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Pipe Bomb
Trader Pipe Bomb.png
Pricing: £1500 (£1125)
Weight: 1 block
Ammo: Hud Pipebomb.png 2
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Explosive Personality.jpg Explosive Personality
Getting Chunky.jpg Getting Chunky

An improvised proximity explosive. Blows up when enemies get close. —Trader description 

The pipe bomb is an extremely powerful proximity triggered explosive device. Their power is sufficient to destroy virtually all targets instantly, with Fleshpounds and Scrakes being the major exceptions. With proper use pipe bombs can easily destroy large numbers of specimens before they are within sight. If a player is close enough to their own pipe bomb during detonation they will likely die. For this reason careful placement is advised. The Demolitions perk gives many bonuses for pipe bombs, including discounts and increased carrying capacity.


[edit] Statistics

The Demolition perk gets a discount on the pipe bomb from the Trader, and spawns with two at level 5 and 6.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Carry
Base 0% £1500 £1125 1500 2
0 50% £750 £562 1575 2
1 54% £690 £517 1650 3
2 58% £630 £472 1800 4
3 62% £570 £427 1950 5
4 66% £510 £381 2100 6
5 70% £450 £337 2250 7
6 74% £390 £292 2400 8

Pipe bombs initially come in pairs; they can only be restocked in the same way as ammunition, from either the trader or ammo crates, if there is at least one in the inventory.

The discounts provided to Demolitions players is incremental in degrees of 4% starting at 50% at level 0 and currently ending at 74% at level 6. The carrying capacity is similarly increased by the player's level, starting at 2 slots for level 0 and players using other perks, granting 8 slots at level 6. Players who stock up on pipe bombs as a Demolitions then swap to another class will lose all pipe bombs after their first two.

[edit] Detonation

Pipe bombs beep to signify their status. Idle status is approximately one beep per second. If a pipe bomb detects enemies that do not meet the detonation requirement, it will start to beep at twice the frequency. When the detonation requirement is met, a pipe bomb will beep loudly and quickly for a fraction of a second and then detonate. The detonation requirement is any combination of the following:

Pipe bombs themselves are immune to explosives damage, excluding the Patriarch's rockets, and as such will not detonate as a result of taking damage from grenades, explosive projectile launchers or other pipe bombs, preventing potentially dangerous chain reactions. However, more than one pipe bomb may still detonate from the same threat, and in this case the damage stacks.

A pipe bomb will detonate prematurely if it takes damage, by either specimens or players (shooting another player's pipe bombs constitutes friendly fire, which is disabled by default). Only Husks and the Patriarch can cause a pipe bomb to detonate from a distance because they have ranged weapons with splash damage. Sirens disarm and destroy pipe bombs with their scream, and other specimens are unable to damage them.

[edit] Damage

See also: Specimens.

Without the benefits of the Demolitions perk, the explosion from a single pipe bomb inflicts 1500 damage. No player can survive this, but only the owner of the pipe bomb needs to worry about this unless friendly fire is active. The only specimen that can survive this under all circumstances is the Patriarch. The only other specimens capable of surviving can only do so under certain circumstances. Factoring in the Fleshpound's 2x weakness to pipe bombs, they can kill a Fleshpound with five or less players on normal, two or less players on hard and suicidal, and one player on hell on earth; anything else will leave the Fleshpound alive and raging. Scrakes have similar pipe bomb survivability; a pipe bomb will dispatch them with five or less players on beginner, two or less players on normal, or with one player on hard; on suicidal and hell on earth, the Scrake cannot be killed from full health by pipe bombs at all. The Husk and Bloat can also survive a pipe bomb, but only with more than four players on suicidal for the Husk and with more than five players on hard, and more than three players on suicidal for the Bloat.

As with any explosive, any player or specimen that takes damage but survives the explosion will burn with a small fire for a few seconds. This deals no damage, but can be useful for easily locating invisible zeds such as the Patriarch and Stalker.

[edit] Tactics

[edit] Bugs and exploits

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