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I am Tasty Worker. Yo.

Hello. Welcome to my Wiki page. My regular nickname is Mr. Meidi, Gordon Frohman - old.

I am from Russia, so if my English spelling is bad, sorry for that.

I like Killing Floor, it's awesome and full of cooperative gameplay. Maybe graphics is bad (I don't think so), but this is not comparing with gameplay. Also playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Serious Sam HD, Grand Theft Auto IV and much more.

My favorite character in KF is Foundry Worker Aldridge or, as my friend call him, Tasty Worker.

At this wiki I'm translating articles on Russian language, because many Russian people are playing KF...

My Steam page: Steam.png.

My Perk Levels and Fav. Weapons[edit]

Field Medic ★★★★★ Medical syringe.png
Support Specialist ★★★★ Trader Hunting Shotgun.png
Sharpshooter Trader M14.png
Commando ★★★★ Trader AK 47.png
Berserker ★★★★★ Trader Katana.png
Firebug ★★★★ Trader Flame Thrower.png
Demolition Trader Pipe Bomb.png


Cyrillic fonts support for English version of Killing Floor + Beautiful English fonts: Click for Download (Made not by me)

Russian Killing Floor retail: Click