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Base statistics:
Bounty: £12
Health:  ???
Damage: 7
Movement speeds:
Walking:  ???
Swimming:  ???

This Zed will actually teleport from the end of the corridor to right up to your face...or even worse...behind you! —Workshop Download Page 

The Shiver, like the Brute, is a community-made Specimen. It was made to throw a challenge at frequent campers, as it can teleport infront of or behind a squad of players. It could even kill unaware and unprotected players.



The Shiver appears as a short nude male with sharp claw-like fingers, and multiple surgical wounds across his head. He also appears to be covered in copious amounts of blood and leathery skin.


The Shiver is a unique specimen, in the fact that he has the ability to teleport from far distances. He can either teleport behind or infront of some players and can cause confusion among unsuspecting campers. If there is a wall of players camping in a spot, he will teleport the closest he can to one player and will then proceed attack. The Shiver also can rarely teleport behind players and deal an amount of damage before the player notices. He will show up amongst crawlers, which can provide him enough cover to teleport before getting killed. It also is similar to the Gorefast in a way that it runs fastly at players once he gets close enough to them after teleporting. As with all specimens though, removing its head will remove this ability to boost its speed.


When Horzine created the Stalker, they soon found out that it was too easy to be spotted in combat. Some veteran commandos, with their eagle eyes, claimed they spotted her from miles away. Horzine needed a new variant in this genetic pool.

One of the scientists called Benjamin Whirton, a nervous little man, volunteered as a testing subject. He was a weird little man, twitching his head back and forth...roaming the corridors of the underground lab. Kevin grew weary of him, and he was more then happy to break open his skull and apply the changes to his genetic material.

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