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Menu Patriarch Missile.png
Base statistics:
Bounty: £500
Health: 4000 (+3000)
Damage: 75
Movement speeds:
Walking: 120
Charging: 300
Swimming: 120
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The Patriarch. This is the Big One. Chain-gun. Rockets. And vicious up close, too!

Patriarch addendum: Did we forget to brief you? Yes, it seems he can cloak when he needs to heal. Luckily, only a couple of times in his short, angry life. —Loading screen tips. 

The Patriarch is the final boss of Killing Floor, appearing in the final wave of each game. He is the most powerful and heavily armed specimen in the game, being equipped with a minigun, rocket launcher, a cloaking system and three single use healing syringes. He is also the fastest runner in the game, easily outrunning all players and specimens, however he makes use of this after being injured either to run and heal or to retaliate against a specific player.


The Patriarchs' vampire Halloween costume.


The Patriarch is a 9-foot tall humanoid with long hair and a well-trimmed moustache, wearing a torn-sleeved shirt and a belt. He has a strap belt on his right leg that carries three large healing syringes which he uses to heal up when weak. His swollen right eye hangs out of its socket apparently due to his muscular retinal artery. His left eye still wears the shattered remains of his old glasses. He also has a very large tentacle extruding from the centre of his torso, which appears to hold a stinger beneath a fleshy bulb. He has several other smaller tentacles surrounding it. His left arm has been replaced below the elbow with a nerve-controlled assault platform; housing a minigun and a rocket launcher. His other hand and his feet are mutated into claws.


During the Twisted Christmas events he was re-skinned as a robotic Santa with a red suit and boots. Other cosmetic changes are metallic looking chest impale, baubles over his tendrils and a red visor on his right eye. He howls jolly one-liners about his naughty list mixed with some laughter and robotic echo. Robotic Santa says "Let's see what's in my bag? Bullets! Ho ho ho ho!" or "Seven, six, two; I've got a present for you!" while readying his machine gun and "I've got a present for you!" as he readies up a rocket shot.

For the Summer Sideshow update, he was reskinned into the Ring leader with a remarkable moustache. He wears a well fit jacket, strapped creme colored pants, leather boots. He wears a top hat with goggles that cover his both eyes and possess a brass looking chest impale with brass covered nails. Like other events, Patriarch has new one-liners such as "Drum roll, please.", "Stop clowning around!" or "Watch this! The crowd loves it!" while loading a rocket shot.
For the first Halloween Sideshow event, he was reskinned into the Vampire. In the later Summer and Halloween events he wears the same Ringmaster outfit, with the same claw in the front, and in both events his hands looked the same. Only the suit colours and his head were changed between the two outfits.

In the Hillbilly Horror event, he was reskinned as Sheriff Wade, who has donned a deputy's uniform, and instead of a bulb or metallic object, a rattlesnake is what appears to have been impaled through his abdomens, with the tail of the snake sticking out of his left shoulder. Sheriff Wade appears to be the most polite out of the others, for as he preps his chain gun, he says: "'Scuse me while I whip this out..." (which to some implies a sexual innuendo), after he performs a roundhouse swing "Here used to be a nice neighbourhood!" and if you lose to him, there is a chance he says "Guess they won't be needin' that phone call." or "Remember kids, don't do the crime if you ain't wantin' a whuppin'.".


At the start of the final wave, the player's camera moves to a third-person view of the Patriarch performing his introductory taunt and walking towards the player. The camera will then return to the player character in first person. Upon sight of a player, the Patriarch will either use one of his firearms or sprint towards the player, possibly cloaking himself in the process.

After receiving sufficient damage, the Patriarch cloaks himself, summons specimens to his aid, and attempts to retreat to a safe location in order to heal. After healing, he will often return to the players while cloaked and launch a melee attack, sometimes in the midst of the group. The Patriarch can heal up to three times, and different types of specimens are summoned each time. During his first retreat, the Patriarch summons Clots. During his second, he summons Clots and Crawlers, and during his last, he summons Clots, Crawlers and Stalkers.

Attacks and abilities[edit]

There is a wide variety of offensive materials at the disposal of the Patriarch. Attached to his left arm is a heavy weapons platform with both a rocket launcher and a mini-gun attachment. The use of these attacks are well telegraphed with a preceding taunt and loading sequence. The main distinguishing mark between the two is the vocal taunt; when he is readying the mini-gun he says either "Time for a more direct approach", "Wait right there, Hahahahaha!", "Stay there- I'll make this quick." or "This is the end of you!" and when loading the rocket launcher he says "One in the pipe.". He generally notices any pipe bombs close to player and planted at the same height, readies his rocket launcher platform to blow them up in an instant.

In close quarters combat, the Patriarch effectively has three attacks: he can strike you with either his tentacle or claw, both of which do high amount of damage to the player and could send them flying away; he can thrust the giant tentacle on his chest at the player, which has half the reach of the claw attack but can hit twice in quick succession. Both attacks will send the victim flying through the air and are immediately preceded by very short animations distinguishing them apart, either in the form of drawing one of the arms back or by squatting slightly before the tentacle attacks.

Similar to the Stalker, the Patriarch has the ability to cloak himself and render himself invisible. However, unlike the Stalker, the Patriarch turns red and translucent for a split second before becoming almost completely invisible; only glimmers are visible. Patriarch cloaks and gains 25% movement speed to melee players in a chain of melee attacks to eliminate them.

The third melee attack has him swinging his claw and tentacle out in a 360 degree radius in mid-air then thrusting himself forward and doing another large swing to players; dealing major damage to anyone who might be within its radius or his path. That swing is the most deadly one as it can kill a fully armored player (besides a high level Berserker or Field Medic) with a single contact. After performing that deadly swing, Patriarch stands trembled, wiping under his nose with his claw hand and mocking players; yelling "So you're trying to do that again? Ha ha ha ha!". Luckily Patriarch will only use his roundhouse swing when cornered and swarmed by 3 or more players. Most of the time getting too close to him with more than two players would result in quick deaths, which eventually can lead to team wipes in a blink.

If a player is having a rough time with Patriarch's melee attacks, only one player (preferably a Field Medic or Berserker who can take his retaliation; cancel his ranged attacks by attacking him with a melee weapon or at least evade his swings) should approach Patriarch to take the unwanted attention away from the cornered or weak player.

The Patriarch has 3 adrenaline stimulants strapped on his leg, to heal back when he hits certain health thresholds and kneeldown. After kneeling down he rushes away with doubled speed to heal once from a syringe use. Each syringe heals him back for 25% and won't be used more than once for each session even if he's still under the expected threshold after healing. Patriarch also gains health with melee attacks like all other specimen when hit below 90% maximum health. If he has 90% health or below he gains 10% of current health for each player he kills with any of his melee attacks.

Killing Floor mod era Patriarch promo image.

Historic data[edit]

Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to the Patriarch as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

The Patriarch was added in early Killing Floor Mod versions, but he was scrapped because he was bugged. He was re-added in a community patch. The main difference between the two are purely aesthetic, besides that, his one-liners has a more manic tone and recorded with a brutal echo which includes swearing insults towards the squad.

Aside from the graphical upgrade and slight change of manners, there are a few minor visual differences between mod and retail version Patriarch; the weapons platform attached to his left arm was different, and in the mod, his eye was not detached from its socket. His skin was bloodier and more mottled, he possessed several leprous appendages over his body (including one over the groin that gives the appearance of still possessing genitalia), he wore no clothing, and he moved as though suffering or diseased.


Kevin Clamely, former Horzine founder and CEO

Kevin Clamely, the Patriarch's original identity, was the CEO and founder of Horzine Biotech, the company responsible for the outbreak in London. He was hired by the government to create the perfect soldier—something that wouldn't experience pain or fear, and wouldn't question or reason. London was to be used as a staging ground—a test of Horzine's accomplishments. Kevin thought of the clones as his "children" and "family" because they were the only companions he had left.

Sergeant Masterson was Horzine's last project before the outbreak. He escaped from the Biotics Labs below the city through the sewer system to the city above, hoping that he could rebel against his mad creators. Sadly, this is what Kevin wanted all along; Masterson led his soldiers into combat, and they were killed just as Kevin had planned. With the British Disaster Response Force eliminated, nobody could stand in the way of the clones.

Horzine's methods were deemed too immoral even for such a controversial project, and were shut down. However, the project didn't want to be shut down. In a second complex deep underneath the city of London, the experiments continued.

Eventually, he realised that his work was in jeopardy. His scientists were leaving and he feared that someone may reveal his secret work to a world that wouldn't understand or even allow it. In a final act to save his dream, he asked the remaining scientists to take the most advanced pieces of technology at their disposal, and use the methods they had perfected over the course of their work to implant them into him:

  • An updated version of the cloaking device used on project Stalker
  • Three modified neuro-stimulation systems similar to those used on project Guardian
  • A nerve-controlled weapons platform on his left arm.

Finally, he underwent the same "gene-enhancing" process that all the specimens underwent, but with all the safeties off and the process running at full capacity. As Kevin walked out of the test chamber, he knew he had become as perfect as any human could hope to be.

When humans started murdering his "children", he knew that it was time to take the fight to them. Armies fell before him, none seemed to be able to kill him, or even harm him. He would continue his work alone, and create and protect more of his specimens until the day someone could finally work out how to kill him.


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Health chart[edit]

The base hit points of the Patriarch is 4000; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 3000 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 2000 4000 5400 6200 7000
2 3500 7000 9450 10850 12250
3 5000 10000 13500 15500 17500
4 6500 13000 17550 20150 22750
5 8000 16000 21600 24800 28000
6 9500 19000 25650 29450 33250
  • Patriarch has no head health to decapitate and won't be decapitated or dismembered until dead.


Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to do anything with the bounty received from the Patriarch other than throw it around in the post-game freeze frame.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
£1000 £500 £425 £325


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