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Base statistics:
Bounty: £12
Health: 250 (+37.5)
Damage: 15
Movement speeds:
Walking: 230
Swimming: 220
Related achievements
Can't Catch Me!.jpg Can't Catch Me!
Sparring with a Master.jpg Sparring with a Master
Fiery Personality.jpg Fiery Personality


GorefastSp is a specimen that acts and looks just like a normal Gorefast, but it runs much faster at players than its normal counterpart. While the Gorefast's walking speed is 120, the Sp's is 230, also, the Gorefast's water speed is 140 while the Sp's is 220. There are no other major differences in the GorefastSp when compared to the Gorefast. The Sp is also 1 of the 5 specimens left over from the coding of the KFmod. The game's data labels them as just "Gorefast", so it can be difficult to know when one has spawned (or killed you), that is until they charge at you. Due to their immense speed boost, they tend to be hard to kill without taking damage yourself. It was introduced in KFMod v1, but reasons for its creation are still unknown. The GorefastSp can be added to the game via sandbox by adding kfchar.zombieGorefastSp to the zombie spawnlist.


  • The GorefastSP is basically a normal Gorefast, so its health bonuses are the same.
  • Sharpshooters are recommended for taking out the SPs, because of their headshot capabilities.

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