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A player who intentionally tries to disrupt or ruin other players' gameplay is known as a griefer. Some griefers try to make their intentions unclear so that they can harm the team indefinitely without being kicked.

Griefing acts to majority of players[edit]

  • Blocking Trader entrances (the action is not possible anymore as player collision is disabled during trading).
  • Being useless by following team-mates around for protection while not assisting them at all.
  • Abusing server privileges (In example; vote kick abuse)
  • Purposely idle and afk in lobby before session begins taking up space and prevent games from starting until people leave.
  • Blocking players to prevent them from backpedaling away from specimens. Potently at the guise healing them with a Medical syringe.
  • Hacking or cheating of any kind, apart from server mutators giving advantages for players.
  • Using a shotgun to knock team-mates off edges.
  • Trapping team-mates in areas by body blocking.
  • Soft locking the server by welding doors against small amount of specimen or standing at exploitable spots where specimen can't track players as a last man standing.
  • Welding doors to block and isolate team-mates with no means of blasting them away such as Firebug and Field Medic perks.
  • Team-killing on purpose by means of friendly-fire or other devices and macros.
  • Unwelding or destroying doors that the team wants welded when they don't have willing players to take care of extra lanes, opening way for backspawns.
  • Purposely picking up ammo boxes away from capable perks and teammates as a Field Medic or Berserker. No matter their loadout, these perks are not entirely ammo dependent.
  • Purposely avoiding to tank enraged aggro damage for weaker teammates as a Berserker and Field Medic.
  • Purposely provoking or luring Sirens in the middle of team to leave the post right away or tossing them to teammates by explosive shots, M.C.Z thrower or Dwarfs!? axe.
  • Purposely killing the last specimen at a very late wave when the team wants to keep it alive until they reach trader.
  • Purposely running in front of an explosive or any other splash damage weapons user to cause self-damage to them.
  • Purposely enraging the far distance Fleshpound with a slow but high damage weapon so that it will damage or kill close proximity players. While Fleshpounds tend to chase down anyone who deal explosive damage to it regardless of sightline, things may go awry quickly.
  • Purposely messing up spawn rates while kiting as a team by spamming explosives, piercing potshots or fire stream to stack tons of kills from a post while rest of kiting team get flanked by stronger front spawns just ahead.
  • Purposely disrupting the combos of Support Specialist and Sharpshooter by grenade tosses to enrage big specimen from far or cause them to steer away at random, reacting to each hand grenade.
  • Firing Flamethrower behind a Demolition teammate to detonate explosive projectiles pre-arm distance mid air, causing splash damage to owner.
  • Litting Scrakes or Fleshpounds at long distance on fire, which will deny opportunity of other capable perks who could take them down quicker. While afterburn damage cause them to flail, it will be hard to aim their head, panic from fire damage will override some mechanics and emitting fire will set off explosive projectiles mid-air.
  • Firing explosives at specimens that are close to team-mates, creating opaque smoke clouds that may annoy players by obstructing their view.
  • Firing Flamethrower directly behind teammates without stopping, which will obstruct the view of those players by causing frame rate drops.
  • Kiting the final specimen indefinitely while the rest of the team is waiting at the trader for the round to end.
  • Kiting the massive horde of specimen away from holding team's spot just to bring the same aggro to their position from one direction, forcing them to run or risk it by holding their ground.
  • Kiting way ahead of the rest of the team while getting no aggro or front spawns, practically leaving the rest of team in a ditch to deal with horde until they falter or give up.
  • Kiting the horde aggro the other way around on purpose, causing a cross fire for rest of team unless they can circle back quickly or take it slow. While useful to find balance after team scrambled, frowned upon on straight forward open maps with no enclosed spaces, nor shortcuts.
  • As a last man standing wasting the excess money on wave clear at unrelated off-perk weapons with no utility for team play. Picking the ones that have low ammo pool, high spread and doesn't fit in any role especially to waste money that supposed to be shared with rest of the team.

Griefing acts to some players[edit]

  • Mic-spamming, player can easily be muted by Communication tab on the menu (brought by "Esc" default) to mute their sound channel.
  • Spamming voice commands and chat phrases by binds non-stop. Chat talk from player can be muted from Communications channel again from the menu.
  • Abusing map glitches and exploitable spots where specimen aggro loses its tracking of player. While frowned upon it can be a last resort in a mayhem scenery or team synergy just doesn't click. That is unless players completely idle at those positions causing server to softlock itself as a last man standing. When you notice an increase or huge plummet in specimen spawn counts, it's best to roam the map cautiously as most glitch spots either at crosspaths that can be very dense in specimen traffic or at very deserted areas at the very edge of the map.
  • Abusing very specific players in the whole team fixated on details such as welding unnecessary doors, knifing dangerous specimen or away from keyboard, to farm small amount of healing points.
  • Going "Rambo" or "solo-mate" -- killing the majority of specimens away from rest of team's intended hold, not helping team-mates and not donating cash to those in need. Although not an act of grief directly as one carries the team, it is disliked by most of the community. At public plays, squad don't tend to possess enough organization or firepower to overcome obstacles while lacking one teammate, and positioning is the determining factor if you get the majority of spawns or not. The player capable of soloing can set a faked mutator to play solo. If soloing player were to die on a whim, rest of the squad awaiting action would be caught unready as entirety of specimen spawn will pour in from one direction and nobody can estimate when.
  • Welding every door, which specimen finally tear each one of them down after toppling down behind them to prolong game time per wave unnecessarily. When specimen topple down aggro behind doors just enough, it's possible they overwhelm the team at once or flush them out of position to get flanked from other lanes.
  • Picking up the weapon of a fallen teammate, and not giving it back after the round end or until they trek to a far trader instead of dropping it near spawn. A level 5-6 perk player can recover this easily with their starting equipment and help of excess money from teammates.
  • Ignoring trash specimen on purpose as long as it attacks other teammates. While unnerving to see teammates ignore trash specimen, it could be a signal to practice awareness and prioritize trash more or leave them to their own thing.
  • Acting aloof or clueless on purpose so when other players try to help new looking player, they'll be taken down with them. Practicing to keep distance from badly positioned players will improve your chances to stay alive when team composition is broken and you'll less likely to corner yourself when trying to recover.
  • Ghosting the behind post of a crowded team allowing backspawns to flank them. It's no one's responsibility or business to babysit another player while they're completely away from the action. Not everyone would be interested in welding doors for minutes.
  • Enraging something on themselves yet not being able to kill it outright or tank the hit at all. When this happens, it falls on the rest of the squad once they keep distance from the pillowed aggro behind enraged specimen.
  • Stealing aggro of an enraged big specimen from capable perks. While some people scold others just for this, it shouldn't be too hard to practice rear angle shots or wait for specimen to reach its new target before firing away again so it doesn't zig zag. Things might have go better if you give the capable perks their shot first before interfering the situation.
  • Buying and using expensive low base damage off-perk firearms out of the purposed perk roles without pairing them with proper utilities or onperk weapons. It's a common sight in low difficulties where players are clueless but as money is scarce at high difficulties, you could tell there's some protesting or self challenge going on by looking at paired weapons and the purpose of the perk.
  • Using any incendiary projectile weapon from very long distance while ignoring teammates positioned closer to the horde. While it's okay to use incendiary weapons such as Flare revolver and Trenchgun low damage over time only makes it worthy if used by a decent Firebug who has an idea about team composition. Fire can both save a teammate from an enraged grasp of a close up big specimen or force them to keep distance when the bearer ignores the proximity of teammates. Although when specimen lit from long distance at first sight, they'll shake and ignore the potential control impairment effects by the time they're close and enraged.
  • Being over protective as Berserker or Field Medic in a hold spot, to the point of body blocking teammates' fire sightline against to horde just to melee the specimen. While this won't do anything for team at all, Field Medic getting their armor damaged and dented is not good for high difficulty levels where Medic needs to tank big specimen along the late waves full of Fleshpounds.
  • Keeping flashlight of shotguns and 9mm pistol active the entire match, making it hard to detect long ranged threats when it shines upon specimen for players with high brightness settings. Some old graphics cards get stutters when flashlights get activated. Flashlights has to be spared for smoke screen moments to clear anything spawning beyond it on a whim, before specimen breaches in or leading team in dim light areas. It's not meant to use at bright sightline.
  • Interfering a Demolition Expert's grenade stacking combo on Fleshpound by extra hand grenade tosses from medium-long distance; scattering the specimen's pathing. While done with good intention most of the time, don't always end well and can get Demolition killed as they can't see the moving specimen behind thick smoke they caused. Interfering the combo with grenades, forces them to toss more hand grenades as they load up L.A.W. or reload M32 early before finishing shots. When you feel obliged to help and toss grenades, try to toss your hand grenades at the flat ground infront of smoke to create a proper barrage instead of going for ricochets off from walls when you don't have sightline.
  • Team's Firebug refusing to shield Husk fireball shots for the team or refusing to nudge a lit Scrake attacking a teammate to pin him down. Such nuisance like Husks can be picked out by any rifle Sharpshooter or Field Medic with Crossbow with ease from long distance and Scrake that hooked a teammate on his chainsaw can be nudged and body blocked by Field Medic or anyone willing to do so.

Non-griefing acts[edit]

  • Farming perks on modified map with mutators. While frowned by the community it's not an act of griefing by itself.
  • Farming perks with off perk weapons at low difficulties. Might be frowned by some, but as long as player doesn't get stuck to highly tanky perks as a crutch to their game sense, it's essential for their progress.
  • Not giving excess money to players even if the player has a surplus. A decent player can sustain itself without needing excess money from teammates every wave unless they tend to die, in that case they have to practice abit more caution or change perks.
  • Not receiving any excess money at very early waves of a high difficulty game. At early waves, no one would have their own prioritized weapons to start with to save for their own equipment so teammates won't tend to share money for one player's thousand pounds worth glorified pea shooter as early as wave two. That's not an act of grief as reward of game becomes scarce at high difficulties.
  • Unwelding and opening up doors with intentions of taking care of that extra lane. While questions may arise, one must be sure to not struggle with the task ahead and not leave the lane unattended by means of other teammates. It require to ensure rest of team that it's safe and player will take care of extra aggro that might end tearing up at a welded door. If all is well, one must remember to ask help in the face of mass spawns caused by fast kill rate via fire streams or explosives at blind spots in the last few seconds.
  • Buying offperk firearms or melee weapons by means of teammates for their sheer utility. Any weapon that has high ammunition pool, tight spread, can set off Pipe bombs by rapid fire or could flinch Scrakes at varying distances are meaningful choices as long as their utility have been put in use. In a similar fashion any weapon that could be used at setting pulsed grenades off by fast firing splash damage or allow one to stack grenades faster are examples of good utility choices off perk.
  • "Slot reserves"/ "clan member priority" although many servers and clans have that policy it's not classified as griefing but it's frowned upon.
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