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Hello everyone

I just want to tell, that I can tell many thing I heard from a developper of V3, Of course, according to him, it will be an amateur works, not for commercial. We can except many thing from V3.

We except, FleshPound chaingunner, Shade, Wretch, Soldier and the Matriach, (the patriach wife) We also except many new weapons, including a new handcannon and molotov cooktails, We are excepting the firebug to be added in the game, but not the demolition perk, it is not excepted, We also except a turret to be unlocked, but we don't know many thing on it.

Maybe some new zombies, else the those mentionned and many new weapons, else then those mentionned will come. The perks will be modified, and that is heavely excepted, I can't tell you anything on it, for more information, see the appropriate topic on, which I can,t join for some reason at home.

For any further infomation about this upcoming update, a very important one for the mod, which is still roughtly alive, click on the following link,413.msg4004.html

NEW.. A zombie called the Spider will be released, info are avaible on the miasma web site.