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Dwarfs!? Axe
Trader Dwarven Battle Axe.png
Pricing: £3000 (£2250)
Weight: 6 blocks
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Gimli That Axe!.jpg Gimli That Axe!
Have my axe.jpg Have my axe

The Dwarfs!? Axe is a two-handed axe for the Berserker perk, and is only purchasable from the trader after unlocking the "Not A War hammer" achievement in Dwarfs!? free-to-play version to accumulate 40k gold total or purchasing the full game. Dwarfs?! Axe is one of the two weapons in the game to be unlocked by Achievements in the game but only one to require another game to do so. Due to a bug in the coding and Steam's policies about cross promotions now Dwarfs?! axe is now harder to obtain, please see the Bugs section about the issue.

The Dwarfs!? Axe is slow and powerful, and its primary fire can knock back enemies. It has a headshot multiplier of x1.1, lower than the x1.25 of the Scythe and Fire axe. At £3000 it is the most expensive melee weapon, tied at the same price as the Claymore with slightly higher base damage.


Level Discount Price Sale value Hit damage Fire mode DPS
Primary Alternate Primary Alternate
Base £3000 £2250 235 325 167 216
0 10% £2700 £2024 258 357 184 238
1 20% £2400 £1799 282 390 211 273
2 30% £2100 £1574 329 455 258 333
3 40% £1800 £1349 376 520 295 381
4 50% £1500 £1124 423 585 347 448
5 60% £1200 £899 470 650 402 520
6 70% £900 £674 470 650 419 541

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Knock-back effect is very useful for keeping large specimens at arm's length;
  • Primary fire has a narrow arc, to shove threats away from you effortlessly;
  • One of the most powerful melee weapons available;
  • Capable of flinch the Scrake with both swing types;
  • Can shove any non-boss specimen away regardless of their size;
  • Slightly higher damage per attack than Claymore;
  • Reliably decapitates most specimens;
  • Alt-fire swing deals extremely high damage;
  • Capable of killing multiple weak specimens in one swing.


  • While useful for the wielder, the knockback may frustrate team-mates trying to help;
  • Requires the "Not A War hammer" achievement in Dwarfs!? to gain access to the weapon;
  • Slightly heavier than the Fire Axe;
  • Slowest primary attack delay between melee weapons;
  • Slowest secondary attack delay, tied with Scythe;
  • One of the most expensive melee weapons available;
  • Primary attack knockback has no effect on the Patriarch;
  • Knockback encourages wielder to enrage specimen early;
  • Knockback can be halted mid-air if specimen's behind is blocked;
  • Knock-back has no use when backstabbing a Fleshpound or stunning a Scrake;
  • Knockback has no to little utility against ranged threats like Sirens and Husks;
  • Requires one to get in melee range to deal damage.


The Dwarfs!? Axe is a good choice for Berserkers soloing on the higher difficulties, particularly against a raging Scrake or Fleshpound. If timed correctly, a swing from this weapon can interrupt a Fleshpound's charge thanks to the knock-back effect of the primary fire. Subsequent swings and careful footwork to avoid the Fleshpound's attacks can enable the berserker to finish it off without taking damage.

A recommended tactic is to allow a Fleshpound within striking distance and knocking it back just as it swings at the player. Going forth as doing a primary attack then retreat is essential to dodge the melee attacks of specimen by luring them to attack. Doing this at approximately 3 second intervals allows the Berserker to safely chip away at the Fleshpound's health without causing it to rage. Repeatedly using the alternate fire against a Scrake's head can chain-stun and eventually kill it in 2-5 blows, depending on difficulty and number of players.


Currently, the Dwarfs!? Axe is unobtainable by unlocking the achievement associated with it, as it is bugged, and will not give you the "Gimli That Axe!" achievement after earning "Not A War hammer" as Steam can not read into memory like old times for cross promotion anymore. Community made guides and coded small python fixes for making this achievement work. It requires one to forward some ports via hosts file momentarily albeit requires some effort it's the only working fix that one can do to get the achievement. Link to Steam Community Guide: Gimli That Axe! - Achievement Fix


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