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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Single Piston Long Musket
Dirty Trader Single Piston Long Musket.png
Pricing: £1500 (£1125)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 10 Hud Ammo Clip.png 7 (80)
Ammo cost: £20 – £140

Single Piston Long Musket is a rifle for Sharpshooters that is only available to those who own the Community Weapon Pack 2 DLC. Aesthetically modelled on the Lee Enfield Mk.2 bolt action rifle, it is in fact an upgraded version of the Lever-action rifle, featuring a scope, roughly 30% more damage, and reloading an entire clip rather than one bullet at a time. However, it has same ammo carry capacity as the LAR, has the same weight, fires 5% slower, and is more expensive. Even for a level 6 sharpshooter it's still over two times the price of the LAR.


Level  Discount Price Sale value Base damage Head damage
Base 0% £1500 £1125 180 360
0 10% £1350 £1012 180 396
1 20% £1200 £899 180 435
2 30% £1050 £787 180 496
3 40% £900 £674 180 561
4 50% £750 £562 180 655
5 60% £600 £449 180 810
6 70% £450 £337 180 864

Price and Ammunition[edit]

The Musket has a base price of £1500; Sharpshooter receives a 10% discount of £150 per perk rank, pulling the price down to £450 at best. When bought it comes with a total of 4 magazines; players have to buy 4 more magazines to reach max capacity. Magazines hold 10 bullets total and have the same price tag as the Lever-action rifle bullets, costing £20 per magazine and it costs £160 total to refill an empty Musket. Sharpshooters do not get any discounts on ammunition.


Musket deals 180 damage per shot and has headshot multiplier of 2.0x. Compared to Lever-action rifle, it shares the same headshot multiplier but deals more damage per shot. Its headshot multiplier gains bonus from Sharpshooter perk, increasing the head damage up to 864 per headshot.


  • S.P. Long Musket, is a modified version of Lever-action rifle to take care of big targets from a distance with a scope, as being a counter-part to M14 EBR rifle which has laser-sight module to decap big specimen from close quarters relatively quick. People generally tend to use this rifle for everything but at late waves it causes some ammunition problems and it's not a great weapon for crowd control, so pairing it with Handcannon, MK23, .44 Magnum or at least M14 EBR is required to spare ammunition of Musket for critical threats and big targets.
  • Musket's biggest downside would be uninterruptible magazine reload. When you are kiting away or need to get away from a mayhem causing breach with casualties, reloading the rifle at the choke points ahead just might be your impending demise. Try to keep the musket for spare and don't reload it hastily until you are moving through long straight hallways or vast open areas that you can deny ahead spawns with sightline. Unless you're swarmed or blocked by trash specimen, accurate Musket's headshots would allow you to use a side arm like pistols or another rifle to spare its ammo and manage reloads.
  • When fired from the hands of a level 6 sharpshooter; 5 headshots can kill a Fleshpound and 4 headshots kill a Scrake in 6-man Hell on Earth difficulty. It is possible to stun a Scrake as a level 5 Sharpshooter by a headshot from it, unlike Lever-action's requirement of being level 6 to do the same. Like Lever-action rifle and M14 EBR, Fleshpound only has 25% resistance against its bullets from headshots, unlike their general 50% innate resistance to everything else. This alone, makes it a pretty nice sidegrade to use at higher difficulties.
  • Counter-intuitively, the tip of the arrow is not the actual center of the scope. The actual center is the middle of the arrow. The arrow, reaches just a bit higher than the actual center of aim. Just line up the sights and use the middle of the arrow to aim at specimens heads.
  • When engaging big specimen like Scrake and Fleshpound standing your ground for clear shots is important. That is mostly ensured by doing controlled shots, and getting trash quickly killed before you engage the main threat. When carrying this rifle a panic situation of abusing rate of fire which causes recoil or moving around may ruin things for you. Because of obstructive sights Sharps generally use hipfiring combos to big targets and that requires contact with trash zeds and close quarter fending before going in for the big hit.
  • Musket deals 180 damage per shot, that's not only enough to kill a Crawler in one shot right away but also can kill a Stalker at any difficulty. Backdraw is wasting such powerful ammunition with burst damage potential on trash specimen and 5% slower fire delay compared to Lever-action rifle. This downside hardly comes into play as Musket has plenty of ammunition and it's not hard to drop medium grade meat shield specimen such as Gorefasts and Bloat as long as you have considerable distance.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Overall an upgrade to the Lever-action rifle;
  • Added scope for improved accuracy;
  • Fast magazine based reload;
  • Relatively lightweight at 6 weight blocks for its power;
  • Able to carry it with M14 EBR for added firepower and more overall ammo;
  • One-shot Stalkers and Crawlers at any difficulty;
  • Can stun a Clot or Gorefast with a bodyshot;
  • Causes mini flinches on Scrake even from a bodyshot or headshot;
  • Able to cause heavy flinch on Scrake as early as level 3;
  • Able to stun a Scrake with headshots when used by level 5+ Sharpshooter;
  • Fleshpounds have only 25% resistance to its laser bolts just like LaR;
  • Able to stun a Husk even from an off perk headshot;
  • Higher damage than Lever-action rifle per shot;
  • Lower recoil than the Lever-action rifle;
  • Cheaper than M14 and Crossbow for high level Sharpshooters.


  • Required DLC first to be unlocked and bought from trader;
  • More expensive than Lever-action rifle;
  • Costly price tag for off perk users;
  • Slightly slower rate of fire than the Lever-action rifle;
  • Reloading sequence is uninterruptible;
  • Reloading while looking through the scope obscures vision;
  • Not a great weapon for crowd control or recovery, hard to sustain;
  • Shots don't pierce, inefficient against Patriarch's minigun stance;
  • Confusing scope design;
  • The DLC must be bought before the weapon can be bought in game.

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