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Trader AK 47.png
Pricing: £1000 (£750)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 30 Hud Ammo Clip.png 9 (300)

A classic Russian assault rifle. Can be fired in semi or full auto with nice knock down power but not great accuracy. —Trader description 

The AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947) is a powerful mid-range assault rifle for Commandos. It has approximately double the firepower of the bullpup and two-thirds the firepower of the SCARMK17, two other available assault rifles, and falls between them in almost all other respects. Statswise it's very similiar to the MKb42, with a greater but easy to manage recoil. Its firing mode can be toggled between semi- and fully-automatic by pressing the alternate fire button. Unlike the other two assault rifles, it possesses only a basic iron-sight instead of a scope, but still offers the slight zoom effect while looking down the sights. It cannot be found in the default weapon spawns, but can be found in some whitelisted custom maps. With the appropriate level of the Commando perk, its default magazine capacity of 30 bullets and price of £1000 can be altered to as far as a 37 bullet magazine and £300 cost. It possesses the default headshot damage multiplier of 110%, which can be extended with the use of Sharpshooter perk.

There are two functionally identical reskins of this weapon available in DLC: the "Golden AK47" (Golden Weapons 1) and the "Neon AK47" (Neon Weapons). Their statistics are identical to the normal AK47.


The commando perk gives bonuses and discounts on the AK-47. For headshot damage, multiply by 1.1.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine size
Base 0% £1000 £750 45 30
0 10% £900 £674 47 30
1 20% £800 £599 49 33
2 30% £700 £524 54 36
3 40% £600 £449 58 37
4 50% £500 £374 63 37
5 60% £400 £299 67 37
6 70% £300 £224 67 37

Price and ammunition[edit]

The cost of the AK-47 is £1000, which can be reduced to £300 with use of the commando perk, at intervals of £100 per level. The cost of ammunition remains static per-bullet at £1 for 3 bullets, but the magazine size changes according to a commando's level. With another perk selected or with level 0 commando players get the default 30-bullet magazine and 300-bullet capacity, with a cost of £10 per magazine and £100 total. At level 1, players receive a 33-bullet magazine and 330-bullet capacity, costing £110 total. At level 2, players receive a 36-bullet magazine and a 360-bullet capacity, costing £120 total. At level 3 and above, commandos receive a 25% capacity increase, which does not divide well into the default 30-bullet capacity because it would leave the AK with 37.5 bullets per magazine; the result is a 37-bullet magazine and 375 total bullets, costing £125 altogether.


The AK can decapitate a weaker specimen with a single headshot under all circumstances. Of the four available assault rifles, the AK comes in the middle in the aspects of damage and ammo capacity. It does however have a slightly slower rate of fire and reload speed than both the bullpup and SCARMK17, and the widest bullet spread of the three.

While operating at fully-automatic, the rate of fire for the AK is just below 10 bullets per second: one bullet every 0.109 seconds. Without perk bonuses, the damage output of a single magazine is 1350 damage in 3.25 seconds, followed by a 3-second delay to reload. As a level 5 or 6 commando, the total damage output of a single magazine of 37 bullets is 2497.5 damage in just over 4 seconds with a 2-second delay for reloading before being able to fire again.


The selective fire on the AK-47 allows a player optional control over the rate of fire. Semi-automatic allows for players to easily conserve ammunition while firing upon weaker specimens and to maintain overall accuracy. Fully-automatic can also be used in a similar fashion if players have enough control over how long they hold the primary fire button, but also gives the option of firing in short bursts or in longer streaks if the situations require it. While firing all out players will need to compensate for the recoil which pulls to the right as well as upwards.

As an off-perk weapon it's largely considered by Demolition Experts and Field Medics. If used as an off-perk side arm it's advised to keep it in single fire as it can clean trash specimen with successful headshots from a reasonable distance, without too much recoil. Even though it's a reliable and strong side-arm it means nothing to some classes, as it's expensive, has high recoil, and mediocre damage output.

Although the AK-47 has the most recoil per shot or all commando weapons, it's also the only commando weapon that always recoils in the same direction: 500 to the top and 250 to the right. This makes the recoil very easy to manage even on full-automatic.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • An all-rounder weapon;
  • Powerful and accurate;
  • Reliably decapitates lesser specimens;
  • Semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing modes;
  • Burst fire suffices for trash sweeping;
  • Semi-auto has better control for extending ZED-time;
  • Can handle Husks and Sirens in short notice;
  • A high level Commando can finish a Scrake after flinch combo with it;
  • Cheap ammo to refill;
  • Non-obstructive iron sights;
  • Easy to control recoil deviation.


  • Weak against stronger specimens (like the Fleshpound or Patriarch);
  • Wide spread, especially at long range;
  • Non-stop shooting comes with many drawbacks;
  • Slow reload that can cancel out ZED-time;
  • Mediocre magazine size;
  • AK-47 is tied with the SCARMK17 for having the highest recoil among Commando weapons;
  • Slowest fire rate among assault rifles with 550 RPM;
  • Iron sights are not as effective as the scopes on the other assault rifles;
  • Hard to operate and sustain off-perk.


The model in game is based on the Romanian PM Md. 90 carbine, not the AKM or original AK-47 (Notice the length/shape of barrel and the muzzle) Being a late addition, added to Killing Floor in a patch, it was not featured in the original mod.


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