.


The Crawler was an experiment in fusing species. In this case, a human and an arachnid. Much like the Clot, it is one of the few who valiantly defend the Patriarch during the final wave, and also makes mention in the midst of its garbled dialogue that "We love our father".


Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
 Total health  35 70 95 109 123
 Head health  13 25 34 39 44
 Bounty  £20 £10 £8 £6

Having the lowest health of all specimens, the Crawler is easily killed with any weapon. To conserve the ammo of more powerful weapons, the 9mm tactical pistol can be used to kill the Crawler in 1-4 hits, depending on the difficulty level. Head-shots are not as critical on these Specimens as with others due to their low health. The Crawler's small size and dark skin help it blend in with the environment, making flashlights useful in spotting it.

Because of the Crawler's size and dexterity, it can often be hard to hit or even spot and is rarely found alone. It is especially troublesome for the Berserker, as he usually must look down in order to kill a Crawler and then aim upwards again to continue killing the rest of the specimens. In some positions, the Berserker must crouch in order to kill them. On Normal difficulty, the Crawler can be killed in one hit with a machete. On any difficulty, it can be killed in one hit with a machete in the hands of a level 5 or 6 Berserker, or with a Katana. Some Berserkers prefer using the Claymore against crawlers due to its superior range.

You can actually jump on top of the crawler and stay on top of him for some short time. This can be useful if you have to reload or in any case if you want to avoid damage, as the Crawler being underneath means it cannot hit the player.

Also, when you jump on the crawler (much like any other specimen) - it takes some minor (1-2 points) damage, so you can literally "step on the bug" in order to kill him, though it is not advised to do so if there are some other specimens around.


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