London's Finest

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London's Finest
London's Finest.jpg
Pack cost: £0.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Chopper Harris, Kevo the Chav, Captain Wiggins, Reverend Alberts
Portrait of Chopper Harris. Portrait of Kevo the Chav. Portrait of Captain Wiggins. Portrait of Reverend Alberts.

The "London's Finest" character pack unlocks four unique playable characters for Killing Floor for the price of £0.99 through steam. Once you have bought the pack, they become selectable in-game through the character selection screen. The pack was first introduced on the 14th of December 2010 in the Christmas update. The characters included are Chopper Harris, Kevo the Chav, Captain Wiggins and Reverend Alberts who each come with a unique appearance and back story but share the two voice actor profiles as all other characters.

Chopper Harris[edit]

Chopper Harris Portrait.jpg Chopper Harris had spent the last few years beating seven bells out of people at soccer grounds all over Europe. In return he'd taken a few kickings from cops from Scotland to Turkey. But the best bit about the onset of the Apocalypse was that suddenly no-one was trying to stop him - AND they let him play with guns! Chopper Harris.png

Kevo the Chav[edit]

Kevo the Chav Portrait.jpg Kevo the Chav loved nothing better on a Saturday afternoon than hanging round cheap sporting goods stores, drinking crap lager, trying to work up the courage to indulge in some shop-lifting. He was as surprised as anyone when he grew a real pair and fought his way past the on-coming Zeds in Croydon High Street. Kevo the Chav.png

Captain Wiggins[edit]

Captain Wiggins Portrait.jpg Captain Sir Richard Wiggins, 5th Baronet of Warbury, was classic minor British aristocracy. Educated at Eton, he progressed through Cambridge and Sandhurst, to a commission in the Brigade of Guards. After the initial shock of seeing the barracks stormed and destroyed by monsters, he found zed-killing to be jolly good sport, really. "Tally-ho, lads!" Captain Wiggins.png

Reverend Alberts[edit]

Reverend Alberts Portrait.jpg Reverend Alberts had been the vicar of Saint Ethel's in West London for nearly 20 years before the outbreak. Clearly his take on the apocalypse came from watching too many horror movies at the youth centre with a bunch of 16-year-olds! He wasn't expecting to have to take it to the streets... Reverend Alberts.png
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