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Base statistics:
Bounty: £25
Health: 300 (+30)
Damage: 13
Movement speeds:
Walking: 100
Swimming: 80
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Not So Silent Night.jpg Not So Silent Night
A Bloody Christmas Carol.jpg A Bloody Christmas Carol
Windjammer Enthusiast.jpg Windjammer Enthusiast
Homer's Heroes.jpg Homer's Heroes

The Siren is a real screamer. Very nasty. Her screams actually hurt - and they'll destroy grenades and rockets in mid-air! —Loading screen tip 

The Siren is one of the few specimens with a ranged attack, the others being the Husk, the Patriarch, and to a small extent the Bloat. Its scream, which gives off a visible red disturbance field, is particularly dangerous; it causes large area of effect amounts of damage, is unaffected by a player's armour, destroys explosives, and causes disorientation, similar to recoil, albeit in all directions, that can make killing her at short range troublesome and even dangerous, as the closer the player, the more disoriented they become. The earliest wave on which she can be found in a long game is the third.

The Siren has a tendency to hide behind other specimens as it approaches, which can sometimes make it hard to spot before they get in range. When it is spotted, it should be treated as a priority target and taken out as soon as possible, a task which can often fall to a Sharpshooter or Firebug to do.

When not screaming, a Siren can be heard complaining with a benign voice. When her muttering is decrypted she can be heard; "Get me out of this... jacket! I think it's white, I think...", "Why did they have to take my eyes? *sobs* Everything's black, everything...", "I'm going to sing, they love it when I sing."


The Siren as she appeared in the Summer Sideshow Event.


The Siren is one of only "two" female specimens (gender of crawler(s) unknown) – the other being the Stalker. It appears as a short, malnourished individual wearing only a series of thick leather straps, which are primarily used to bind its arms to their body. As a result, most of the Siren's skin can be seen; dark veins cover most of her body. Its eyes are missing and the areas around them are bloodied; however, due to another of Horzine's experiments, she is able to sense nearby humans without the need for sight. Their mouths are nearly always open, with their teeth visibly on show, either to intimidate, or due to certain facial muscles being too weak to close it. Because her arms are tied down, her secondary attack is to bite when in extremely close proximity to humans.


For the Twisted Christmas update, she was reskinned as a caroler wearing a green dress, tied up in Christmas lights. For the Summer Sideshow update, she was re-skinned as a "The Bearded Beauty"; an average-sized female humanoid wearing a green summer dress, however, her arms are stubs, ending with malformed fingers. As her name suggests, she also has a very thick and scraggly black beard and thick eyebrows, and is also wearing a pink headband. For the Halloween Sideshow Event she was based on her Summer skin, but renamed the "Scream Fucker". She donned a pirate hat and has hooks instead of stubs. During the Hillbilly Horror event, the siren was re-skinned and dubbed Granny Crystal May. She appears to be wearing a pink bath robe that's only be held closed by her arms, patterned undies, pink slippers, and curlers are in her hair. Under her bath robe there also appears to be a gaping wound on the right side of her chest.


The Siren has similar behavior patterns to the Clot. It walks at a slow pace towards the players, and when within range, screams. It can be generally found amongst a large crowd hiding her tiny frame behind other large specimen such as Scrake, Bloat or Fleshpound. At that state she keeps her head straight and attempts to talk to other specimen, her benign voice can be heard saying "Can you see?", "Get me out of this... Jacket!", "I'll sing, they love it when I sing!", "Why do they have to take my eyes? *sobbing*".

When players are at its range it nods her head first, slows down her pace then raises her head and leashes out an ear-shattering scream. The Siren's scream can exterminate and neutralize any explosives within its effective radius, including the Husk fireball launcher's fireball and Flare revolver's flares. If a player manages to get close enough to one before it starts preparing to scream, it may attempt to bite the player, which can actually do quite a bit of damage, but unlike their scream, it does not cause any other detrimental effects and only damages the bitten player.

The Siren's scream can neutralize any explosive, such as pipe bombs, hand grenades, and L.A.W rockets, within its effective radius by disintegrating them into red particles. Aside from dealing very high damage to the players within' a large radius, red frequency field will also pull any helpless player towards the specimen which happen to meatshield Siren at that time. That pull effect is so strong that it might pull players off from ledges into the middle of starving horde.

The Siren as she appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

Historic data[edit]

Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to the Siren as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

One of the biggest gameplay differences involving the Siren in the mod has to do with her scream; it didn't let off a visible disturbance field as it does now, meaning that unprepared players could often fail to locate and dispatch her before suffering serious losses. Her physical appearance was quite similar however, despite some quite different features; her hair was relatively tidy, about shoulder length with a red tinge. She also wore a straitjacket instead of a system of straps.


The Siren is a clone of Clamely's wife, who had long wanted to be a singer but lacked in talent. Their eyes were gouged out so that they could not see (thus, know when to scream), and they were all restrained with straitjackets. Kevin Clamely had a Siren kill his wife when she attempted to divorce him.


Due to her tiny frame and slowing her pace down when getting ready to scream, Siren generally prefers to be shielded by another big specimen like a Scrake, Fleshpound or may be even Bloat. Considering using explosive weaponry throws her around, makes it even easier to lose her track behind the smoke, it's preferred to get rid of her by cutting the crowd, eliminating her before she gets any closer. A Firebug can make the flames devour the Siren in a blink before she even finds a chance to scream, with flame based weapons like a Flamethrower. A successful headshot with Firebug DLC weapon Flare revolver will heavily damage, kill or at least silence a Siren on any difficulty, taking off a lot of hp whether it's onperk or offperk.

When fire based weapons are not the option -mostly because of framerates and clear vision issues-, it's preferred to take her out a rather clean way. The Siren does not have a particularly large amount of health; at most 20% more than the Gorefast; however, its head is 8–10 times more durable than the Gorefasts', making the Siren harder to kill via a headshot with less powerful weapons. Weapons such as the Lever-action rifle, Crossbow, FNFAL ACOG, SCAR or M14 EBR are particularly effective at ranged decapitation, and other weapons with long effective ranges are also useful for eliminating her.

An experienced player can cancel the scream of Siren and keep her voice down by a bit of kiting. For that to be successful player have to attack her with any low damage weapon when she nods down, ready to scream. If she takes higher than the intended threshold, she will unleash her scream right away. The player who engaged her to keep her silenced must be careful as this will attract the attention of other mobs around her, and a missed timing, dealing too much damage to her or leaving Siren unattended will cause her to scream again. If there's a single Siren which is close generally this job is done by the Commandos or Sharpshooters. Any of Sharpshooter pistols or Commando's Assault Rifles within' controlled fire can keep a Siren tame, yet when player can aim properly a few shots at her head will decap her in a blink.

Besides all those, when multiple Sirens spawn as a small group at higher difficulties; rifles or single shot weapons will not come handy unless they're pretty far away. Alternative to frying them or sniping, a Support Specialist can deal with small groups of Sirens with rapid shotguns such as Combat shotgun or AA12. Also high enough Demolition can eliminate or scatter groups of Siren with a few accurate M32 MGL shots to her torso, as its and M79 projectiles will easily pierce through her scream. Yet, explosives aren't a reliable way of dealing with them from range as their light nature will allow them to blast jump over explosions and smoke screen will make them harder to deal with; tossing them around the corner just to peek later or just in the middle of team to release her bone breaking frequencies. Yet if team need to ditch the multiple Sirens fast, explosives are always an answer to the situation.

The Siren's scream cannot inflict damage through doors and walls, however, the red field passes through all objects; this allows players to wait behind doors for her to come through, therefore a player, such as a Berserker or Field Medic, can safely dispatch her at short range with the appropriate cover. A distance or distracting factor is needed while trying to take out a Siren from close on an open area. Player have to consider sacrificing some of their health while dealing her in short distances without cover. However, it's still possible to cancel her scream by putting a bullet through her head or body at the right frames of her nod down animation.


Wave distribution[edit]

The Siren starts making her appearance early in the game; wave two for a short game, and wave three for medium and long.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Patriarch icon 64.png

Total health[edit]

The base hit points of the Siren is 300; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 30 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 150 300 405 465 525
2 165 330 446 512 578
3 180 360 486 558 630
4 195 390 527 605 683
5 210 420 567 651 735
6 225 450 608 698 788

Head health[edit]

The base hit points of the Siren's head is 200; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 10 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 100 200 270 310 350
2 105 210 284 326 368
3 110 220 297 341 385
4 115 230 311 357 403
5 120 240 324 372 420
6 125 250 338 388 438


Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
£50 £25 £21 £16


  • The Siren is named after the mythological creature, the Siren, in which it lured sailors with their enchanting singing to shipwreck them.


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