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Trader FNFAL.png
Pricing: £2750 (£2062)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 20 Hud Ammo Clip.png 14 (300)
Ammo cost: £15 – £225
Related achievements
British Superiority.jpg British Superiority

Classic NATO battle rifle. Has a high rate of fire and decent accuracy, with good power. —Trader description 

The Fusil Automatique Léger ('Light Automatic Rifle'), or FAL, is a Tier 3 weapon for the Commando. A battle rifle produced by the Belgian arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal (FN), the FN FAL is equipped with an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) scope. The FN FAL and SCARMK17 share the highest damage output of the Commando weapons, but the FN FAL has a faster rate of fire and considerably lower recoil. However, the SCAR is cheaper, lighter by 1 block and reloads faster.


Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine size
Base 0% £2750 £2062 65 20
0 10% £2475 £1855 68 20
1 20% £2200 £1649 71 22
2 30% £1925 £1443 78 24
3 40% £1650 £1237 84 25
4 50% £1375 £1030 91 25
5 60% £1100 £824 97 25
6 70% £825 £618 97 25

The values in this table are derived from the SDK. However, they have not gone through extensive testing and therefore may not be 100% accurate.

The Commando perk gets a discount on the FN FAL ACOG from the Trader.

Price and ammunition[edit]

The base price for the FN FAL is £2750 and decreases by £275 for each level in the Commando perk, to a minimum of £825 at Commando 6. The cost for ammunition remains static, at £3 for 4 bullets, but magazine size increases along with Commando level. As an off-perk weapon or at level 0, the default magazine size is 20 and the total ammunition capacity is 300 rounds, costing £15 per magazine and £225 to auto-fill. Magazine size increases at the same rate as the SCARMK17, to 22 at Commando 1, 24 at Commando 2 and its maximum of 25 at Commando 3.


The FN FAL ACOG does identical damage to the SCARMK17, but it fires much quicker, some 12% faster. With a firing rate of 700 RPM, the FN FAL does 1300 damage in 1.63~ seconds without perk bonuses or headshots to deal 800 damage per second with 3.6 seconds reload time before being able to fire again. When reload time considered, after reload dps without bonuses falls down to 248.57 damage per second. As a level 5 or 6 Commando, the damage output of the FN FAL over one magazine increases to 2425 damage in 2.05 seconds to deal 1182 damage per second. With reload time reduced to 2.67 seconds added, the figure lowers down to 529 damage per second. With accurate headshots, these figures gain roughly 10% more damage.


The FN FAL extends the Commando's purchase chain by an additional £2750 (£825 for a Commando 6), making conservation of money and ammunition somewhat more important if aiming for a mid-game FN FAL or SCARMK17 as a low-level Commando or in a high-difficulty game.

As the FN FAL weighs six blocks, pairing the FN FAL with either the AK-47 or M4 might be weight-prohibitive, but will give loads of ammo to shoot around under Commando's hand for controlling a large area or a crossroad.

Pairing it with the SCARMK17 is extremely expensive for low-level Commandos and reduces the maximum number of chambered rounds available for emergencies. But superior fire power and capability of carrying another lightweight weapon like a katana or a small medic rifle makes this a favorable choice. As a downside, possession of both most expensive rifles in the game, increases the death penalty that Commando would suffer.

FN FAL is made for dealing medium threats, with small recoil 2-3 tapping on full-auto will decap Siren or Husk with ease. It's also appropriate to open fire to already enraged Scrakes as you may decap them on most difficulties when aimed at their head.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • High damage and DPS: The FN FAL does as much damage as the SCARMK17, but fires faster. While the FN FAL has a longer reload time, the increased rate of fire leaves the DPS difference negligible.
  • Low recoil: The FN FAL is tied with the Tommy Gun for having the lowest vertical recoil among commando weapons, 150. For reference, the AK-47 and SCAR have the highest vertical recoil, 500.
  • Selective fire: The FN FAL can be fired in semi-automatic mode to conserve ammunition, or automatically, to quickly dispatch large groups of weak enemies or strong individual ones.


  • High price: By default, the FN FAL costs £2750, and decreases to £825 at Commando 6, making it unavailable until mid-game for many Commandos.
  • Low magazine size: Like the SCARMK17, the FN FAL's magazine is 20 rounds by default, and reaches its maximum of 25 at Commando 3.
  • High ammunition cost: Ammuntion for the FN FAL—like that for the SCARMK17—is twice as expensive, round for round, as ammunition for either of the Tier 2 assault rifles.
  • Horrific swaying of the scope while walking.

ACOG Scope[edit]

The ACOG Scope confers both notable advantages and disadvantages to the FN FAL.

  • High zoom: The ACOG's 2x zoom is 33% greater than that of the assault rifles. However it doesn't do a dual render zoom like the crossbow.
  • Clear sight picture: The ACOG's sight picture is large and clear; its crosshairs obscure the exact point you're aiming at less than the sights of the M4, SCARMK17 and Bullpup, making precise aiming somewhat easier.
  • Steady aim: The FN FAL's view model stays very still when using sights, unlike the other assault rifles, which sway about noticeably. However, after a single shot is fired, about half a second is needed to place another accurate shot in long range due to the bobbing of the sights.
  • Obtrusive scope: The ACOG is bulky and seriously restricts the peripheral vision of the user.


The FN FAL ACOG is incorrectly referred to in-game as a "FNFAL ACOG." Both the weapon's weight and the British Superiority achievement hints that it may instead be a modified L2A1, a selective-fire variant of the semi-automatic L1A1. The L1A1 is itself a British copy of the FN FAL, engineered on Imperial instead of metric measurements; the L2A1 is very similar, except for a different handguard which doubles as a folding bipod. However, it lacks several distinctive features of the inch-pattern FAL, including the long flash hider and folding charging handle (using instead the fixed knob found on metric rifles).

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