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Pack cost: £0.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Harold Hunt, Kerry Fitzpatrick, Trooper Clive Jenkins, Paramedic Alfred Anderson
Portrait of Harold Hunt. Portrait of Kerry Fitzpatrick. Portrait of Trooper Clive Jenkins. Portrait of Paramedic Alfred Anderson.

"Postmortem" is a character pack that unlocks four unique playable characters for Killing Floor for the price of £0.99 through steam. Once you have bought the pack, they become selectable in-game through the character selection screen. The pack was first introduced on the 7th of October 2010 in the 1014 update. The characters included are Harold Hunt, Kerry Fitzpatrick, Trooper Clive Jenkins and Paramedic Alfred Anderson who each come with a unique appearance and back story but share the two voice actor profiles as all other characters. During the April 1st update their biographies were changed, with the note in the change log mentioning #PotatoFoolsDay!

Harold Hunt[edit]

Harold Hunt Portrait.jpg Harold was the front man for the underground punk band "The Fecking Nancies", who played mingin' pubs and bars all over South London. And if he wasn't screaming into a microphone about anarchy and chaos he was out causing it by kicking the shite out of cockneys, chavs and pikies before stealing their bling. Courtesy of the Horzine outbreak, he's finding out what real anarchy and chaos is. Harold Hunt.jpg

Kerry Fitzpatrick[edit]

Kerry Fitzpatrick Portrait.jpg After disfiguring one inmate in his last prison fight, the others stopped calling "Kerry" a girl's name. During his transfer to the high-security psych ward at Broadmoor, he watched the guards get eaten by a herd of crazed, emaciated mutants. Kerry took pleasure ripping apart the monsters before looting the dead prison guards. From life in prison to a free man in seconds, Kerry has found a world where he truly fits in. Kerry Fitzpatrick.jpg

Trooper Clive Jenkins[edit]

Trooper Clive Jenkins Portrait.jpg When he wasn't jumping out of airplanes and breaking heads for the British government, Jenks could usually be found getting rat-arsed in the pubs of Aldershot and picking fights with civvies. C Company was on standby when word of the outbreak struck. They loaded into the Herc and jumped over London. Straight into a mob of chainsaw-wielding nutters. Come and get some, ya ponces! Trooper Clive Jenkins.jpg

Paramedic Alfred Anderson[edit]

Paramedic Alfred Anderson Portrait.jpg Working nightshift for the hospital can be interesting. It's also a good place to stock up on supplies when the whole city has turned into a cannibalistic feeding frenzy. Well equipped and knowledgeable, Alfred's a good ally to have when a fleshless creature is beating down your door. Paramedic Alfred Anderson.jpg
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