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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Killing Floor 2 is a co-op survival horror game by Tripwire Interactive. It is the sequel to the game by Tripwire Interactive which is the retail version of the mod made for Unreal Tournament 2004, which the last update KFMod received was in 2008 known as version 2.5. Killing Floor 2 was originally leaked by a user in Reddit on January 7th of 2014. This leak also provided other unreleased or unannounced games. Later a link to SteamDB also had KF2. KF2 was officially announced on the 8th of May, 2014, in an article by PCGamer. In a article by Bloody Disgusting, it was hinted that KF2 may be made available for home consoles with left and right bumper icons in the menu. During New York Comic-Con 2014 which took place at the Javit Center, New York, New York on October 9th thru the 12th, 2014, Tripwire revealed there first public live demo which lasted for 30 minutes. This demo "revealed" customizable characters. Items given away to participants were a pack of buttons of the 10 perks and new money currency design. The new Dosh may be a subject to change. People who were waiting in line were also given a chance to play Killing Floor Calamity on tablets. Lastly during Sony's PlayStation Experience which took place at Las Vegas, Nevada on December 6th and 7th, 2014, Sony's official Youtube channel uploaded a trailer for Killing Floor 2 confirming several new information, such as the return of the Buzzsaw Bow, The Scrake, and Reverend Alberts.

Killing Floor 2 will release on the PS4 sometime in 2015 and Steam Early Access on April 21st, 2015 for Windows and SteamOS.

Apocalypse: The Sequel[edit]

"Paris is burning.

The sky behind the Eiffel Tower glows an ominous orange through a haze of billowing smoke. Sparks and ash and scraps of paper float through the dark streets of the city, where cars and offices stand eerily abandoned.

A manhole opens. For a moment, nothing happens. And then a zed, a naked genetic freak sheathed in slimy grey skin, pops out of the hole like a horrorshow jack-in-the-box. The zed has the mind of a child. It doesn't know much, but it knows it wants to kill.

The zed manages two steps from the manhole before a stream of bullets blast it off its feet. More bullets tear into it in midair, splattering blood across the street and unburdening its gut of a generous helping of internal organs.

Suddenly, doors fly open on the surrounding buildings, and wave after wave of zed pour out onto the streets.

Bullets Fly. Zeds stumble, sprint, and crawl. Chaos ensues... Evolution begins."

Months after the initial outbreak, the Zeds could not be stopped. Eventually the army of clones spread throughout the majority of Europe, cloaking the land between Her Majesty's doorstep and The Eiffel Tower in a shadowy, mysterious wave of death. Out for nothing but destruction, Kevin Clamely continues his campaign for world domination using his army of biologically engineered clones that have only one instinct that it must obey: kill.


The official teaser trailer was released on Tripwire Interactive's Youtube channel at noon on the 9th of May, 2014. Kevin Clamely (The Patriarch) narrates, relaying background information on Horzine BioTech in a commercial-like manner. Half way through the "commercial", Clamely's voice becomes distorted and gravelly, resembling The Patriarch's.

The full script reads:

[Kevin Clamely]
"Under my scientific leadership, Horzine has achieved unparalleled success, and is trusted the world over."
"We are driving the renaissance of science."
"We are-"

[Mid transformed Kevin]
"-progress of bio-engineering."
"We are the vision of technology."

"We are-(static)-genetics..."
"We are your evolution..."

"I AM THE POWER-"(distortion)



According to the article by PCGamer, Tripwire Interactive has been working on the gore system alone for over two years, as it is the "most complicated gore system in gaming". The zeds can now be mutilated in an incredible 22 different points, as opposed to the First Killing Floor's 5 dismemberment points (Head, arms and legs).

According to Bill Munk, creative director and head animator at Tripwire, the developers took a large step in how the game looks, instead of feels. Focused more on how good the graphics are and how dynamics, such as the gore, affect game play, the developers turn away from realism almost altogether. Bill Munk had this to say: "Killing Floor is a simple game. You have weapons. You see something that looks messed up. And you kill it. You get money for doing it and you buy better weapons. Rinse and repeat. The more enjoyable that small little loop is, the more successful the game is."

Also according to Munk, the company "finally" had enough money to get the required equipment for Motion Capture technology. This means that the animations in the final version of the game will be realistic, flowing movement instead of the jerky pre-programmed movements seen in the first game.

The article concludes stating that the original game has sold over 2.5 million copies to date, and Tripwire now has over 50 developers instead of the ten they had to make the first game.


These Zeds have been revealed or hinted at. The Zeds that have been teased but not fully revealed are listed below. The Patriarch is said to return but no footage or screenshots have been released yet. In total, 3 new Zeds have been officially revealed; the Cyst and the Slasher, which are nearly identical to Clots, and one new boss - Hans Volter.

Hans Volter[edit]

He is a 100-year-old Nazi evil doctor character that is keeping himself alive with Horzine technology. —John Gibson, president of Tripwire Interactive 

Originally known as "Unknown Boss", Hans Volter is one of the boss characters that appears in Killing Floor 2. He bears a slight visual resemblance to the Patriarch, topless and wearing trousers, but appears to be altered only with various Horzine-made hardware rather than being enhanced with hardware and biologically like the Patriarch. When Hans' health drops to a certain level, he will charge one of the players, catch them and drain their health, replenishing his own. After each health-drain, Hans will employ a new attack. His other attacks include weaker melee attacks, ranged - toxic grenades, HE grenades, he also appears to dual wield StG 44/MkB 42.He Had a bad habit for eating small children as well. Like the other bosses the Hans’ players fight are clones like the zeds.


The Patriarch returns as one of two possible boss characters in Killing Floor 2. He is far more mutated and bulky than his previous incarnation, with glowing boils growing on his right arm. His left arm and leg are cybernetic, and his left arm sports his weapons platform as it did in the first game. His minigun and rocket launcher are still present, but he now is also equipped with a mortar launcher for indirect fire. When wounded, the Patriarch will cloak and flee from the players so he can heal himself with a syringe, summoning zeds to cover his retreat. After taking damage and using one of his healing syringes, the glowing boils on his body change color from green to yellow, then to orange, then finally to red. He is much faster, and his melee attacks are more varied than his first incarnation; in particular, the tentacle in his chest can pull players towards him, where he can easily pummel them. Like the other bosses the Patriarchs that players fight are clones like the zeds.

Scrake Variant[edit]

A Scrake variant appears in the game. This has been stated by developer Jared Creasy "Also known on the interwebs as Yoshiro"

The reason we didn't show him sooner (which we have commented on btw) is because he was undergoing a redesign at the time the videos came out. We didn't like him so we re-did him. The new "old" Scrake may see the light of day as a new zed or we may use some of the mechanics we were working on for it as part of another one. We will see. —Jared "Yoshiro" Creasy, Tripwire Forums 


A Gorefast variant, The gorefiend instead of having one blade it has two.Its easy to tell where it is and what it is by its unique colour of glowing white and somewhat glowing blue.The gorefiend is best countered via shotgun but sharpshooter can do a number on it too.


A Matriarch was mentioned by the Trader. She explains that the Matriarch will pilot a mechsuit which she can and will abandon and attack the player herself as her "true form". There is no word of her by the developers and no visual evidence as of now if she is either a standard KFGametype boss or an objective mode one.

A Matriarch was planned at one point for a community update for KFMod 2.6+ but was cancelled due to Tripwire Interactive already acquiring the rights to Killing Floor. The KFMod Matriarch was to have cloaking abilities and would be able to drain health from the players.

Playable Characters[edit]

Tripwire has shown the characters you can play as in their screenshots. Here are the characters shown. Please note that KF2 will have customization options for characters. PCG Mr. Foster may be cosmetic body and head gear and not his own character.

  • Lieutenant Bill Masterson, original first name was Michael (or Mike for short). Classic Masterson is available as a separate character, using the voice and face model of Alan Wilson, vice-president of Tripwire and Male Voice 2 from Killing Floor 1.
  • Constable Rob Briar. Classic Briar is available as a separate character, using the voice and face model of Mark Hayler, also known as Male Voice 1 from Killing Floor 1.
  • DJ Scully, Dutch-born DJ whose concert at an abandoned mental asylum was rudely interrupted by the zed outbreak.
  • Reverend Alberts, Scottish priest who exacts holy vengeance upon the zeds for killing his flock.
  • Mr. Foster, day trader and zed killer extraordinaire. Mr. Magma returns as a cosmetic gear for Mr. Foster and is no longer his own character.
  • Hayato Tanaka, a former actor who is acting out his samurai and yakuza movie fantasies during the zed war.
  • Donovan "Bulldog" Neal, an African-American bodyguard and security consultant.
  • Ana Larive, a French goth girl hoping to document and record the zed war, and ended up getting caught up in it instead.
  • Anton Strasser, a WWII-era German soldier who was cryogenically frozen by Dr. Volter after suffering injuries during the Battle of Stalingrad. He awakens over 70 years later to discover the world under attack by the zeds. Crossover character for owners of Red Orchestra 2.
  • Tom Banner, a fanboy obsessed with the Middle Ages and knightly culture, to the point of speaking in antiquated English and wearing a suit of plate armor. Crossover character for owners of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.
  • Oisten Jagerhorn, a Swedish biker and heavy metal singer who is using the recent zed outbreak as inspiration for his new album.
  • Horzine Mark 7 Suit Soldier (possibly Agent Wilkes). Can be seen in the PS4 Announcement trailer around 40 seconds into the video.


Click here for full list of current KF2 weapons


List of current and upcoming maps.

  • Burning Paris
  • Biotics Lab
  • Outpost
  • Volter Manor (Originally named "Manor")
  • Evacuation Point
  • Catacombs
  • Black Forest
  • Farmhouse
  • Hostile Grounds
  • Containment Station
  • Infernal Realm
  • Zed Landing
  • Nuked
  • The Descent
  • The Tragic Kingdom


  • The Cyst is called "Undeveloped Clot" in the games files.
  • The song played at the end of the trailer is "Death" by christian Heavy metal band, Demon Hunter from their newest album, Extremist.
  • Another song by Demon Hunter was also featured in the Playstation 4 Reveal, this song is entitled "Collapsing", from the album The World Is A Thorn.
  • According to PCGamer, most weapons featured in the game were modeled after one of the creator's real-life collection of firearms.[1]

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