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The style guide of Killing Floor wiki should be followed at all times when writing articles. This guide excludes discussions, "my talk" pages, summaries of edits, mapping articles and quotes/game quotes.

Basic Wiki-writing

To write something on a page you have to log in (after creating an account). You can do this by using the link in the top right corner. Then go to the page you want to write in and press the "edit" button located at the top, and write what you want (according to this format and the context). When you feel you're done, press the "Show preview" located near the bottom to see how it will look. That way you can see if you missed some little part, instead of noticing it afterwards and thus having to change the page one more time (clutters up the recent changes list for example)

  • To make a link to another page, write [[ and ]] around the word, like this [[main page]]. When you look at the preview of the page the link will be either blue or red. If it's blue it's linked correctly to a page that exists. If it's red, the page either doesn't exist (yet), or the link might be misspelled (double-check the link). Sometimes it's the capitalisation of the words, for example [[Fire axe]] and [[Fire Axe]] link to different pages (in this case the second one redirects to the first though).
  • To write something in bold, write three apostrophes before and after the word, like this '''bold'''. Read further below on when to use bold, and when not to.
  • To write something in italics, write two apostrophes, like this ''italics''. Again, look further below on when to use this.
  • To make a heading you write ==Heading==, and for subheadings you add more equal signs (===Subheading===). When there are four or more headings (including subheadings) on a page the wiki automatically adds a table of contents above the first heading on the page.

For more information, check: Wikipedia's Cheatsheet and the Table guide

Proper headlines

Short and straight to the point are always good titles. The first word should always be capitalised while any following words should be lower-case, with a few exceptions. In-game terms like the Fire axe and commonly used words like Support specialist should only have the first word capitalised. Superfluous words also shouldn't be used for headlines (eg. correctly, the right way, properly).

Examples of good titles:

  • Perk requirements and bonuses
  • Hit-and-run tactics
  • Creating a dedicated server

Examples of bad titles:

  • PeRk ReqUIrEmeNts AnD boNuSeS (unnecessary capitalisation)
  • How to blast off a Fleshpound's head correctly (too long, superfluous word used as there is obviously no "incorrect" way for blasting a Fleshpound's head off)
  • Killing the last Clot then move to the Trader (too long, not straight)
  • List of GREYLISTED MUTATOR‎ (improper grammar, block caps, ugly as shite)

Short brief about the headline

A short brief about the headline is always the first few paragraphs, giving the reader a good understanding about the topic. It should always be above the table of contents, there should be no heading used in the brief.

The headline should be mentioned in the first sentence and must be in bold and capitalised just like the headline. Since there's no text in redirect-pages a brief is not needed there.


The Clot is the weakest of all specimens throughout the game.

Writing style

Like all wikis, all articles must be written in third person meaning that you cannot be in the article eg. "My friends and I like to use the Shotgun due to its massive damage". It should simply be phrased as "Players often use the Shotgun due to its massive damage". In conclusion, avoiding personal reference is a must. Includes when writing Tactics.

A discussion should be made in a protected article if anyone notices something wrong in it.

Wikis also have a more "formal" and "civil" way of writing, unlike guides. Therefore, it is also advised to minimize the use of vulgar or any sort of rude words (eg. damn, bastard, ass).

Guide - Support specialists should choose the Hunting shotgun as it kills the shit out of nearly every specimen in the game.
Wiki - Support specialists are advised to choose the Hunting shotgun as deals a lot amount of damage to nearly every specimen in the game.

Bold words should be used for warnings or important words readers may miss out and for highlighting the headline. Headlines should only be highlighted once on it's page. Italics should be used on names of games (eg. Killing Floor), pointing out that the key you just mentioned are default keys (eg. Heal yourself by tapping Q (default) and stating certain conditions (Against the Clot only). A combination of bold and italic words should only be used for warnings (eg. Do not block the doorways).

Never use:

Internet slang/abbreviations/emoticons - No1 shud camp @ the stairs in offices >:( Noob.
ALL CAPS - If the Patriarch is coming, PLEASE RUN AWAY!
Excessive punctuation - Save money!!!!!
Sentences starting with a lower-case letter - buy a shotgun first.
Slang - Cause' its a good weapon. Kill the freaking Patriarch.

Spelling & grammar

Everything in the Killing Floor wiki should be written in British English due to the fact that this game is simply held in London. Spellings that writers are unsure of should check Google or a British dictionary.


Armour not Armor
Honour not Honor
Capitalisation not Capitalization
Centre not Center
Monologue not Monolog

Read American and British English differences for a better understanding. -xion, -ction (3.4) is not included as it is rarely used nowadays.

Note: The game uses American English. But we should be okay writing in British English. However, if one prefers to write in American English, a discussion should be made in this discussion page about the matter.


Linking terms or words to other articles in the wiki is recommended but do not over-link, linking of the same word or term can only happen at most once per paragraph.

Over-linking makes it a little harder to read due to all the links. So please limit your links and make it more readable by not repeating the same link many times.

Never use links when:

It is repeated more than once in the same line and paragraph. (Meaning that writers can link the same word or term in the following paragraph)
Repeating redirects in the same paragraph. (Support specialist is a perk. perks add to the replay-value of Killing Floor)
There is an opportunity to not put 2 links together. However, putting 2 links together can be allowed when there is simply no other choice.

The Field medic perk is meant for healing team-mates. Perks are useful because.....
can be re-linked as:
The Field medic perk is meant for healing team-mates. Perks are useful because.....

It makes everything less confusing and distracting.


Proper nouns, initialisms, acronyms should be capitalised such as the brand Magnum, the specimen Bloat, the character Sergeant Powers, the acronym SCAR, and the initialism MP5. On the other hand, objects with generic names, such as bullpup, lever-action, weapons, melee, specimen, squad, and grenade launcher, should not be capitalised except for when they begin a sentence.

Examples that need to be capitalised:

Killing Floor
Biotics Lab

Examples that generally should not be capitalised:

grenade launcher
head shot
long game
difficulty of the game
length of the game
squad members

Short/Long terms

Writers are allowed to shorten long terms like how the 9mm tactical pistol can be rephrased as the 9mm. However putting a whole word to its abbreviation is not allowed unless it is globally known (or at least, in the knowledge of your average gamer) or is found in a dictionary, an encyclopedia or Wikipedia.

Examples of abbreviations/short-terms that shouldn't be used when writing:

Fleshpound - FP
Primary weapons - Primary wpns
spawning - spwning
damage - dmg
shotgun - shotty

Examples of "correct" abbreviations/short-terms:

Killing Floor Wiki - KF Wiki
Private Jim - Pvt. Jim
Lever-action rifle - Winchester
Alternate fire - Alt fire
Software Development Kit - SDK

Good luck writing articles!