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For the Killing Floor 2 perk, see Field medic (Killing Floor 2).
Icon of the Field Medic.

Class Description[edit]

The Field Medic, commonly known as the Medic, excels in healing injured players and absorbing damage. This perk receives bonuses for the MP7M, MP5M, M7A3 and the Schneidzekk medic guns, as well as bonuses for the combat armour, the syringe, and against Bloat bile damage. The medic is generally positioned behind the front line of the team.

The general role of medics is to provide support to their teammates, especially to the front line (i.e. Berserkers and Support Specialists). By quickly healing them as soon as they take damage, they can relentlessly attack the specimens without having to pull back often to heal. The medic should try to keep all of his teammates in his field of vision and be constantly on the look out for threats closing down onto the team. This will help him to anticipate the damage his allies will sustain, and ensure he is ready to use his healing darts and medical syringe at a moment's notice, or to protect his teammates directly by absorbing some of the damage himself with his tougher armor.

Generally, the medic serves as a supporting player when not healing the team. As long as the medic adapts this strategy, the other weapons of the game are equally of use for different purposes. The medic must be mindful however that regardless of which weapon is chosen, the main benefit of the medic is the armour. Although it lasts longer than normal and can absorb a great amount of damage, the medic is extremely vulnerable against even the most basic of enemies once the armour has depleted. The lack of any damage bonuses makes it important to learn which weapons work against the various specimens, and a medic should strive to take as little unnecessary damage to armour as possible.

The medic's medical syringe, MP7M, MP5M, M7A3 and the Schneidzekk healing darts recharge up to three times as quickly, and are up to 75% more potent. At higher levels, they can heal a teammate from critical to near-full health in two applications, and the syringe will even be fully recharged before the reload animation completes. Combat armour absorbs about 75-77% of the damage dealt to the player as defaulty, but Medics at level 1 and higher get global damage reduction that applies as long as they have at least 1 armour point, not only reducing damage to health but also lasting longer before breaking. As it stands, armour worn by Medic doesn't individually increase its own absorb rate but grant resistance to the Medic player as long as armor is present. Furthermore, the Field Medic receives a discount of up to 70% on armour, which entails a total cost of £90 for a new vest.

Although their roles are very different, the Medic perk shares a number of similarities with the Berserker perk allowing them to synergize in junction for mobility. Level 6 medics can run 25% faster than the default speed with any weapon, making it easier for them to chase and heal their teammates. However, there's the exception of Suicidal and above difficulties where they get 5% movement speed penalty from their perk bonus. Level 2 and lower perk level Medics will move at default speed at these difficulties. Higher perk levels lose 5% flat movement speed for meeting a maximum of 20% faster movement speed instead of 25% at level 6 in Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulties. The high move speed also allows them to kite, and makes it easier to escape when overwhelmed, and possibly finish the round solo. Another similarity is their resistance to damage from Bloat bile, which stacks with the armour's damage reduction and is applied before the armour does. The combined effect means damage to their armour will be little more than 5% when hit by Bloat acid, whereas other classes can lose 25% or more.

Weapon Statistics[edit]

Combat armour MP7M MP5M M7A3 Schneidzekk Blower Thrower Bile Launcher
Trader Vest.png Trader MP7m.png Trader Mp5Medic.png Trader M7A3.png Trader KRISS.png Trader Blowerthrower.png
Cost range £300–£88 £1000-£299 £1375–£412 £2050–£614 £2750–£824 £825–£247
Weight (blocks) - 3 3 6 3 6
Ammunition - 20 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 19 / Hud Syringe black.png 100 32 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 12 / Hud Syringe black.png 100 15 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 20 / Hud Syringe black.png 100 25 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 13 / Hud Syringe black.png 100 50 Hud Ammo Clip black.png 5
Full Dart Recharge Time (seconds) - 14 - 5 9 - 3 14 - 5 9 - 3 -
Heal Charge Regen Rate per second - 6.67 - 20.01 10 - 30 6.67 - 20.01 10 - 30 -
Damage per shot - 25 30 70 40
Magazine Capacity - 20-40 32-64 15-30 25-50 50-100
Healing per dart - 20-35 30-52 30-52 40-70 -

Weapon Analysis[edit]

Combat Armour

The medic's armour is able to absorb more damage than any other perk's armour enabling the medic to block incoming damage for lessened cost thanks to the medic's discount on armour.

MP7M Medic Gun

The MP7M Medic Gun is the weakest, but fastest-firing weapon available to medics. This weapon features a 20-round magazine by default, but increases by 2 on 0 and 1 ranks, followed by 4 per magazine for each additional perk rank up to a maximum of 40. This weapon fires the fastest of all the Medic's weapons, but also has significant recoil and spread, and low damage. Its med-dart gun is the same as the M7A3's, which recharges slower than the MP5 or Schneidzekk's med-gun. The MP7M features a red-dot sight, making both headshots and dart-shooting easier. This med-gun is the cheapest med-gun, and is usually the first one a Medic will acquire.

Blower Thrower Bile Launcher

The Blower Thrower can be seen as akin to the Flamethrower. It is capable of covering swarms of enemies in bile, damaging them over time and provoking them into attacking their own Bloats. However, the Blower Thrower's short range and heavy ammo consumption means it cannot completely supplant the Flamethrower. It is also the only Medic weapon to lack a healing dart launcher, meaning it cannot level up your Medic perk.

MP5M medic gun

The MP5 is the middle-of-the-road gun; having a fast rate of fire, large magazine capacity (32 by default, but increasing 3 for the 0 and 1 ranks, followed by 6 for each additional rank to the max of 64), as well a faster recharging med-gun than the MP7M's. It lacks the larger damage of the M7A3 and the damage and rate of fire of the Schneidzekk.

M7A3 Medic Gun

The M7A3's damage is comparable to the damage of a mid-perked Commando's weapons, and has similar recoil to an off-perked AK-47, but a slower rate of fire. This gun features the same slower-recharging med-gun as the MP7M, taking longer to recharge than the med-gun on the MP5, or the Schneidzekk. This med-gun weighs twice as much as any other med-gun at 6 weight, it is also fairly expensive at all ranks, and features a comparatively small mag of 15-30 ( the mag size increasing by 1 on rank 0, 2 on rank 1, and 3 on each additional perk up to 30. This gun features a holographic sight, compared to to the MP5 and MP7M's red-dot sight. The sight and ammo count display change colors from green to red as the mag gets low, giving the Medic a visual cue to reload. The med-gun recharge is also displayed on-screen, and will turn red when it is unable to be fired.

Schneidzekk Medic Gun

This med-gun features the same advanced med-gun as the MP5, but lacks a red-dot or holographic sight of the other guns, instead relying on iron-sights. This weapon has a slightly slower rate of fire compared to the MP7M, but 60% more damage by comparison. Compared to the MP5, it does 25% more damage but has a smaller magazine, and compared to the MP7A3, it has a larger magazine and higher rate of fire, but does 42.8% less damage per hit. it is also the most expensive med-gun at upwards of £1,300. It features a moderately sized magazine, starting out at 25, increasing by 2 for rank 0, 3 for rank 1, and 5 for each additional perk rank, up to 50.


  • Time your med-gun reloads carefully. You cannot fire the med-gun or throw med-grenades while your gun is reloading, and it takes about 3 seconds to reload a med-gun. Your primary goal as a medic is to heal, not deal damage. You're better off defenseless for a little longer and taking a hit to your armor than to lose a teammate due to reloading at the wrong time. If you're desperate, there's always your 9mm.
  • The Blowerthrower then MP7M, MP5M, M7A3, and the Schneidzekk medic rifles are the only weapons affected by the medic perk; a larger magazine is given at higher levels, and the weapon discount ranges from 10-70%. The MP7M has the highest rate of fire out of any weapon in the game; a level 6 Field Medic spawns with one, making trigger discipline and headshots crucial for anything larger than a Crawler. More importantly, it allows medics to heal teammates at great ranges, speed, and without the hassle of switching back to Medical syringe. A medic may also choose to carry any three of the four medic guns, as their healing darts use separate medicine charges, and also have different ammo reserves. This option, however, leaves them with no spike damage weapons.
  • The medical syringe is especially useful when the other medic guns are recharging. Two quick healing darts and a syringe used on a player can bring them from nearly dead to healthy in a matter of seconds. When attempting to use the syringe to heal someone who is fleeing from danger; do not obstruct their escape route and instead approach them from their side. You could also approach from the front, but only if they are in immediate danger of death and you can tank it, as the Medic's armor bonus allows you to endure more attacks, but this method prevents the player you are healing from attacking the enemy chasing you or them until you move. This is especially useful against Fleshpounds and raging Scrakes.
  • Carrying 2 or 3 medic rifles together help with effective healing, switching between rifles as syringes are wasted is required to keep teammates healthy under dire situations. Be ready to fire a second healing dart at an injured teammate because the game engine does not register all darts that hit their mark. The healing message at the bottom of the screen, the small green cloud on the point of impact, and the metallic sound of the dart's impact can be used confirm a successful healing dart. If only one appear, it may not have registered, and a second should be fired.
  • Since the medic only receives an ammo boost, these guns have a decided lack of power, but are still effective against smaller specimens. The heavy damage absorption, high movement speed and self-healing allows them to use hit-and-run tactics with a good variety of weapons. With no damage bonuses, it is more difficult to be a specialized fighter as a medic despite the armour bonus. Equipment should be carefully chosen to mitigate the deficiency in firepower. A medic should be armed with more than the standard equipment and a medic gun, especially on the later waves.
    • A lightweight melee weapon like Machete, for example, allows the medic to have great speed, and is effective against Clots, Gorefasts, and Stalkers. A pricier weapon such as Katana will be a hefty investment for offering no utility beyond as a higher damage trash killer. Unless you have it by means of perk change or teammate discounts, or playing a low difficulty, Katana shouldn't be a weapon to be considered.
    • The lever-action rifle and M7A3 are also formidable weapons because they can pick off awkward targets like Husks, Bloats, Crawlers and Sirens with reasonable efficiency from far. Lever-action rifle still can flinchlock a Scrake at any difficulty and a full tube of 10 headshots can decapitate it by suffering minimal retaliation. When you pre-damage its head near the rage threshold (about 1500 damage at Hell on Earth 6p health scale) as much as you can with any medic rifle then get close to cancel its chainsaw swing with a LaR flinch headshot you get the opportunity for nail the remaining damage by flinching rifle headshots one by one.
    • Alternatively, a Crossbow can be used as a stronger ranged weapon, which can stun the Scrake on lower difficulty levels and eliminate ranged threats from a distance but may force the medic to kill the majority of close-range specimens with the sidearm and medic rifles. Crossbow is still capable of being useful against Scrakes if Medic is smart enough to headshot pre-damage Scrake near their enrage threshold to crash through it with a heavy flinching Crossbow headshot to put Scrake in a slow rage state from far distances.
    • Medic can carry Hunting shotgun along with a Machete and still have room for any small medic rifle preferably MP5M or Schneidzekk. Medic can walk up to a Scrake, pre-damage to its head with any medic rifle of choice, flinch with Machete alternate fire headshot and finish it with a double barrel unleash to Scrake's head. Generally this result a stunned looking Scrake because the finisher damage is low.
    • For close-range combat and tanking purposes, a Medic can use the Flare revolver or Blowerthrower paired with a Fire axe to backstab Scrakes from their head and still have space to grab a MP5M or Schneidzekk. Bile attacks can turn big specimen against Bloats following them and Medic get the opportunity of backstabbing Scrakes or stacking nade at Fleshpound's feet without risking his armor.
    • A horrible mistake for a Medic player would be buying a long range nuke weapon just like M79 and M32. While they're destructive, lack of handheld explosives the Field Medic has makes this a bad investment and makes the spawn rates inpredictable which trigger retaliation spawns at high difficulties with mass chunk of kills. On top of that, self splash damage is not something you would want as a Field Medic player where your armor is limited and have to be purposed for tanking dangerous specimen for your teammates.
  • On Suicidal and Hell on Earth, a medic is inept at inflicting any significant damage to the Scrake or Fleshpound. This is because; the lever-action rifle is weak unless you have time to aim for the head, the katana requires close engagement which may allow the specimen to put dents in your armor as you attack them, med-guns do too little damage, and the big specimen now resistant against Crossbow headshots on the Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulties. Even while being less effective at this difficulty, these options are still viable with support fire from teammates and Field Medic's damage sponge abilities. With no damage bonuses or weapon restrictions, the Medic's loadout is very flexible and can be used to level up any other perk without sacrificing much firepower.
  • For supportive roles medic can pick Zed Eradication Device to cause big specimen to incur more damage with the stabled stasis field. Since Field Medics always take the battle from front lines it's not hard for them to keep the horde under stasis. However there are cheaper alternatives for tanking big specimen. Medics always being the bank for the team in case they have casualties, wasting their money on expensive off-perk toys however will not be taken well by the entirety of team at high difficulties and they will feel the death penalty impact harder at oncoming waves if you can not share money. Something very expensive like ZEDv1 only should be considered at the Patriarch wave.
    • Zed Gun MKII is the better alternative of original Zed Eradication Device for the Medic in this situation. As it requires you to hug the specimen to envelope them in stasis for the second time if they were to shake it off for once, the duty falls at your hands to tank them and provide crowd control.
  • The Medic has more mobility with the recent patch which granted them healing grenades, which emits a gas that poisons the specimen, but heals allies. Whenever Field Medic is stuck (ie. held by multiple clots and/or cornered) and there are no Siren to exterminate grenades; Field Medic can break free from specimen easily by tossing the grenade at their feet, thus freeing and healing themselves in the process. Same thing applies when another player is in need of help and medical treatment. Remember that Medics can only carry 5 grenades with him/her, so they should use them wisely.
  • On Friendly Fire servers, field medics are the backbone of the team as their morphine dart hits will register much more easily, and heal any team-inflicted damage swiftly.
  • When cornered or surrounded as medic, throw down a med grenade at your feet as this will not only help you damage to the specimens around you but heal you as well. It won't likely help much against larger specimens, but it can be life saving against crowds of weaker zeds

Leveling tactics[edit]

Players can level the field medic alone but must rely on the medical grenades, as self-injections with the syringe do not count to the total heal requirements. Having a partner (or partners) who are willing to help will allow for the fastest way of leveling. The other option is to join a large server on a medium to high difficulty where players tend to incur large amounts of damage.

With the Summer 2013 update, a new method of leveling the Medic perk in solo games has become available. Healing the Ringmaster in Objective Mode KFO-Steamland will count towards the perk progress, however as this option is only available during 2 of the 6 'waves' that take part in the map, it is a slow method.

  • For the fastest way of leveling with a partner, carry any one, or all, of the Medic rifles and kill the majority of the specimens in the wave, but leave just enough so that the combined healing potential of your healing darts and medical syringe outweigh the rate of damage at which the remainder of the specimens can inflict upon your partner. This method allows your partner to go away from keyboard, unmoved as you level slowly. The optimal difficulty level and specimens to keep alive depend on your Medic level.
  • Most effective tactic here is your heal target of choice picking Berserker for passive damage and bile effect resistance. By letting last left alive lesser specimen (just a Bloat or a few Clots are perfect) attacking them without retaliating and running away when they get overwhelmed, you can heal them safely for long to stack up some healing points before Trader time starts. Alternatively, if your partner wishes to level up their Berserker perk, then progress through the waves and allow them to attack the majority of the specimens as you constantly heal them. Holding a small funnel with a narrow gate where Berserker can slash everything running at the door usually works for a while, but doesn't guarantee a victory.
  • A mid-low level Firebug with a Flamethrower can be a good candidate for healing as they can push out self splash damage by shooting at their own feet position. This can be interrupted by specimen unless someone else kiting them at the distance but this could help stacking up healing points as you wait for last specimen to finally die off infront of Trader. This technique won't work with a high level Firebug with near fire damage immunity; Firebug has to be level 2-3 or lower for self splash to have any effect. If a high level Firebug is present at low difficulties, a mid-high level Berserker can easily ask Firebug to buy a Flamethrower for them. Else, at any difficulty if Medic has the DLC, Berserker borrows a Blowerthrower from Medic to cause small amount of self damage as they fight the specimen along the wave.
  • Any perk can find a high enough place to jump down and inflict some self damage at the end of the wave for medic to heal them. The maps Foundry, Crash and Offices have such great heights for shortcuts where players can drop down to hurt themselves badly but not get killed along the process for sure. A Field Medic can drop down first (without jumping) and heal anyone following them along with themselves at each wave without kiting last few specimen around. Other official maps have smaller heights such as flight of stairs, obstacles to climb on top of, piers and platforms to repeat the process more hastily.

Helping the Field Medic[edit]

Because the medic specializes in healing, allow him to heal all nearby players when they are injured, including yourself, unless the team is so critically injured that a large amount of healing is immediately necessary for survival. Stay in a single group so that the medic can keep every team member in his field of view, and can tell when healing is needed. When you are wounded and you hear the sound of health darts landing or being fired, stand still if it is safe to do so, so that the medic can easily heal you from afar.

The medic's damage output over time is generally lower than other perks, so he requires assistance against the Husks, Scrakes or Fleshpound more frequently, especially on higher difficulty levels.

Near the end of a wave or during trader time, players can jump off a ledge to wound themselves so that the medic can earn more healing points. A Firebug who is below level 3 (or 4, without armor) can aim at the floor and deliberately burn himself with the Flamethrower, whose ammunition is inexpensive, and allow the Medic to heal him.

The entire team getting wounded then letting a medic heal the entire team with a healing grenade will give the medic the achievement "Explosions of Love", so do this if possible.

Perk ladder[edit]

Rank Teammate heal points required Syringe Bloat bile resistance Movement speed ** Medic Guns* Combat armour Spawn equipment
Recharge speed Injection potency Magazine size Discount Damage resistance Discount
10% 10% 10% 10% 75% 10% Medical grenades
1 200 25% 25% 25% 20% 77% 10% 20%
2 750 50% 50% 5% 40% 79% 20% 30%
3 4000 75% 50% 10% 60% 81% 30% 40%
4 12 000 100% 15% 80% 83% 40% 50%
5 25 000 150% 75% 20% 100% 85% 50% 60% Combat armour
6 100 000 200% 75% 25% 87% 75% 70% MP7M
*With the MP7M, MP5M, M7A3, Schneidzekk medic guns.

** Remove 5% of the bonus in Suicidal and Hell on Earth
†Denotes an item also available to all additional levels of the perk.

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