Seal Squeal Harpoon Bomber

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Seal Squeal Harpoon Bomber
Trader SealSqueal.png
Pricing: £2000 (£1500)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 3 Hud Ammo Clip.png 9 (30)
Ammo cost: £30 – £150
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Fire and Forget.jpg Fire and Forget

The Seal Squeal Harpoon Bomber is a weapon for the Demolition class, added in the "Us vs. Them" Community Weapon Pack. It shoots fast-moving, barbed projectiles that stick in a specimen (or the scenery) and smoulder for a couple of seconds before exploding. Surprisingly, harpoons do not appear to do damage; even the weakest specimens survive a headshot from the Seal Squeal weapon until the projectile detonates after a fuse time and unleashes a massive blast.

The weapon is magazine-fed, with three harpoons in each magazine. If fired as quickly as possible, all three projectiles can be placed before detonation, in which case a particularly powerful explosion can be produced, as when "stacking" grenades. If another player kills the zed while a harpoon's fuse is still burning down, it detonates immediately. If a zed gets very close to the player, they can be injured or killed by the explosion.


Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage
Base 0% £2000 £1500 350
0 10% £1800 £1349 350
1 20% £1600 £1199 385
2 30% £1400 £1049 420
3 40% £1200 £899 455
4 50% £1000 £749 490
5 60% £800 £599 525
6 70% £600 £449 560


Sealsqueal have 350 damage only for explosion and deals no damage for projectile pinning onto the target for initial impact with 3.65x-4.00x headshot multiplier depending on the specimen's distance from the position of initial pin. Its explosion damage is equal to grenade launchers' blast damage without their blunt impact calculated in.


  • Harpoon can be set off with gun fire, flames or another explosion when stuck to a specimen. It makes M4 M203 or SeekerSix not a bad choice for coupling with Harpoon Bomber.
  • Placing a harpoon in a group of gorefast/sirens and then quickly detonating it with another grenade launcher, can outright kill the entire group. Using 2 shots of the M32 is sometimes not as effective as the first shot somestimes knock them out of the center of the explosion.
  • Harpoon is capable of dealing tremendous damage to Fleshpound on a headshot. After successfully pinning two headshots then prematurely set it with any grenade launcher upperbody shot to enrage it. As it enrages with a shriek, Demolitions either sticks another harpoon to FP's throat while it enrages or can stack 2 nades infront of its feet instead and detonate hastily with another M79/M203 upperbody shot. That combo will be enough to kill FP on any difficulty disregard of player count.
  • Harpoon projectile not following the fast running target quick enough to catch up with hitboxes; explosion happens on the point that it first struck while main target remains unharmed. That requires player to detonate the harpoon right away with a grenade launcher for ensuring maximum damage on enraged targets, thus creating large smoke clouds on the process. SeekerSix can help with that to shove big targets away to the center of the explosion. Trash clearing and clear sight is important to not get blocked.
  • A Scrake can be killed with 3 accurate harpoon headshot blasts, but if more than one harpoon blast triggers in a short time period, they may not register as headshots snapping the Scrake out of its stun, mowing down the helpless Demolition Expert. Whatever the situation is Harpoon must be used against Scrakes within' long distance where there's no other option to get dispose of them. If they're enraged they'll get away from the area where it's pinned on them, not allowing the blast damage to catch on later.
  • This weapon is particularly effective against the Patriarch at low difficulty because he doesn't appear to take into account the imminent detonation of harpoons that have already struck him from a corner peek shot. When walking slowly at low difficulties, he won't be able to get away fast enough from the initial area of pinning impact. At high difficulties you need a weapon switch to a grenade launcher or any impactful projectile weapon to set it off after first pinning shot.
  • Pinpoint large hallways by sticking some harpoons to ground and corners. Unlike grenades, the specimens will never see harpoons on walls. Yet, since it creates much more smoke than a single M32/M79 shot, it adviced to aim at ceiling or rear walls to mitigate smoke.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Harpoons can be shot into floors and walls, for more accurate placement than when throwing a grenade
  • Large zeds do not rage when struck with a harpoon (until it detonates)
  • Ability to place up to three harpoons in a zed before detonation
  • Explosions can damage or kill multiple zeds
  • The Patriarch does not notice when first harpooned, permitting hit-and-run attacks
  • Exploding harpoons do not damage welded doors, as grenades do
  • Reasonably lightweight weapon, for its power and apparent size.
  • Second highest headshot multiplier in-game and medium blast radius.
  • Does not need to hit the target to detonate; this allows you to shoot at the actual centre of a group.
  • Capable of stunning Scrake on headshots
  • Capable to kill fleshpound with 3 headshots on any difficulty.


  • Delay before explosion: zeds may advance close to the shooter before they explode, perhaps permitting them to attack, as well as causing the splash damage
  • High recoil - the shooter may need to pause between shots if accuracy is required
  • Small magazine capacity of 3 shots
  • Somewhat limited ammo reserve
  • Somewhat slow reload
  • Even though it increases damage on headshots, like all explosions it only damages body health of specimen
  • Altough headshots deal higher damage than grenade launcher shots to the Fleshpound, bodyshots do less
  • Sucessfully planted headshots make the target flail, hindering additional headshots
  • Sirens' screams destroy harpoons
  • Slow flight time makes it necessary to aim ahead of zeds if they are crossing your field of vision
  • Requires DLC in order to be purchased in the game.
  • Cancels stun effect on Scrake if additional projectiles don't register as headshots
  • There's a bug with harpoon projectile and fast running targets
  • Requires a detonator like a grenade launcher or Seeker6, or a Firebug teammate to be effective.


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