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Not sure what you mean: so Rok has flux's permission to use their stuff on this wiki? Also, what do you mean by "why didn't I delete... etc"? Check the history of the perk page to see what I deleted; I only got rid of what he copied from other sources. (But you're saying he has permission to use this?) - Lollerman

Right... no JO3 isn't flux, flux was fairly well known for being one of the earlier KF players. I don't have any conclusive proof that flux =/= jo3, but flux has his own steam account by the same name, so I doubt he uses two different accounts.

Also, I don't know how to read summaries, I'm noob, and even if he did mention so and I did read it, I'd delete it anyway.

Also, I didn't delete whatever stuff I haven't deleted thus far because they're public knowledge.

So yeah... does that make any sense? I'm kind of in the middle of trying to stay awake until tonight - roughly 12 hours away - but I've yet to sleep for over twice that amount already, so I might sound partially or completely retarded.

~ Lollerman