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Things to do for Optimization[edit]

1: Add culldistance to meshes

2: Put No collision on complex meshes, or even simple ones. Then add a blocker around them

3A: Convert Solid brushes to mesh, then add no collision


3B: Right click your solid brushes (Blue) goto Type> Non-Solid NOTE: Only works on solid brushes

4: Zone Portals

5: Add anti portals inside walls

6: All surfaces unseen by player, Goto properties (F5) and set Unlit

7: All surfaces unseen by player, Set the texture to a solid black texture

8: Com-pres Lights to Dxt-1 Goto your build options, and under lights, select Dxt-1 then build all in that window

How to convert complex brushes to mesh[edit]

NOTE: It is easier to select your brushes, then copy and paste into a new map

Also note, i refer to the group of brushes that you want to convert as an object.

Step 0: Make sure you object is suspended in mid air

Step 1: Take your builder brush (red brush) and cover the tops bottoms and sides of your "object"

Step 2: Once the Brush is completely covering the object, press the intersect button (its below add)

Step 3: Make sure you click one of the corners so you have a pivot point

Step 4: Right click the brush tool (which is now in the form of your object) and select Convert > StaticMesh

Step 5: Package: MyLevel Group: Whatever Name: TheMeshIMade

Step 6: Goto your static mesh browser, your mesh is in the MyLevel group (Pull down tab)

Links to optimizing tutorials[edit]

Here are some useful links to help you in your quest for map optimization