Reggie the Rocker Character Pack

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Reggie the Rocker
Header Reggie.jpg
Pack cost: £2.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Reggie
Portrait of Reggie.

"Reggie The Rocker" Is a DLC Pack that unlocks a unique character for Killing Floor, that was added during the Hillbilly Horror Fright Yard event.

Reggie the Rocker[edit]

Reggie Portrait.png Loud, abusive and barely intelligible, Reggie was once front man for Pissed Gods, the band tagged as the next big thing in 1979. Their debut single, Bollock Smasher, broke Billboard records, but, unable to recapture the raw energy of their original masterpiece, they faded swiftly back into obscurity. Reggie has smoked, snorted and drunk his way around the world, trying desperately to elevate himself above the status of one-hit wonder, while being famous simply for surviving his abuse of his own body. Now his drug-fuelled, monster-packed nightmares have collided with reality and, for now at least, no-one is trying to stop him blowing them through windows. Reggie.png

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