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Trader Mac 10.png
Pricing: £500 (£375)
Weight: 4 blocks
Ammo: 30 Hud Ammo Clip.png 9 (300)
Related achievements
Let Them Burn.jpg Let Them Burn

A highly compact machine pistol. Can be fired in semi or full auto. —Trader description 

The MAC-10 is a light suppressed machine pistol with stats comparable to the MKb or MP7M (at max-level perks, comparable to the M4 carbine). When used with the Firebug perk it comes loaded with incendiary ammo, which causes after-burn damage to all impacted targets. It can be toggled between semi- and fully-automatic with the alt-fire button, in much the same way as the Commando's assault rifles.


The firebug perk gives discounts, reload speed, and magazine size bonuses to the MAC-10.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine size
Base 0% £500 £375 35 30
0 10% £450 £337 35 30
1 20% £400 £299 35 33
2 30% £350 £262 35 37
3 40% £300 £224 35 40
4 50% £250 £187 35 44
5 60% £200 £149 35 48
6 70% £150 £112 35 48

Non firebug
Bullet damage Burn damage over 10 secs
35 0
Any firebug level 35 515-570


  • The MAC-10 is generally better for setting specimens on fire at extremely long ranges, and lacks a view obscuring stream of fire. If your team has chosen a position where most specimens are at long ranges, this may be the better weapon to use primarily. MAC-10 gets no increased afterburn damage per perk level, but it has above mediocre afterburn damage once target lit on fire. On semi-auto fire mode, bullets can pinpoint targets from a distance at the open areas. As usual bullets don't pierce targets, so it's not a convenient weapon to hold near corners but forces one to eliminate threats from long sightlines by stepping out.
  • When used by the Firebug, both bullet and stacked afterburn damage contribute to the damage required to level up the perk. However, while all specimen are 50% weaker against direct expose against most incendiary weapons, MAC-10 bullets are not qualified as incendiary projectiles but simple bullets that inflict afterburn. Firing in small bursts are essential to land a few headshots and to control the bullet spread.
  • Switching to semi-automatic fire will conserve your ammunition dramatically as long as you have distance to aim safely, where as emptying an entire magazine in full-auto can help when cornered by a large specimen. If you're planning on kiting specimens as a Firebug, the MAC-10 is one of the best choices, as it is light enough to maintain a decent run speed, (as opposed to the heavier Firebug weapon alternatives such as flamethrower) and can deal a deceptively large amount of damage, due to every bullet setting specimens on fire.
  • So long as one is careful with their ammo, the MAC-10 goes nicely with any slow firing weapon such as Trenchgun, M79 or a light melee weapon like Katana. This provides the player, regardless of perk, with some decent medium range high damage fire power and saves reload times. While only the Firebug can set enemies on fire with the MAC-10, it remains a good backup weapon for other classes thanks to its low weight and good damage per shot. Some devious Support specialist, Demolition and Commando players may choose to grab MAC-10 as a sidearm just for stacking grenades faster with its missing raise animations.
  • Unlike the 50-87.5% fire resistance against the Flamethrower and incendiary grenades, the Husk have no resistance to MAC-10 bullet or its afterburn damage. Igniting the Husk with a single shot and letting it burn is a efficient but a long lasting way to eliminate it between crowd. Even on Hell on Earth difficulty with 6-players the Husk only needs to suffer full burn damage three times from MAC-10 to drop dead from any perk level.
  • Any incendiary damage can induce slow-rage on Scrakes through crisping them or make Fleshpounds ignore high damage hits as long as they're crisped and still lit on fire. For this to work, you have to cut eye sight with these big specimen at the right time as they're crisping up and flailing around. Also, for Fleshpound's case you have to keep them lit up over and over again for them to ignore damage spikes. There's no visible cue for Fleshpounds' damage threshold trigger canceled, so you better be sure you're in safe before using heavy hitters on him. Even with its damage threshold rage trigger is cancelled, timer based enrage is still pretty intact and active; keep turning corners for losing sightline.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Generous magazine size at higher levels of Firebug perk;
  • Gives the Firebug a better weapon for dealing with husks;
  • Longer range than the flamethrower without the arc;
  • Way cheaper than Flamethrower at low Firebug levels;
  • No self splash damage is convenient for low Firebug levels;
  • High rate of fire;
  • Reliably decapitates lesser specimens;
  • Able to switch between semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing;
  • Able to land head shots;
  • On kiting sceneries, a few hits are enough to kill weak specimens if you wait the afterburn;
  • Large magazines and reserve ammo;
  • An utility to stack hand grenades faster.


  • Afterburn damage does not scale with Firebug level;
  • Weak bullet damage of 35 per shot;
  • Shots don't lit targets on fire when used off-perk;
  • Slow reload off-perk;
  • Doesn't pierce targets like other Firebug weapons;
  • Does not deal splash damage, badly scales against dense crowds;
  • Recoil causes a bounce in view while firing from aimed down sights;
  • High recoil when fired on full auto;
  • Rate of fire on full auto rapidly consumes ammunition;
  • Obstructive iron sights.


Like Lever-action rifle when wielded it allows player to throw grenades 3 times faster. Compared to LaR, MAC10 is lighter; and that makes it a reliable choice for classes who wants to stacke nades like a Demolition or Support Specialist.


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