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For the Killing Floor 2 weapon, see 9mm pistol.
9mm Pistol
Trader 9mm.png
Ammo: 15 Hud Ammo Clip.png 15 (240)
Hud Flashlight.png 100 (recharges)
Ammo cost: £10 – £160
Dual 9mms
Trader Dual 9mm.png
Pricing: £150 (£112)
Weight: 4 blocks
Ammo: 30 Hud Ammo Clip.png 7 (240)
Hud Flashlight.png 100 (recharges)
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The 9mm tactical pistol (Beretta M9A1), is one of the weapons you spawn with. The 9mm tactical pistol, like the Knife, is mainly for clearing out the early wave specimens until the squad members earn enough money to buy, or find, their primary weapons. The 9mm tactical pistol can actually be more useful than the knife in the first wave, depending on your perk, the map, and situation. It also has a flash-light which helps light up dark areas - perfect for getting the squad out of poorly lit areas early on. It can cause flinch or stagger on small specimen while keeping its utility along the waves for managing reloads.

The Sharpshooter perk increases headshot damage done, and all headshot kills with the 9mm tactical pistol count towards perk advancement. At Hell on Earth difficulty scale, the 9mm pistol headshot bonus for Sharpshooter hardcapped at 40% which is approximately lower than what a level 2 perk offers for on perk weapons and lower than off-perk firearm headshot bonus of level 6. At any difficulty, in the hands of an accurate Sharpshooter it can quickly dispatch small specimen to prioritize higher threats while reloading it lightning fast.

The 9mm tactical pistol also has iron sights and if another is found or bought, allows dual wielding, doubling the rate of fire at the cost of accuracy. While dual-wielding, the iron-sights are next to useless as is attempting to aim down the sights, but flashlight is still helpful to use as a reticle for estimating distance. When dual wielded 9mms will shoot more rapidly, their magazine size and reload time will increase, yet their spread will stay the same. Being trigger happy at long distance will make you empty the mags quicker, double rate if dual wielding. It is worth noting that dual-wielding does not double the available ammunition pool; the maximum is 240 rounds with or without the second pistol.

The 9mm, like the Handcannon, may be found lying on the ground, randomly spawned between waves.


Level Base damage Head damage Single reload time (s) Dual reload time (s)
Base 35 38 2.0 3.5
0 35 41 2 3.5
1 35 45 1.8 3.15
2 35 52 1.6 2.8
3 35 59 1.4 2.45
4 35 69 1.2 2.1
5 35 85 1 1.75
6 35 91 0.8 1.4

* Sharpshooters have reduced headshot bonus damage when using the 9mm pistol on HOE difficulty.


  • Cheap to refill and can't be sold, this weapon is everyone's best bud. With little recoil and a decent magazine size, this gun is great for close range effectively to medium distance and if in the right hands, at long distance. The 9mm tactical pistol is mainly used for clearing the early wave specimens including the Crawler and Stalker. It is also very useful for headshotting Bloats safe from distance and killing stray Clots. When fired at them as they are about to grab you, Clots will get flinched and denied from pinning you down. To cancel their scream, 9mm can be tap fired upon a single Siren with a controlled manner by observing their animation as well. Small utility roles, and cheap ammo makes it a reliable sidearm when you feel you were about to get overwhelmed if you don't retaliate quickly.
  • In Normal and Hard difficulties any headshot from 9mm will decapitate the Clot but at Hard difficulty it will need one more bodyshot to put down. In Suicidal difficulty, it will take 2 headshots and one more bodyshot to put down and finally at Hell on Earth it can endure two headshots and two bodyshots to drop. Any Clot above Hard difficulty must be double tapped to kill it and then some more for good measure. When facing a group of 3-4 Clots, leaving the first one bleeding out after a soft decapitation will give you time to reload as they will block the specimen behind them. Crawlers and Stalkers are more fragile and only 1-2 headshots depending on difficulty will put them down without needing extra bodyshots. At an emergency 2-3 bodyshots at low difficulties and 4-5 at high difficulties most will get rid of these fast frail specimen.
  • Bloats are damage sponges and decapitating them with 9mm actually skips on the damage requirement progress for perk leveling from them. Unless you are level 6 already or playing at a very high difficulty compared to your bile resistances, you should consider switching to a perk weapon to progress faster. Even as a Field medic, player should be able to carry an off-perk weapon to progress their damage requirements and decapitating a Bloat will score tons of it with perk weapons.
  • It's a reliable way to progress Sharpshooter perk at low difficulties but due to its low bodyshot damage, limited starter ammo and lack of penetration it's quickly replaced by other pistols while retaining its gameplay utility across all difficulties and setups. Its flashlight can be used as a makeshift reticle to aim at medium distance or expecting to eliminate small specimen emerging from the smoke screen to dissipate it. Beside onperk uses with Sharpshooter no other perk would be capable of standing their ground if all they have left with a loaded 9mm, but 9mm could be useful as a last ditch effort to get away safely to manaevur around trash specimen if its ammo managed for such situations.
  • The primary weapon can't shoot forever and will need to reload, reloads need to be bridged with a secondary or tertiary fire arm to sustain the fire. At times there will be a group of specimens waiting to overwhelm the squad while they have to reload, flushing them out of their position efficiently and quickly. This is one of the best alternatives to have against those nasty groups or stray single specimen out of your firing cone. Sharpshooters can manage their rifle reload time by picking out small specimen and pack up rifles for bigger targets or large groups in the vicinity of medium threats. Support specialists can whip out their 9mm pistol for eliminating stray, fast specimen such as a Crawler or a Stalker, that is not lined up with other targets just to save ammo on their main shotgun of choice.
  • Half of the maximum ammo will be granted when buying or selling the Dual 9mms. With this knowledge its ammo can be maxed at the shop at a low cost. 9mm is a weapon that randomly spawns around the map, finding one from the spawns ain't uncommon. When squad members die in earlier rounds, their 9mm will often drop where they were killed. This is a very easy way to obtain the 9mm dual wielded or replenish its ammo. Dual 9mm isn't always useful when holding your ground as long reload time greatly offset its damage output and it requires some distance to control its spread throughly but it can be a fall back weapon when kiting.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Free as a default equipment;
  • Decent magazine size;
  • Good iron sights on single pistol make it extremely easy to aim;
  • Good for decapitating early wave frail specimens, such as Clots, Crawlers and Stalkers;
  • Instant available damage output to flinch specimen;
  • Low recoil per shot;
  • Cheap ammo, cheap magazine;
  • Reliable sidearm for all Sharpshooters;
  • Comes with a flashlight, helping vision in dark areas and smoke;
  • Dual pistols are extremely cheap to buy;
  • Buying then selling one of dual 9mms will yield cheaper ammo;
  • Can be found around the map at random weapon spawns;
  • Fast fire rate, especially when dual-wielded.


  • Weak bullet damage;
  • Has no piercing capabilities;
  • Requires precision to be any effective with short magazine size;
  • Not good against large groups;
  • Long reload time while dual wielded;
  • No iron-sights when dual wielded;
  • Limited effective range and higher kickback when dual wielded;
  • Dual 9mm is heavy at 4 blocks compared to firepower it offers;
  • Selling one of the dual 9mm pistols for cheap ammo requires some space in the inventory;
  • Though ammo is cheap, the Bullpup beats it in cost efficiency;
  • Useless against big specimen such as Scrake, Fleshpound and Patriarch;
  • Near useless against medium threats such as Siren and Husk at high difficulties;
  • Has reduced headshot damage on Hell on Earth difficulty for Sharpshooter.

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