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Trader SeekerSix.png
Pricing: £2250 (£1687)
Weight: 7 blocks
Ammo: 6 Hud Ammo Clip.png 15 (96)
Ammo cost: £15 – £120

The Seeker Six rocket launcher is a mid-tier weapon for the demolition-class. It can shoot single, weak rockets semi-automatically or dispose of its entire magazine (or what's left of it) for multiplied damage. Like the name suggests, the Seeker 6 is able to lock-on to specimens (this happens automatically) to minimize ammunition wasted and maximize efficiency against fast moving targets. Unlike most demo weapons, the Seeker 6 deals minimal damage to its user at close range and as such is relatively safe to use for personal defense, even off-perk.


Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage
Base 0% £2250 £1687 90
0 10% £2025 £1518 90
1 20% £1800 £1349 99
2 30% £1575 £1180 108
3 40% £1350 £1012 117
4 50% £1125 £843 126
5 60% £900 £674 135
6 70% £675 £505 144

Price and Ammunition[edit]

SeekerSix starts with £2250 base price and gets 10% discount per Demolition Expert level. Starting ammunition is 48, max ammunition is 96 missiles total and stays stable. A single missile chamber costs £15 base and Demolition Expert gets small discount of 7% per level, reducing the cost down to £10 per chamber of six missiles.


SeekerSix have 90 base damage per missile which can be increased by Demolition perk up to 144 damage per missile shot. Fire delay between shots are 0.33 second and reload time is 3.13 seconds. Each missile cylinder have six shots loaded and alt fire sends all remaining missiles in a salvo to reload instantly. When fired off perk shooting each missile, one at a time it takes 1.65 second to empty it all resulting 327 damage per second before reload and 112 damage per second for after reload. When fired by a level 6 Demolition, the figures only go up about 57-60%; before reload scores 523 damage per second and after reload is 180.75 damage per second. A level 6 Commando only affects the after reload dps slightly with 35% faster reload speed and results 136.07 damage per second.


  • Seeker 6 deals immense knockback compared to its low damage. The launcher has the lowest base damage among Demolition weapons, but even single missiles are able to push around lesser zeds.
  • In the hand of a level 6 demo, a single body shot kills crawlers, two shot kills stalkers and clots and full magazine with alt fire is enough to kill gorefast and sirens on bodyshots or husks on headshots, even with 6 players hell on earth.
  • The main use of the knockback is flailing the big target on the point, juggling -preferably on a new darted Pipe, buying time until it arms- and stalling it. To maximize the knockback, one should aim down in front of the target after lock on, hitting the targets feet to sweep it away.
  • Locking on and aiming above the target's mass can result in horizontal pushbacks. This is also desirable on a fleshpound, to ensure none of the rockets hit his feet to maximize the damage. When all 6 missiles land, it can deal up to 1700 damage to a Fleshpound and push it back from the hands of a level 6 Demolition.
  • Aiming at lower legs with a six shot salvo can send any durable target sky high, especially useful when dangerous specimen enraged and started to run around. This is desirable if said specimen is about to attack a glasscannon perk or low on health teammate and Field Medic is at the ready to interfere.
  • Since the splash radius is very small, it can be used to snipe down important targets without enraging scrakes or fleshpounds.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Variable firepower, via alt fire
  • Can fire off its entire drum with alt-fire, or at least the remaining rockets.
  • Substantial knockback - ideal for making distance between the user and enraged Scrakes/Fleshpounds.
  • Fast reload (all 6 rounds at once)
  • Can set off hand grenades
  • Sirens can not blast jump to leap forward when hit by missile salvos
  • With a clear sightline can kill Fleshpound by grenade set offs that gradually increase in density
  • Missiles can home in on targets, scoring headshots from far away
  • Can track the Patriarch even when cloaked
  • Missiles can be launched without locking on, in an emergency


  • Single shots deal very low damage and almost no splash, limiting perk progression.
  • Heavy compared to its damage
  • Carrying one with M32 leaves no space for pipebombs
  • Moderately slow uninterruptible drum mag reload
  • Ability to deliver a powerful blow via alt fire degrades as individual shots are fired off.
  • Low magazine capacity of six shots
  • Sirens can exterminate projectiles with ease
  • Spamming to push higher threats away might get you overwhelmed by pillowed trash instead
  • Pushback power can be detrimental for other perks who need specimen pinned at their sights to burst them down
  • Time delay to lock missiles on target can be troublesome
  • Picking the right angle to headshot is hard, almost impossible at short ranges
  • Requires DLC in order to be purchased in the game.


  • The weapon has "GLM CAL. 40MM" and "Horzine DefenceTech" writen on the left side of the barrel. This implies a new division of Horzine titled "DefenceTech", a weapons development division.


  • When reloading the weapon, the new cylinder the player inserts into the weapon only has a single rocket loaded into the top chamber instead of all six chambers being occupied.

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