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Need help to fix the statistics table[edit]

The damage values reflected in the main page are not 100% accurate due to a decimal point rounding off error. Would like to correct it but I'm not familiar with the template used. Anyone care to help? Template:Weapon_values_by_level I have only done testing on the Level 0 (off-perked) & Level 6 damage values. Rest of the values are untested but I think they should be accurate based on how KF round down damages for other weapons. Also, there's a bug that cause double damage to bloats, husks, scrakes & fleshpounds. Disclaimer: fleshpounds take rounddown(rounddown(19 * .75) * 1.6) * 12 * 2 = 336 from a lvl 6 support tho... If you need to confirm the values, please do so on a clot. (I am going to do further testing on the "bug" using other shotguns before providing a full report)

Damage Bonus Damage per pellet Total Damage Current Damage reflected in Wiki
Level 0 0 19 228 228
Level 1 10% 20 240 250
Level 2 20% 22 264 273
Level 3 30% 24 288 296
Level 4 40% 26 312 319
Level 5 50% 28 336 342
Level 6 60% 30 360 364

--Porkchops 13:44, 8 July 2012 (UTC)

You can adjust the inc# values to get the result you want. It looks like the exact expression is floor(19·damage multiplier)·12. —Weldindisdowa T/C 14:48, 8 July 2012 (UTC)
Thks for the quick fix! Frankly speaking, I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you were doing... col1_inc1 = 100/19?!? nvm, as long as its fixed. :-) --Porkchops 15:55, 8 July 2012 (UTC)

Report on Shotguns Bug[edit]

Okay, here are my findings on the shotguns bug...

Test Setup:

  1. Started a Normal difficulty game on testmap6p using the support perk.
  2. Spawn a Husk to kill off the 5 other "players"
  3. Confirmed that the command set health zombiebloat # is working as intended by setting health to 35 & killing it with one 9mm shot.
  4. Confirmed that the command set health zombieclot # is also working as intended.
  5. Confirmed that pistol damage is 35 by setting bloat health to 36, killing it with 2 shots, health to 70, 2 shots, health to 71, 3 shots.
  6. Set bloat health to double the listed damages of the shotguns (720 for HSG1, 784 for pump & combat shotgun, 1600 for hunting, 480 for aa12) & try to kill with 1 shot.
  7. In case of a non-kill, finish it off with a pistol to estimate how much health was left.
  8. Repeat test using a clot as control.


  • The double damage bug is most prevalent when using the HSG-1. I can almost always kill the bloat with 1 shot to the chest. Have tested it with other health values and the results remain the same. 721 = 1 HSG + 1 pistol. 755 = 1 HSG + 1 pistol. 756 = 1 HSG + 2 pistol.
  • I'm unable to use Pump, Combat & Hunting shotguns to kill with 1 shot using the listed values. However I was able to kill the bloat with a minimum of 4 additional pistol shots when using the pump shotgun. # of additional shots seems to vary between the tests but I'm quite certain the shotguns were doing more damage than usual. I believe the inconsistency is due to the wider spread of shotguns.
  • When using the aa12, I was able to consistently kill the bloat using 1 aa12 shot + 1 pistol shot. However, a 240 health clot did die in 1 shot as intended....
  • Did a quick test using the commando perk + HSG-1. Was unable to kill the 228 x 2 = 456 health bloat with 1 shot. However, I was constantly able to finish it off with an additional pistol shot.


  • I believe that the thicker body of the bloat is causing the shotgun pellets to hit twice & inflict additional damage.
  • I believe that there is a "sweet spot" for this effect to occur & the wider spread of the other shotguns causes some of the pellets to hit the thinner parts of the bloat's body and only register once while other pellets hit the "sweet spot" and register twice. This would explain the inconsistency for the wider spread shotguns vs the strange consistency of the tight spread ones.
  • I believe that the support specialist's shotgun penetration bonus is causing the 2nd hit to cause the same amount of damage as the 1st hit. This explains why the commando is unable to get the same results as the support specialist when using the HSG-1 shotgun. He is doing (100% x damage) + (?% x damage) whereas the support is doing (100% x damage) + (100% x damage).

Although I did not repeat the test on Husks, Scrakes & Fleshpounds this time round, I see no reason why the results would vary. I suggest we add this into the "known bugs" sections of all the shotguns. "The <name of gun> sometimes causes more than its listed damage against bloats, husks, scrakes & fleshpounds. It is believed that the wider body of these specimens is causing the shotgun pellets to hit them more than once and thus inflict additonal damage." --Porkchops 02:11, 11 July 2012 (UTC)