Dr. T's Lead Delivery System

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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Dr. T's Lead Delivery System
Trader DrTsLDS.png
Pricing: £950 (£712)
Weight: 5 blocks
Ammo: 40 Hud Ammo Clip.png 7 (300)
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Thy weapon is before you. May its drum beat a sound of terrible fear into your enemies. —Trader description 

Dr. T's Lead Delivery System is a submachine gun for the Commando. It is only available to those who own the Community Weapon Pack 2 DLC. It has the same base damage as the Tommy gun, however it has a 33% bigger drum magazine and better accuracy but a slightly slower reload and produces steam on ironsight when shooting.


The Commando perk gives bonuses and discounts on Dr. T's Lead Delivery System. For headshot damage, multiply by 1.1.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine size
Base 0% £950 £712 40 40
0 10% £855 £640 42 40
1 20% £760 £569 44 44
2 30% £665 £498 48 48
3 40% £570 £427 52 50
4 50% £475 £355 56 50
5 60% £380 £284 60 50
6 70% £285 £213 60 50

Price and ammunition[edit]

The cost of Dr. T's Lead Delivery System is £950, which can be reduced to £285 with use of the commando perk, at intervals of £95 per level.


Dr. T's Lead Delivery System can decapitate a weaker specimen with a single headshot under all circumstances.


Like all commando rifles, Dr. T's Lead Delivery System allows player to switch between the firing modes. Semi-automatic allows for players to make individual shots, suitable for killing weak specimens without wasting ammo. Fully-automatic can also be used in a similar fashion if players tap the primary fire button only very briefly, but also gives the option of firing in short bursts or in longer streaks if the situations require it.

Just like Rising Storm Tommy gun it can be a dedicated ZED extender and can be paired with it for sustained fire. When slow motion starts Commando easily can crouch then go down on iron sights to cut trash specimen for extending the timer.

It is lighter than most of the assault rifles, and can be carried together with the SCARMK17, Tommy gun or Rising Storm Tommy gun, leaving 4 weight blocks free. This allows you to carry both guns plus any pair of pistols such as Flare revolver and a Handcannon, a katana or a light weight medic rifle such as MP7M or MP5M medic gun with Pipebombs, or an M79 grenade launcher.

By taking another 6 blocks weight assault rifle, remaining 3 blocks weight can be filled with a MK23 and Machete or a Katana as usual. Machete or Katana can flinch Scrakes and a pistol sidearm helps bridging long reload sessions when both rifles are near empty. Sacrificing an assault rifle for a Lever-action rifle to flinch Scrakes instead, would allow one to grab MP5M to heal teammates instead.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]



  • Very weak against stronger specimens (like the Fleshpound or Patriarch);
  • Slightly slower reload than the Tommy gun;
  • Shorter magazine size than the R.S. Tommy gun;
  • Produces smoke on ironsight when shooting;
  • Low ammo reserve, can't sweep and extend zed time for long;
  • Requires DLC to be bought and installed before the gun can be bought in-game.


Dr. T's Lead Delivery System seems to be steampunked version of Thompson Model 1921 with Type C drum magazine. Name Dr. T refers to John T. Thompson who invented Thompson submachine gun.


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