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Perks are the playable classes of Killing Floor. There are a total of seven different perks, all with different specialisations, these being Field medic, Support specialist, Sharpshooter, Commando, Berserker, Firebug and Demolition. Each perk has seven levels of experience, from 0 to 6. Experience is gained by performing certain actions, the most common of which being to deal damage with weapons specific to that perk but also includes other actions like welding or healing. When enough experience points have been gained a player will level up in that perk and gain additional benefits for doing so. The perk and level of a player is detailed on the head-up display as an image and a number of stars. Players using perks at level 0 to 5 will have a red icon and a number of red stars equivalent to their level. Players at level 6 will have a gold icon and a single gold star. Your perk is selected prior to starting a match and can then be changed once per downtime.


[edit] Support specialist

Icon for the Support specialist.
Main article: Support specialist

Support specialists gain bonuses with all shotguns, grenades, the welder, and their carry capacity. As would be expected from their name, they are an effective support class, having increased ability to weld doors and carry equipment. Their primary weapons of choice are the shotgun, hunting shotgun, combat shotgun, HSG-1 shotgun, Vlad the Impaler and AA12 auto shotgun.

The experience thresholds for support specialist are based on damage dealt with shotguns and weld points with doors. The damage requirements are 25K for level 1, 100K for level 2, 500K for level 3, 1.5M for level 4, 3.5M for level 5, and 5.5M for level 6. The welding point requirements are 2K for level 1, 7K for level 2, 35K for level 3, 120K for level 4, 250K for level 5, and 370K for level 6. All players spawn with a pistol, level 5 spawn with a Shotgun and level 6 spawn with a Hunting Shotgun

[edit] Sharpshooter

Icon for the Sharpshooter.
Main article: Sharpshooter

Sharpshooters gain recoil reduction, and faster reload bonuses for pistols, rifles, and the crossbow. They also gain headshot damage bonuses with all weapons and get discounts on handcannons, .44 Magnums, MK23s, M99 AMR, and the M14 EBR. With their primary weapons of choice sharpshooters are given either extreme damage per shot, with the compound crossbow or M99 AMR, or rate of fire, with the rifles or pistols. Sharpshooters can also be effective with other weapons, such as shotguns and assault rifles, and can match the damage of native classes with those weapons on headshots, however they lack the other bonuses those perks afford.

The experience thresholds for sharpshooter are based on headshot kills with the pistols, rifles and the crossbow. The requirements are 30 for level 1, 100 for level 2, 700 for level 3, 2500 for level 4, 5500 for level 5, and 8500 for level 6.

[edit] Equipment

The Sharpshooters armoury extends to all side-arms, sniper rifles and the crossbow. All players spawn in with a 9mm tactical pistol, level 5 Sharpshooters spawn in with the lever-action rifle and level 6 spawn with the Crossbow.

9mm tactical pistol Lever-action rifle .44 Magnum MK23 Handcannon Crossbow M14 EBR M99 AMR S.P. Musket
Trader 9mm.png Trader Winchester.png Trader Revolver.png Trader MK23.png Trader Handcannon.png Trader Crossbow.png Trader M14.png Trader M99.png Dirty Trader Single Piston Long Musket.png


[edit] Berserker

Icon for the Berserker.
Main article: Berserker

Berserkers gain bonuses for melee weapons, damage resistance, and movement speed. They excel at front line combat and can take on larger specimens by taking advantage of the stun effect, and dodging attacks, however Fleshpounds, Bloats, Sirens, and the Patriarch are immune to stun, making them harder to take on. Crawlers can also cause problems for a berserker due to their size, in the case of the Husks, ranged attacks. Ambush tactics can work quite well against the Siren and Husk, but a sidearm may be required to take on Crawlers.

The experience thresholds for berserker are for dealing melee damage to specimens. The requirements are 25K for level 1, 100K for level 2, 500K for level 3, 1.5M for level 4, 3.5M for level 5, and 5.5M for level 6.

[edit] Equipment

Berserker equipment consists entirely of all melee weapons (excluding the premium buzzsaw bow). Everyone starts with a knife, level 5 or over Berserkers spawn with a Machete, level 6 Berserkers spawn with an axe and, depending on the difficulty, combat armour as well.

Knife Machete Fire axe Katana Scythe Chainsaw Claymore Buzzsaw bow Dwarfs!? axe
Trader Knife.png Trader Machete.png Trader Axe.png Trader Katana.png Trader Scythe.png Trader Chainsaw.png Trader Claymore.png Trader BuzzSaw bow.png Trader Dwarven Battle Axe.png

[edit] Firebug

Icon for the Firebug.
Main article: Firebug

Players of firebug gain bonuses related to all aspects of fire, the flamethrower, MAC-10, Flare revolver, Trenchgun, and the Husk fireball launcher. Reload speed, ammo capacity (both loaded and total), range, price, and damage of the flamethrower and the Husk Fireball Launcher all receive improvements. The MAC-10, Flare Revolver(s), and Trenchgun also receives improvements to all above stats, with the exception of clip size. Playes also get resistance to fire and incendiary grenades instead of frag grenades. Due to the weight of the flamethrower the choice of sidearms are fairly limited; common choices are the MAC-10, handcannons, a katana, and pipe bombs. Firebugs excel at dealing constant damage to groups of specimens but at higher difficulties can struggle with more powerful specimens. The reload time of the flamethrower can also cause problems if not timed well with the waves of incoming specimens.

The experience thresholds for firebug are for dealing fire based damage to specimens. The requirements are 25K for level 1, 100K for level 2, 500K for level 3, 1.5M for level 4, 3.5M for level 5, and 5.5M for level 6.

[edit] Equipment

The flamethrower, MAC-10, Husk fireball launcher, Trenchgun, and, if you buy the premium weapons, the flare revolver are the only pieces of equipment specific to Firebugs. They spawn with the flamethrower at level 5 and (in addition to combat armor) level 6. At level 3 Firebugs also get incendiary grenades.

MAC-10 Flare revolver Flamethrower Trenchgun Husk fireball launcher
Trader Mac 10.png Trader FlareGun.png Trader Flame Thrower.png Trader TrenchGun.png Trader Huskgun.png

[edit] Demolition

Icon for the Demolition.
Main article: Demolition

Players of the demolitions perk gain bonuses in all aspects of explosives; the damage they deal, the cost of them, their resistance to them, and the carry capacity of pipe bombs and grenades. Their primary weapons of choice are the M79, M32 Grenade launchers and L.A.W., along side their M4 rifle with under-slung M203 grenade launcher. They also have frag grenades and pipe bombs, but will usually also require a sidearm such as the M4 203, or an offperk weapon (such as a pistol), for protection in close encounters. With the L.A.W., they will only have 1 weight slot available, this can be filled with either pipe bombs or a machete.

The experience thresholds for demolitions are for dealing explosives damage to specimens. The requirements are 25K for level 1, 100K for level 2, 500K for level 3, 1.5M for level 4, 3.5M for level 5, and 5.5M for level 6.

[edit] Equipment

Demolitions equipment is occupied by explosives and grenade/rocket launchers. Demolition players can carry more grenades with every level, and spawn with a pair of pipe bombs at level 5 and over, and with the M79 Grenade launcher at level 6.

M79 Pipe bomb M32 L.A.W. M4 203
Trader M79.png Trader Pipe Bomb.png Trader M32.png Trader Law.png Trader M4 203.png
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