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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Multichamber ZED Thrower
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Pricing: £2000 (£1500)
Weight: 10 blocks
Ammo: 10 Hud Ammo Clip.png 4 (50)
Ammo cost: £30 – £150
Related achievements
Assault Flayer Ordinance.jpg Assault Flayer Ordinance

The Multichamber Zed Thrower (MZT) is a tier 3 weapon available for the Support specialist. It is only available for those who bought the Community Weapon Pack 2. The MZT is a fully automatic combat shotgun with rate of fire comparable to the AA12, but with lower total ammo count and mag size. It also has smaller spread than other shotguns and thus has a longer effective range. The MZT has the third largest ammo reserve of the shotguns at 50 shells by default. The MZT's alt-fire option can knock back enemies which is useful for evading damage.


Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Ammo capacity
Base 0% £2000 £1500 140 50
0 10% £1800 £1349 140 50
1 20% £1600 £1199 154 55
2 30% £1400 £1049 168 60
3 40% £1200 £899 182 62
4 50% £1000 £749 196 62
5 60% £800 £599 210 62
6 70% £600 £449 224 65

Price and ammunition[edit]

The Multichamber Zed Thrower has a base cost of £2000, exactly half of the AA-12's. The Support specialist perk offers discounts on this cost at intervals of £200 per level in the perk, to a current minimum price of £599. Ammunition pool expands with each Support specialist perk level up to 30% to reach 65 shells total at level 6. The ammunition cost is £30 for one 10 round magazine; £150 for a full refill at the base level, and £195 at level 6. Support Specialists do not receive a discount on ammunition cost.


The Multichamber Zed Thrower fires a spread of 7 pellets with each pellet causing 20 damage, for a total of 140 Damage with standard 1.5x headshot multiplier. Multichamber has a shot delay of 0.35 second and drum magazine loaded with the capacity of 10 shells each. Support Specialist gets damage bonus to the pellet damage increasing shot damage to the 224 total, making per pellet damage increased to 32. Being magazine loaded, it shares the same pierce efficiency of 75% with other magazine loaded shotguns. Pierce effectiveness can be improved up by Support Specialist perk making pellets only lose 2% damage per target pierced. With comparable accuracy to the AA12, yet noticeably lower fire-rate, 1/2 the magazine size and 90% of the damage, the Multichamber Zed Thrower is a lower-grade alternative that may be suitable for mid-game specimen. Aiming for the head is advised.


Being a shotgun, the MZT recieves a penetration bonus from the Support Specialist class, so lining up Zeds helps to conserve ammo. The Multichamber ZED Thrower has a unique non-damaging ability to push specimens away with alt fire which is just an air pressure ability, has the recharge time of about 2 seconds. This allows players to buy themselves more time for reloads or weapon switching. Air pressure can be used to array multiple specimen to pierce the lot of them in one shot to maintain ammo or timing a reload.

It's possible pushing specimens off cliffs, balconies when holding a high up position in the map. However specimens take no fall damage unless they shoved into deadly hazards that a map can contain such as KF-Offices or KF-MountainPass. This alt fire ability may be also come handy on the only official low gravity map KF-Moonbase to keep oneself airborne above zeds, allowing one to fire down on them with low fear of being hit, with the exception of Crawlers and Sirens.

The Multichamber's alt fire is also capable of push-locking larger specimen, except for the Patriarch. This alt fire's pushing power allows bearer to avoid a heavy bursting attack by stepping toward and gently pushing them as they step back, taking minimal to no damage from highly lethal attacks from big specimen such as Fleshpound and Scrake. Combining this with piercing shots will sweep the path and prevent the big specimen colliding with something behind them causing them to halt momentum and reach you on your recovery to fire the air pressure again as you kite them for a short while or give an opportunity for a counter attack after they whiffed their melee swing.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Alt-Fire can easily buy time for reloading on solo, or push back larger specimens for a teameffort;
  • Alt-fire does not cost ammo to use and can be used even if the weapon has run out of ammo;
  • Very accurate;
  • Quick reloading;
  • High rate of fire;
  • Third highest magazine size;
  • Slightly more total ammo than average;
  • Extremely good for crowd control with its heavy penetration and very narrow spread;
  • Person who owns the DLC can buy the weapon for those people who don't.


  • Low ammo reserve and high rate of fire leads to running out quickly;
  • Very heavy, at 10 blocks;
  • Quite expensive- 3rd highest costing shotgun;
  • Reloads cannot be interrupted;
  • Weakest damage per shot of shotguns;
  • Slower fire rate than Combat Shotgun, despite being automatic;
  • The DLC must be bought before the weapon can be bought in game.



Multichamber ZED Thrower is based on Pancor Jackhammer, 12-gauge gas-operated automatic shotgun patented in 1987 by Pancor Corporation. The Jackhammer never reached full-scale production and only few working prototypes exist. Jackhammer had ability to use its magazines as mines, however this isn't reflected in game.

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