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How to make Killing Floor Single Player maps (storyline, adventure through multiple maps).

First off, to setup the map: - Remember to name the filename prefix as "KFS-" instead of "KF-", as this is identified as KF-storymode maps. - Edit Level properties (F6), expand [LevelInfo] and set [DefaultGameType] to "KFMod.KFSPGameType (unless it fills it in automatly).

Then make the map.

To setup player progressive points (where all dead players may respawn again or force them to teleport there to catch up): - Add a volume called "KFTeamProgressVolume". Edit the properties: - bOff = volume actions are disabled by default. - bDisableAfterTriggered = after players progressed to this volume, disable its actions for further more. - bTimeOut = the volume actions will start after "TimeOutSeconds" even when not all players are inside yet. - PlayerThreshold = percent number of players that needs to be inside in the volume before TimeOut can be handled. - bTeleportWhenAbsent = Teleport in all players that are outside the volume at the moment its activated. - bRepawnDeadPlayers = All dead players should respawn when volume is activated. - VolumeTriggerAction = When volume is being triggered by another actor do:

  • VTR_ToggleDisabled - Toggle bOff.
  • VTR_Untrigger - Call "Untrigger" with the volumes 'Event'.
  • VTR_TurnOff - Disable this volume from its actions (bOff to True).
  • VTR_TurnOn - Enable this volume for its actions (bOff to False).
  • VTR_FinishEvent - Act as players reached this volume.

- Event = Called once players reached this volume (can be used to open a specific door or so). Also keep in mind, place some playerstarts inside this volume for players to teleport to or respawn in.

Zombies (Pawn -> UnrealPawn -> XPawn -> Monster -> Skaarj): - bStartUpDisabled = The zombies wont move or do anything as matter of fact until they are being triggered. - bNoAutoHuntEnemies = Zombies wont wander off until they see or hear a player. - Event = Triggered event once zombie have died (can be used for specific boss battles to open doors on end). Also in order to give better performance, you can set up "KFSPZombieKillVolume" in old areas where players will no longer visit. Triggering it will instantly make all zombies disappear inside it.

To add notes or messages in your maps use "KFSPNoteMessage" (found in Triggers -> UseTrigger): - NoteText = The message itself. - NoteTexture = The background texture for the message. - NoteTextFont = Font of the message. - NoteTextColor = Color of the message. - bEnabled = Should be initially readable (otherwise it needs to be triggered to enable). - bTextCentered = Text should be drawn as centered. - NoteTexSize = Text size scaler. - TextCoords = The coordinates of the message on screen.

And finally.. to add map ending point place a Teleporter actor (NavigationPoint -> SmallNavigationPoint) and set URL to: <NextMapFileName># Example: KFS-MyCampainMap02# And if this is the final map, to give victory screen for players set the map name to "NULL" (which is a keyword for endgame): NULL# In case you don't wan't it to be end as soon as players touch it, you can set bEnabled to False, and trigger it to enable it again.

And to play it: - Offline/solo:

  • Once game starts, bring down console and type: Open <MapName here>

- Multiplayer online; Listen server hosts, start the server normally and then bring down console and type:

  • Open <MapName here>?Game=KFMod.KFSPGameType

- Dedicated server hosts type on server log/console or in WebAdmin:

  • ServerTravel <MapName here>?Game=KFMod.KFSPGameType

And you can check out example map on this thread. [1]