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Statements about the L.A.W.[edit]

Hello, thanks for contributing to the L.A.W. article. However, I'm curious where you got the information you added. I just tested the L.A.W.'s headshot damage and shot solid obstacles at close range and my findings contradict your statements, so I removed them. —Weldindisdowa T/C 17:18, 25 March 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for doing some research on the matter. However, it does appear the Fleshpound video you linked is wrong or outdated because as a level 6 Demo I am currently able to kill a Fleshpound with a single rocket to the crotch, and as a Commando I was unable to get any more damage with headshots. On the other hand, I observed a couple of peculiarities: Scrakes do incur headshot damage (I was unable to land any headshots on Scrakes last time I tested, apparently), and Fleshpounds occasionally don't take full damage from a L.A.W. rocket (which probably led some people to believe that the L.A.W. doesn't have any bonus against them). Regarding the obstacles, I think what you experienced is a bug that occurs occasionally. Almost all obstacles I've shot up close didn't cause the rocket to detonate, from my experience. I'll look into reinstating the bit about headshots, but only for the Scrake. Thanks again. —Weldindisdowa T/C 01:51, 27 March 2012 (UTC)

RE: Katana Usage and damage[edit]

A level 3 and higher, berserker reaches the enough attack speed to flinch lock a Scrake at the point without needing to kite him away at lower difficulties. 

But I have been able to flinch lock a scrake with a level 0 beserker using repeated headshots & with repeated bodyshots using a level 1 berserker... You can subscribe to the testmap here, use the console command "mutate zerk 1" to change to a level 1 beserker, spawn 5 bots & a scrake to test it out. --Porkchops 01:57, 24 January 2013 (GMT)