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Trader Law.png
Pricing: £3000 (£2250)
Weight: 13 blocks
Ammo: Hud Law Rocket.png 10 (£30 – £360)
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Light anti-tank weapon. Designed to punch through armoured vehicles. —Trader description 

The L.A.W. (presumed to be a modded LAW 80) is a military-grade rocket launcher capable of dealing a large amount of damage to a large area. It had previously been listed as a support specialist weapon, due to its inclusion in the game before the addition of the demolitions perk. However this was changed with the advent of the Incendiary Content Pack to be entirely a demolitions weapon, it also received heavy balancing at this time.

The demolitions perk does get damage bonuses, splash damage range bonuses, discounts, and experience for the L.A.W. The all-inclusive reload and headshot bonuses of the commando and sharpshooter perks also affect the L.A.W. However, without the support specialist perk, players using the L.A.W. will be unable to carry any other weapons except for machete or pipe bombs. With the Christmas update, L.A.W. is actually useful in hands of a demo, with the increased ammo and damage bonus. The L.A.W. cannot be found in default random weapon spawns.


Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Blunt damage
Base 0% £3000 £2250 950 200
0 10% £2700 £2024 997 210
1 20% £2400 £1799 1045 220
2 30% £2100 £1574 1140 240
3 40% £1800 £1349 1235 260
4 50% £1500 £1124 1330 280
5 60% £1200 £899 1425 300
6 70% £900 £674 1520 320


The L.A.W. costs £3000, making it one of the most expensive weapons in the game. The demolitions perk gains discounts at intervals of £300 down to a current minimum of £900, and increases the ammo capacity up to 22 rockets at level 6. The rockets cost £30 each, down to £21 as level 6 Demo, which totals up to £300 for a full refill of 10 rockets or £462 for 22 rockets as a level 6 Demolitions expert.


There are two categories of damage for L.A.W. rockets: blunt force and explosive. If a rocket doesn't detonate on impact (usually because it was fired at too short range), it will cause blunt force damage. This blunt force damage deals 200 base damage, has a 2x headshot multiplier, and is affected by Demolition damage bonus and Sharpshooter headshot damage bonus. If the rocket detonates, the explosive damage replaces the blunt force damage as opposed to adding to it. The base damage of the explosion is 950, which can be boosted with use of the demolitions perk. This damage will always stun Scrakes on a direct hit, regardless of the game difficulty and perk used.


  • With only 10 to 22 rockets available, each shot should be used effectively, either taking out a large group of enemies or killing larger enemies.
  • Reloading takes over 3 seconds, often making the user vulnerable for significant periods.
  • At close range, the L.A.W. is generally ineffective or self-destructive; it should be used at medium or long range.
  • Big specimen like Scrake and Patriarch incurs twice the damage from rockets that explode directly on their head. That's because L.A.W rockets have a generous bonus of 2.0x headshot multiplier.
  • Fleshpound have no visible vulnerability against splash damage of L.A.W. rockets but still takes twice the damage from rockets that explode on their chest OR head.
  • Staying near teammates is helpful to balance out the shortcomings of the L.A.W., but teammates can also block your shots and even be killed by them if friendly fire is on. Standing on top of a solid object like a car, bank or other such map feature while standing by your team can be useful.
  • The Siren's scream can destroy rockets in mid-air.
  • Must look through reflex sights to fire. The L.A.W. cannot be fired in mid-air, because sights cannot be used in mid-air.
  • At point blank, the rocket will not detonate, saving the user from the explosion, but only causing medium damage to the target it hits.
  • Without the Support specialist perk, the only weapons that are light enough to be purchased along with the L.A.W. are the machete, and pipe bombs.
  • The L.A.W. can stun the Scrake without the Demolition perk, which can help prevent teammates from taking damage from the Scrake.
  • Level 4 Support specialists can carry an HSG-1 shotgun with the L.A.W., giving them a sidearm that also applies to their perk's bonuses.
  • Level 5 Support specialists can carry any standard weight Shotgun with the L.A.W., giving them a sidearm that also applies to their perk's bonuses.
  • Level 6 Support specialists may carry any one of their on perk weapons with the L.A.W.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Does not need to hit a specimen to detonate, can sweep off a whole group;
  • Red dot sight for easier aiming at long distance;
  • Extremely high damage spike to single target;
  • Huge blast radius with 500 units area of effect for explosions;
  • Will not detonate on impact at extremely short range, for the operator's safety;
  • High blunt damage at safety trigger range;
  • Headshots will deal double damage also mitigates smoke;
  • Finishes Fleshpound in 2 shots and with some focus fire when aimed at chest or head;
  • Fleshpound have a slight weakness against rockets' blunt impact from head;
  • Fleshpound takes double damage from rockets that explode above his center mass;
  • Stuns a Scrake by its direct explosion damage off-perk;
  • Capable of flinching a Scrake from a close up shot;
  • Slow shooting frequency, allows smoke screen to dissolve before another shot.


  • Expensive ammunition;
  • Expensive for lower perks;
  • Needs to be shot from a safe distance;
  • Trash specimen tend to block shots from safety trigger distance, dealing only blunt damage;
  • Explosions create smoke clouds, and allow specimen to pile in behind it;
  • Bodyshots on big targets hinder the team's vision and cover target behind a thick smoke layer;
  • Cannot be fired without aiming through the red dot sight;
  • Single shot, slow reload weapon;
  • Fleshpounds have no additional weakness against rocket splash;
  • Precision required to deal reliable damage;
  • Damage fall off by distance from blast center is rapid due bigger area of effect;
  • Tied for heaviest weapon in the game, leaving only one other block available for most perks, sparing Support;
  • Too heavy to carry a sidearm next to it for self-defense;
  • Rockets are subject to get annihilated by Siren screams;
  • Leaves you rather defenseless at the presence of a Siren;


  • If fired at the minimum distance for the rocket to detonate, the user may be injured. The Christmas update increased the minimum distance for detonating, greatly reducing self-injuries sustained from own rockets.

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