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Base statistics:
Bounty: £2
Health: 80
Damage:  ???
Movement speeds:
Walking: 240
Swimming: 220

The Shade is a removed specimen who only appeared in the Killing Floor Mod version 1.0.

Killing Floor Modification[edit]

The Shade made its only appearance in the Killing Floor Modification version 1.0 where even then it was not used. The Shade did not have any animation and borrowed from others. Due to it borrowing from other specimens, it had a very disturbing arm movement. The Shade was forgotten by the modding developers, as its cloaking powers were given to the Wretch who then became the Stalker. The Shade's model name was then taken by the Crawler as well as Shade data still being lefted in the game. It was said to return after Version 2.5.

Tripwire's Killing Floor[edit]

Since Killing Floor was built on top of the KFMod, the Shade-Crawler is still present in the data. It still uses the model of TW's Crawler. It does not use the normal walk animation, but instead uses the leaping animation. The Shade-Crawler is a much more annoying enemy then its counter part since its really just a buff version of a crawler. The Shade-Crawler also has a Mixed model that uses KFMod's Siren texture, but the base mesh of the crawler.

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