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HSG-1 Shotgun
Trader KSG.png
Pricing: £1250 (£937)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 12 Hud Ammo Clip.png 4 (48)
Ammo cost: £30 – £120
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An advanced Horzine prototype tactical shotgun. Features a large capacity ammo magazine and selectable tight/wide spread fire modes. —Trader description 

The HSG-1 Shotgun is a magazine fed pump action shotgun for the Support Specialist perk, equipped with glow in the dark night sights. It carries 12 shotgun shells in a box magazine and has 48 shells spare. Its alt fire toggles between 'wide spread' and 'tight spread' bullet spread.

There is also a "Neon HSG-1" available in the "Neon Weapons" DLC. Its statistics are identical to the normal HSG-1.


The support specialist perk receives bonuses and discounts for the HSG-1 Shotgun.

The values in this table are derived from the SDK. However, they have not gone through extensive testing & therefore may not be 100% accurate.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Ammo capacity
Base 0% £1250 £937 228 48
0 10% £1125 £843 228 48
1 20% £1000 £749 240 52
2 30% £875 £655 264 57
3 40% £750 £562 288 60
4 50% £625 £468 312 60
5 60% £500 £374 336 60
6 70% £375 £280 360 62

Price and ammunition[edit]

The HSG-1 Shotgun has a base cost of £1250. The support specialist perk offers discounts on this cost at intervals of £125 per level in the perk, to a current minimum price of £375. The ammunition cost is £30 for one 12 round magazine; £120 for a full refill at the base level and approximately £2.50 per shot. At the initial buy, HSG-1 comes packed with 24 shots which is only enough to fill one spare magazine. Its ammo pool is 48 by default just like other shotguns, that means three spare magazines with one loaded into the shotgun. Maximum ammo pool can be increased up to 62 by Support Specialist's shell carried bonuses which add slightly more than one extra magazine for the weapon.


The HSG-1 Shotgun fires a spread of 12 pellets with each pellet causing 19 damage each with standard 1.5x headshot multiplier. HSG-1 has the lowest pellet damage of all shotguns available for the Support Specialist. Damage per pellet can be improved by Support Specialist perk, up to 360 damage per shot, making pellets deal 30 damage each.

Being a magazine loaded shotgun, it shares the 0.75 pierce efficiency and pierce capacity of up 4 targets of other magazine loaded shotguns such as Vlad the Impaler and AA12. Pierce efficiency can be improved by Support Specialist perk again and pellets only lose 2% damage per target pierced at level 6. HSG-1 has a spread value of 1000 units in tight spread shots which is also shared by Shotgun at max distance, while has 2050 units spread at max distance at wide spread mode. At tight spread it can have a better range, yet large spread could be useful for crowd control from medium range for ammo management.

HSG-1 has 0.82 second fire delay between shots, which is 73 RPM roughly and it takes 9.02 seconds to empty the entire magazine with 11 delays between 12 shots. At base it has 303 damage per second before reload as raw damage over 9.02 seconds, and 224 damage per second after reload over 12.18 seconds. For a level 6 support, values are 478 damage per second before reload and 354 damage per second after reload. Values estimated with 100% efficiency with no spread over distance, weapon performance may vary in the real environment depending on range.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Lightweight;
  • Adjustable spread, useful for longer and shorter ranges;
  • Large magazine;
  • High pierce efficiency of 0.75 which shared by Vlad the Impaler and AA12;
  • Automatic, it is possible to continuously fire shells by holding down the fire key;
  • Significantly more efficient reload than the other shotguns, except for the AA12;
  • Range is the best of all the shotguns.


  • Individual pellets do lowest damage compared to other shotguns;
  • Less damage per shot than regular Shotgun;
  • Quite expensive for its power;
  • Liable to running out of ammo in larger waves;
  • Cannot be reload canceled like the pump-action Shotgun or Combat shotgun;
  • Rather ineffective against far off foes compared to other class' weapons.


  • By pressing Alternate Fire, you can switch the HSG between Tight-spread and Wide-spread. Try to use the tight-spread in small hallways, or when focusing on one target, and use Wide-spread to deal with specimens that are spread out. Remember that the wide spread, in general, deals less damage per specimen struck but hits more specimens per shot. When you face lined up specimen with varying threat levels and speed, a quick switch to wide spread shot could put the fast ones in their place without needing precise aim.
  • Because of limited ammunition that HSG-1 has it's possible to run out of ammo by wasting shots on a single trash specimen. HSG-1 is lightweight a high level Support can carry both Lever-action rifle and HSG-1 together along with a heavier shotgun. Lever-action rifle can flinch a Scrake on headshot and retaliate long distance against ranged threats such as Husks and reliable to pick out single trash specimen to spare limited shotgun ammunition. Weak pellet damage at long distances cause a dent on the damage output due spread. For lower level Supports any pistol such as MK23 would be easy to handle and pair with it as well.


  • The shotgun does not eject a shell when pumped. Also, it lacks the shell ejection port on the other side of the weapon. The weapon is based on the KSG, which loads and ejects shells from a port in the stock; in the HSG-1, this port is used as a magazine well instead, leaving no place for ejected shells to go.
  • It is technically fully automatic (the fire key does not need to be released in order to fire again). This is likely due to it being based on the AA12, with the fire toggle replaced by the HSG-1's spread toggle.

Origins and history[edit]

The HSG-1 Shotgun appears to be based off the Kel-Tec KSG, but modified to use 12 round detachable box magazines instead of the dual 7 round fixed tubular magazines of the KSG. It was released during the 2012 Summer Sideshow event.

Due to the lack of both an ejection port and shell casings, the weapon could possible be using caseless ammo. However, caseless shotgun shells are highly unlikely.

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